Kerala Voter List 2023 ID Card PDF Download, District Wise Voter list

Kerala Voter List 2023 is out and the ID, voter list, district-wise bifurcations, and more can be checked out on the links in this article. This is the first time that the list has been made online by the CEO of Kerala. The election commission recently announced the 2023 voter list for Kerala elections 2023. The application has become very simple and can be done in the comfort of your home. This step is taken to reduce the commute of the people and increase the percentage of actively participating, voters.

Kerala Voter List 2023 Overview

Kerala Voter List 2023 Overview
State Kerala
Seats 140
Registration Source
Qualifications As shared in the article below

Kerala Voter List 2023 – Qualifications

Certain simple and straight aspects are expected from each of the citizens to make a vote in the Kerala 2023 elections. The following are the key qualification criteria:

  1. The person must be a citizen of India with an Indian citizenship
  2. To get a Kerala Voter ID car, the person must be domiciled in Kerala
  3. Only candidates who are 18 years of above in age will be eligible to vote

Kerala Voter List 2023 – Card Registration

The official site of Kerala CEO has opened gateways for the people to register for a voter card for the upcoming elections. The people living in India can register as voters on the website’s portal. This year there is also an option for overseas people to make register and if their address details get cross-checked, they can also get a voter card. Kerala also has the highest number of citizens who travel abroad for studies and work, now this change will motivate them to make the registration as well.

Here is the step-by-step guide to applying for the voter card:

  1. Open
  2. Open the E – Registration option and open the page
  3. Choose the application option based on your details

Kera Voter List 2023 – Background

The right to vote is a right that has been the core of the Indian constitution. Our country is a democratic nation that has assured that each adult gets the right to vote. Each year different elections happen, and the citizens come out to vote for their choice of candidates. However, after the pandemic, many people have started to refrain from voting to avoid crowded public places.

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The state of Kerala has been amongst the top states in various categories of achievements. Kerala currently has the highest literacy rate in India and thus a huge number of people are already knowledgeable to vote and avail their rights. Every year a huge percentage actively participates in voting and truly votes for their choices.

Kerala Voter list 2023 applications will be in the works in the coming months, followed by the elections. The elections bring in huge amounts of questions as to the winners. Kerala as a state has always taken a smarter and individual stand and the public is excited about the voting results in Kerala.

Steps to Download District Wise Kerala Voter List

Here is a complete guide on how to download the Kerala Voter List 2023

  1. Open
  2. On the right side, you will see the option of ‘PDF Electoral Poll’
  3. Choose the state from which you have the voter registration
  4. You will find a list of districts from your state, choose your district
  5. Multiple AC names will appear, simply choose your AC by scrolling down
  6. Now select the ‘Draft Roll’ option on the menu next to your polling location
  7. You will see that the voting list is now available on your screen
Kerala Voter List 2023
Kerala Voter List 2023

Kerala Voter List 2023 FAQs

How many seats are in the Kerala Elections 2023?
A total of 140 Lok Sabha will be in Kerala elections 2023

Which Party is currently in power in Kerala?
The alliance LDF is in currently elected by the ruling party in Kerala

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