IRS Payment Plan, Short and Long Term, How Installment Agreements Work, July 2023

IRS Payment Plan: All the details on the IRS Payment Plan for July 2023 are shared in this article for those who wish to apply for this plan. For those who are wondering what this scheme launched by we will share the details on what and why this scheme has been initiated. Know that anyone who owes tax payments close to or less than $100,000 can get a chance to pay their taxes in installments. This is exactly what is plan is and the details with regard to the IRS Payment Plan Eligibility will be shared in this article for your better understanding.

Know that there are two types of IRS Payment Plan Options, short-term plans, and long-term plans. This will be based on the amount you need to pay and it cannot be chosen as an open option so stay clear of what the rules are with regard to this new scheme. Know about the schemes of the IRS Payment Plans for May 2023.

There are many taxpayers who are keen on paying their taxes but are worried about a huge payment they owe to the internal revenue service department. Thus they are not able to pay the entire amount properly. This thus becomes a huge ordeal and causes a lot of trouble to the people who plan to make the payments. We will update you all on How to Apply for IRS Payment Plan. Further, you will also get a chance to know about the amount, scheme details, and every important information which we have researched for you! So make sure you read and process all the details timely and keep track through our article shared further.

IRS Payment Plan

IRS Payment Plan Overview

Name IRS Payment Plan
Category Finance
Country United States of America
Department Internal Revenue Service
Plan Type Tax Refund in Installments
How to apply As shared in the article
Official Site

Payment Plan Eligibility

There will be two types of IRS Payment Plans. Both types will have certain conditions and these details are not very complicated to follow as well. We will make sure that once you have read them there you will be sorted as to which plan suits you the best.

  1. Short-Term Plan: As the name suggests the amount which you pay through installments will not be above $100,000 and must be paid within 180 days. Which is basically a time period of 6 months.
  2. Long-Term Plan: The plan covers all the people who owe less than $50,000. Make sure you check all the details on this plan and you will be allowed to pay monthly installments to the IRS

Make sure that you cover these details and all the payment amounts mentioned in this article will include all the penalties and pending tax payments that you owe. Once you register under this plan you will have to strictly follow the timeline as the plans will not just be there to spare the taxpayers and yet again simply assist them.

Payment Plan Set-Up Cost

Set-up cost is basically the amount you will be ending up paying for the set-up of the plan for you. Thus, this is a fee you pay to the IRS if you plan to get a plan started for you and since they will do all the work for you, they expect you to pay a fee as well. The details with regard to the payment are shared below:

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  1. Those who will be choosing the short-term plan will not pay any fee. As the amount is less and technically you do not owe much to the people you will need to make sure you check all these details properly and do not pay any amount for this type of.
  2. The fee payment for the long-term plan is $31 – $130 based on the amount of tax you have to pay back including your penalties.

How to Apply Online for an IRS Payment Plan

  1. Start by visiting the official site, we have linked the same at the bottom of the article
  2. There will be an option called ‘How can we help’, under this you will be required to click on this option to proceed further.
  3. Now choose the option to make a payment for the taxes, this will take you to the page where you can choose how to pay
  4. Under the option on how to pay you can select the choice an IRS Payment Plan, this is very important and be very careful here
  5. Now select the amount you need to pay and select your plan
  6. The portal will personally keep track of all the details you enter on your social security number
  7. Finally, your plan will be approved once you enter all these details properly and your payment will be finalized

Minimum Monthly Payments for IRS Installment Plans

The minimum amount is based on your choice and the whole amount you owe in general so make sure that you disclose all the real details to the official site. Just make sure that you check and keep track of your details regularly.

IRS Payment Plan
IRS Payment Plan

What are the fees for an IRS Payment Plan?

Payment plan type The maximum you can owe to qualify Setup fee & payment methods
Short-term payment plan (180 days or less) $100,000 in combined tax, penalties, and interest. $0, by phone, by mail, or in person. Pay balance by:

  • Withdrawals from your checking account or savings account (Direct Pay),
  • E-pay online or by phone via the IRS’s Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or
  • Check, money order, or debit/credit card.
Long-term payment plan (more than 180 days) $50,000 in combined tax, penalties, and interest. If you pay through automatic debit withdrawals:

  • $31 setup fee
  • $107 setup fee to apply by phone, mail, or in person.
  • Setup fees may be waived for low-income taxpayers.

If you pay by another method (e.g., Direct Pay, EFTPS, or money order):

  • $130 setup fee
  • $225 setup fee to apply by phone, mail, or in person.
  • $43 setup fee for low-income taxpayers; may later be reimbursed.

We hope to have been able to gather all the details about the IRS Payment Plan and how to apply for the same. We shall keep updating our article with the latest updates so keep visiting us!

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