Kia EV9 New All-Electric SUV, Expected Price ₹ 80 Lakh

Kia EV9 New All-Electric SUV – The EV9 from Kia, which will go on sale soon, is expected to revolutionize the brand’s selection of electric vehicles. This new model, which would represent a radical divergence from Kia’s existing top-of-the-line electric vehicle, the EV6, is expected to serve as the company’s flagship. The EV9, whose debut is planned for late 2023, is a “pivotal step” in Kia’s transition to sustainability and will serve as the flagship for a program of nine new EVs that will enter the UK over the next five years.

The Sorento is now Kia’s largest vehicle in terms of size, but the EV9 is considerably bigger. The design of this full-size seven-seater car is remarkably similar to the concept model displayed at the 2021 Los Angeles auto show. The EV9 is closer to the ground than other versions because of its smaller wheels and adequate underfloor battery pack. The back doors are still rear-hinged, but other than that, the angular appearance hasn’t changed much.

Kia EV9

The “polygonal” design language used by Kia for the EV9 refers to the car’s bold, pointed lines. These lines create a genuinely distinctive appearance as they extend from the “digital tiger face” to the tidy, smooth tailgate. Two clusters of tiny cube lamps built into the bodywork adjacent to vertical headlights have been added to the tiger snout, a traditional element of Kia’s design. The EV9’s boxy, angular wheel arches and thin, mirrored headlights and taillights underline its SUV-inspired design.

The EV9’s interior was designed with spaciousness, comfort, and technology in mind. All three rows of the car have “lounge-style” seating, and there are cup holders and charging ports for every passenger. The EV9 will come with two “captain’s chairs” in the center row and will come in either a seven- or six-seat layout. When there are six seats, the second-row chairs can turn 180 degrees so that passengers can face the third row. Similar to the “luxury relaxation seats” in the EV6, these seats will likewise recline simultaneously with the front seats when charging.

Overall, Kia’s electric car lineup has taken an exciting stride ahead with the EV9. When this new model debuts in the market in late 2023, it will no doubt draw attention to itself thanks to its eye-catching design, generous interior, and cutting-edge technology.

Kia EV9 is the carmaker’s largest SUV globally

The EV9, Kia’s newest entry into the electric vehicle market, will expand the brand’s family of custom electric vehicles. The EV9 is positioned to compete head-to-head with new SUVs from manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz thanks to its strong performance characteristics and upscale style and features.

The EV9, which has three rows, will be the most expensive Kia car ever sold worldwide. At a size akin to the Telluride SUV for the American market, it will also be one of the brand’s largest products.

Kia EV9 powertrain, charging details, platform

The EV9’s exterior and interior have been made public by Kia, but the company hasn’t provided any specifics regarding the car’s performance or technological prowess as of yet. With a maximum range of 543 kilometers and 200mm more space between the wheels than the EV6, the EV9 is anticipated to have a battery capacity of up to 100 kWh.

The 800V-equipped E-GMP platform will be shared by the EV9, the EV6, and the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s sibling model. Due to this, it will be able to charge quickly (at 350 kW), giving it a 100 km range in just six minutes. The ability to reverse-charge from vehicle to load will also be included as standard with the EV9.

The EV9 will have a variety of trim levels and be offered with both rear- and four-wheel drive powertrains, similar to the EV6. As the highest trim from launch, Kia is anticipated to offer a twin-motor GT-Line S model with an estimated 0-100kph time of 5.0 seconds.

Soon after, a full-fat EV9 GT will be released to compete with the BMW iX M60 and Mercedes-AMG EQS SUV, possibly outperforming it with 577 horsepower.

Kia EV9 exterior design

The Kia EV9 is the first completely new Kia model created by Karim Habib, a former BMW designer. All upcoming Kia vehicles will have a unified aesthetic under his direction, but the company will not implement a “Russian doll” strategy for its lineup.

The daring concept Kia debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021 is shortly followed by the production-spec EV9, which sits lower to the ground thanks to a bigger battery pack and wheels that are 21 inches instead of 23 inches. Also, some of the concept’s jagged edges have been smoothed.

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With muscular black body cladding and a distinct, two-box design, the EV9 is far more recognized as a dedicated SUV than the low-slung EV6. As a tribute to its electric foundations, the EV9 also sports some unconventional aesthetic cues including pronounced trapezoidal creases on its back quarters, a clearly extended greenhouse, and a kinked rear window line. A number of eye-catching new wheel styles and “star map” LED light signatures are also included in the EV9.

The tiger face “grille” is still there on the EV9, but since it no longer needs engine cooling, it has been transformed into a sizable smooth surface that can be personalized with LED light patterns that shine through from behind. 

Ultimately, the EV9’s design cues will probably have an impact on the next Kia vehicles because the company wants to develop a unified aesthetic throughout its lineup.

KIA ev9

Kia EV9 interior

The EV9 has a brand-new dashboard layout that features a sizable digital panel with three panels and a variety of connectivity-enabled features for the driver and passenger. The dashboard is surrounded by two digital rearview mirrors, which furthers the car’s futuristic appearance. The EV9’s flat floor creates additional room, opens up possibilities for novel packaging strategies, and improves adaptability. For instance, a unique feature in this market is the middle row’s ability to swivel (available exclusively on six-seat variants), which enables the back passengers to face one another while the vehicle is in motion.

Kia India EV plans

Kia has already introduced the EV6 in the Indian market, despite the lack of information regarding the impending launch of the full-size EV9 there. In the upcoming years, the automaker is also anticipated to introduce a number of inexpensive EVs created especially for the Indian market.

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