Journey Insurance – Get 10 lakh cover in just 35 paise

Journey Insurance – Get 10 lakh cover in just 35 paise discussed here. More than 270 people died in a horrific train accident in Balasore, Odisha. His life cannot be brought back, but the Railways is giving relief to his family members by giving Rs 10 lakh as journey insurance. However, this amount will be given to the family members of only those passengers who have filled in other details including the nominee while taking the option of journey insurance while booking the ticket.

Otherwise, the family members will not get this amount. If you also commit this type of mistake while booking tickets, do not do so from now on. Because it is a matter of your safety. After selecting the insurance option while booking the ticket, the insurance form sent by IRCTC must be filled out. Only after that, your journey insurance will be considered complete.

How to get Journey Insurance

First AC to General Passengers

According to IRCTC officials, while booking train tickets online, IRCTC insures passengers for Rs 10 for 35 paise. Which has different categories. In case of death, injury, and disability of the passenger during the accident, IRCTC gives insurance money to him and his family members. This facility is common to all, from those traveling in the first AC of the train to the passengers of the general class.

The facility on counter tickets also

According to Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay, CPRO, NCR Region, it is the responsibility of the passengers to choose the insurance option while booking tickets online. While booking counter tickets from the station, this process is done by the ticket booking clerk. Through the details filled in by the passengers in the reservation form, the ticket booking clerks themselves fill out the journey insurance of the passengers.

Asking for details from mail and message

After choosing the option of Journey Insurance while booking tickets with IRCTC, only 35 paise per passenger has to be paid for insurance. A message is sent by IRCTC to the e-mail ID or phone number given by the passengers. In which some other information including the nominee of the insurance has to be given to the passengers. In return for this, you get insurance of 10 lakhs. If the passengers do not fill in the information correctly then you will face various problems while making the claim.

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Keep this in mind while booking from the cafe

According to railway statistics, more than 30 percent of people book railway tickets online through cafes or authorized vendors of IRCTC. In order to book tickets from the cafe, he enters his phone number only in the case of OTP. Due to this the message and mail of Journey Insurance do not reach the passenger and neither the cafe operator fills in the complete details after choosing the insurance option. Hence the insurance policy remains incomplete. Due to this the claim is not received.

Check whether you have taken insurance cover or not?

Chirag explains that if a passenger dies or a major accident happens while traveling by train. In this situation, this insurance coverage is very useful. Now the question is how to check it. So the close family members can check it on the mail id of the passenger. Here it will be known whether he had chosen the insurance option with the ticket or not.

If information is not available there, you can call IRCTC helpline number 139. The relatives of the victims of the accident can know this information by sharing the PNR number with IRCTC. If there is no PNR, then the registered number of the victim can also be checked.

Special features of IRCTC insurance

IRCTC has partnered with two companies for insurance facilities. The name of one company is SBI General Insurance and the other company is Liberty General Insurance Limited. Now know in which situations insurance can be claimed. According to the information given on the website of IRCTC, the money of this insurance can be taken in 5 situations.

1- On death during the journey
2- On permanent partial disability
3- In case of permanent total disability
4- On hospitalization due to serious injuries
5- If the passenger dies and his dead body is found, then he also gets insurance cover for sending it.

How to claim insurance?

The victim or his nominee or legal heir will have to apply for the claim in writing to the nearest office of the insurance company as per the claim form. This application should reach within 4 months from the day of the accident. After that, the application will not be valid. All necessary information, proofs, and certificates have to be given while claiming insurance. The claimant will also have to provide proof of the policy. Let us tell you that in the event of death, the person who has been nominated by the passenger will get the claim money. If there is no nominee, then the claim money will be given to the legal heir.

This paper is necessary to claim death

1-Report of confirmation of train accident or untoward incident from the Railway Authority.
2-Report from the Railway Authority containing the information of passengers killed in the accident.
3-Completely filled out the accident claim form duly signed by the nominee or legal heir.
4-Necessary details of NEFT and a canceled check to get the money transferred to your account.
5-Photo identity proof of the nominee.

These papers will be used in case of disability

1-Report of confirmation of train accident or untoward incident from the Railway Authority.
2-Report from the treating doctor stating the severity of the disability.
3- Bills of the medicines which have been purchased for the treatment after taking the advice of the doctor.
4-Completely filled out the accident claim form duly signed by the nominee or legal heir.
5- Sign a disability certificate from the civil surgeon of the hospital where the treatment was done. It will also have to be told what is the percentage of disability of the said person.
6-Signed copy of the FIR.
7-All X-ray/investigation reports and films proving the disability.
8-Claim form with NEFT details and canceled cheque.
9-Picture before and after disability.

in case of hospitalization

1-Report of confirmation of train accident or untoward incident from the Railway Authority.
2- Discharge summary ie documents received at the time of discharge from the hospital
3-Hospital bills and medical bills
4-Advance and Final Receipts (all receipts should be numbered, signed, and stamped)
5-prescription of medicines
6-Test reports of investigations, X-rays, scans, ECG, and other reports which are done on the demand of the doctor
7- If medicines have been taken from outside, then it’s cash memo/bill.

What does the 35 paise policy say?

On taking insurance, a cover of Rs 2 lakh is given under the policy in case of hospitalization, Rs 7.5 lakh for permanent partial disability, Rs 10 lakh in case of death. IRCTC says that if the nomination is not filled and someone makes a claim, the claim money is released in the name of the legal heir. This insurance policy will not be applicable for children below 5 years. Once the premium is paid, it cannot be canceled. The same travel insurance policy is applicable for all classes of passengers.

As per the rules, the amount of the insurance policy should be received within 15 days after the submission of all the necessary documents. The insurance company will have the right to deny the claim if any rigging, forgery or fake certificate documents are found. The claim money will be given in Indian Rupees. Only Indian people will get the benefit of this insurance.

People without a reservation will not get compensation?

At present, the option of taking travel insurance is given only to those who have reserved tickets. In such a situation, in case of an accident, the victim passengers without reservation will be entitled only to the compensation given by the government.

Insurance for every passenger on the ticket

According to railway officials, sometimes there are two to five members on one ticket. In this situation, the passengers are confused that the journey insurance is only for one passenger. Whose name is the ticket or are all the passengers present on the ticket? So tell that every passenger present on the ticket has insurance. Because after choosing the option of insurance during ticket booking, it is done according to each passenger.

On taking insurance

  • Death – Rs 10 lakh
  • Permanent Total Disability -10 Lakh Rs.
  • Permanent Partial Disability -Rs 7.50 lakh.
  • Hospitalization Expenses for Injury – Rs 2 Lakh
  • Transportation of mortal remains – Rs 10,000
Journey Insurance
Journey Insurance

While booking train tickets online, the option of travel insurance is asked. After doing this, the passengers must give the nomination and other information sought by IRCTC through mail and message. So that the passengers and their family members do not face any problems in getting the claim.

Ajit Sinha, CRM, IRCTC, Lucknow

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