IRS Employer Identification Number 2023: Apply Online for IRS EIN & Eligibility 

IRS Employer Identification Number: If you have a current Taxpayer Identification Number, regardless of which US State you reside in, you can apply online for an EIN. Continue reading this post to know about IRS EIN Application. Everyone with a U.S.-based company should be aware that an IRS Employer Identification Number can be obtained by submitting an online application. You can apply for an IRS EIN at, the Internal Revenue Service’s official website.

IRS Employer Identification Number

One does not need to fill out any papers or wait in a huge line for hours to obtain an EIN. If you have the required paperwork, you can submit the IRS EIN application online within 15 minutes if you have it. Continue reading for instructions on how to submit the online application form and obtain an EIN. A person needs a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in order to apply online and obtain an EIN. 

An EIN can be obtained for tax administration purposes, but it cannot be used for things like tax liens, sales or auctions, lotteries, etc. A person who has an EIN, also known as a federal tax identification number, may apply for a tax exemption if his or her company is eligible. Scroll down to learn about the process for obtaining a new EIN in the event that the proprietor of any US-based firm changes. 

Applying For An Employer Identification Number

Before learning how to apply for an EIN online, you must be aware that the IRS accepts applications for EINs between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), five days a week, from Monday through Friday. Additionally, you must be aware that the maximum time allotted for submitting an online application is only 15 minutes, and the entire process must be completed at once. 

  • The detailed requirements below must be followed in order to submit an online application and obtain an Employer Identification Number for a company operating on US soil. 
  • Visit the Internal Revenue Service’s official website,, which is the only place to find it. 
  • Find and select the option that says “Apply for an Employer ID Number (EIN)” on the menu. 
  • After selecting the aforementioned choice, a button labeled “Apply Online Now” will appear; click it. 
  • To finish the process, provide the relevant information (such as your Taxpayer Identification Number) and click the Submit button. 
  • As soon as the process is finished, you will be given your Employer Identification Number, which you may then download, save, and print. 
  • If a candidate lacks an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, they may still submit their application using their Social Security number. 

If you’re going to apply online for an Employer Identification Number, make sure you have everything ready, including a strong network connection. If you can’t complete the application within 15 minutes, you’ll have to start over. 

Who Is Eligible To Get EIN?

A person can easily obtain an Employer ID Number (EIN), which can be used to open a bank account, submit an application for a business license, and file a tax return by mail if they have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number and conduct their primary business in the United States.  

There are numerous other advantages to having the EIN in addition to these once it has been active for at least two weeks, including the ability to submit an electronic return, make an electronic payment, and successfully complete an IRS TIN matching program. 

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For the revenue department’s convenience, each corporate entity is given a special identification number. For the purpose of reporting taxes, this number is utilized. 

Normally, this is a 9-digit number, however, in India, it is an 11-digit number that is more often known as a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). Employers, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, government bodies, trusts, non-profit organizations, estates of ancestors, specific people, and other business entities use it. 

Once your company has its TIN, you will become a registered dealer and be able to continue operating your business that involves the selling of goods. Any invoices generated by the business will include your TIN number, which may also be sent to the seller in some circumstances. 

When conducting state-level or interstate sales, the TIN must be mentioned. It is a requirement that all dealers include their TIN in all transactions and acquisitions. Through, you can access the TIN database. 

Why is an Employer Identification Number important?

It is a method for bringing important tax-related information together on a single platform. The procedure of identifying assets under the Income Tax (IT) Act is aided by it as well. Businesses that specialize in trading, producing, selling, and exporting goods and services need it. Intrastate and interstate transactions can be expedited because all the information is in one location. Also, it aids in the revenue department’s ability to differentiate between various companies with the same name. 

IRS Employer Identification Number
IRS Employer Identification Number
Use of EIN for Business Operations  Description 
Establishing a bank account  An EIN is often required to open a business bank account. 
Tracking business records  EIN is used to keep track of business records such as invoices, which enable a business to make payments and collect debts. 
Hiring personnel  EIN is required to hire employees and report their taxes to the government. 
Paying taxes and following regulations  EIN is needed to pay federal taxes and comply with tax regulations. 
State-level Tax Identification Number  Some states require businesses to file for a state-level Tax Identification Number, but the IRS uses the EIN for federal tax reporting. 
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