IPL 2022 Schedule, Match Dates, Fixtures & Team

IPL 2022 Schedule, Match Dates, Fixtures & Team- The Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL is a professional twenty20 cricket league under the leadership of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The IPL is a much-awaited tournament among cricket fans. Although IPL 2022 schedule is yet to be officially announced by BCCI we are sharing with our readers about IPL schedule 2022 match dates, fixtures, and teams based on information from our sources. Read the article till the end to know more about Indian Premier League 2022.

What is IPL?

Indian Premier League, popularly known as IPL is a professional T20 cricket league held under the leadership of BCCI. The first IPL series was held in 2007. Ten teams corresponding to different cities of India play in the tournament for the prestigious IPL cup and an exclusive window in the ICC Future Tours Programme.

IPL 2022 Schedule

There has been no official announcement from the BCCI regarding the exact date of IPL 2022. In usual cases, the matches are conducted between March and May. But contrary to tradition, this year the tournament is suspected to begin in April and last till June. Our trusted sources report that the matches will begin on April 2, 2022, and the finals will be held on June 3, 2022.

The IPL auction for the players is expected to be held in January 2022. An official date announcement from the BCCI can be expected after the auction. The IPL 2022 mega auction will be power-packed and the fans might be in for some major surprises.

IPL Schedule 2022

IPL 2022 Schedule
IPL 2022 Schedule
IPL 2022 Schedule 2 April 2022 — 3 June 2022
Host BCCI i.e. Board of Control for Cricket in India
Hosting Country India
Match Format 20 Overs (T20)
IPL 2022 First Match 2 April 2022
IPL Final Match 3 June 2022
Number Of Teams 10
Name Of Teams Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Ahmedabad Lions & Lucknow Nawabs.
Number Of Total Matches 74
Official Website of IPL iplt20.com

IPL 2022 Venue

Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, the IPL tournament of 2021 and 2020 was held in the United Arab Emirates. But this year, much to the excitement of everyone, IPL season 15 will be held in India. If everything goes well and no increase in COVID-19 cases is reported, the match is expected to return to its homeland. However, an official statement from the BCCI about the exact venue is yet to be released.  As per our sources, the first match of the tournament is expected to be held in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

IPL 2022 Teams

Ten teams corresponding to different states of India play against each other in the tournament. Last year only 8 teams were present. In 2022, 10 teams will be present to play against each other for the  15th edition of Indian Premier League. The teams include:

  • Chennai Super Kings
  • Delhi Capitals
  • Punjab Kings
  • Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore
  • Sun risers Hyderabad
  • Ahmedabad Lions
  • Lucknow Nawabs

The two new teams added this year are the Ahmedabad Lions and Lucknow Nawabs. As per recent reports, former cricketer Gautam Gambhir has been appointed to mentor the Lucknow Nawabs in the season.

IPL 2022 Match Schedule

We have compiled a tentative schedule for all the matches to be held in IPL 2022. Readers, please keep in mind that this is a calculated prediction and not the official schedule from the BCCI.

IPL 2022 Match Date & Time

S.No. Match Date Time
1 CSK Vs.  KKR 02-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
2 SRH  Vs. RR 03-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
3 AL Vs.  RCB 04-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
4 DC Vs.  MI 05-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
5 LN Vs.  PBKS 06-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
6 KKR Vs.  SRH 07-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
7 RR  Vs. DC 08-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
8 RCB Vs.  MI 09-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
9 LN Vs.  AL 09-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
10 PBKS Vs.  CSK 10-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
11 SRH Vs.  RCB 10-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
12 MI Vs.  AL 11-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
13 DC Vs.  KKR 12-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
14 CSK Vs.  RCB 13-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
15 SRH Vs.  PBKS 14-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
16 RR Vs.  KKR 14-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
17 LN  Vs. DC 15-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
18 AL Vs.  CSK 16-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
19 DC Vs.  SRH 16-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
20 RCB Vs. RR 17-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
21 MI Vs.  LN 17-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
22 KKR Vs.  AL 18-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
23 PBKS  Vs. RR 19-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
24 MI Vs.  CSK 20-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
25 KKR Vs.  RCB 21-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
26 DC Vs.  PBKS 22-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
27 SRH Vs.  MI 23-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
28 RR Vs.  AL 23-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
29 CSK Vs.  LN 24-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
30 DC Vs.  RCB 24-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
31 LN Vs.  CSK 25-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
32 AL Vs.  SRH 26-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
33 KKR Vs.  PBKS 27-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
34 RR Vs.  MI 28-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
35 RCB Vs.  LN 29-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
36 AL Vs.  DC 30-Apr-2022 3:30 PM
37 MI Vs.  PBKS 30-Apr-2022 7:30 PM
38 RR Vs.  LL 01-May-2022 3:30 PM
39 CSK Vs.  SRH 01-May-2022 7:30 PM
40 DC Vs.  AN 02-May-2022 7:30 PM
41 SRH Vs.  KKR 03-May-2022 7:30 PM
42 CSK  Vs. RR 04-May-2022 7:30 PM
43 LL Vs.  MI 05-May-2022 7:30 PM
44 AL Vs.  KKR 06-May-2022 7:30 PM
45 SRH Vs.  DC 07-May-2022 3:30 PM
46 RCB Vs.  PBKS 07-May-2022 7:30 PM
47 KKR Vs.  CSK 08-May-2022 3:30 PM
48 MI Vs.  DC 08-May-2022 7:30 PM
49 RCB Vs.  AL 09-May-2022 7:30 PM
50 PBKS Vs.  LN 10-May-2022 7:30 PM
51 RR Vs.  CSK 11-May-2022 7:30 PM
52 PBKS Vs.  MI 12-May-2022 7:30 PM
53 SRH Vs.  LN 13-May-2022 7:30 PM
54 RR Vs.  RCB 14-May-2022 7:30 PM
55 CSK Vs.  DC 15-May-2022 3:30 PM
56 AL Vs.  PBKS 15-May-2022 7:30 PM
57 MI Vs.  SRH 16-May-2022 7:30 PM
58 RCB Vs.  KKR 17-May-2022 7:30 PM
59 PBKS Vs.  DC 18-May-2022 7:30 PM
60 AL Vs. RR 19-May-2022 7:30 PM
61 KKR Vs.  MI 20-May-2022 7:30 PM
62 LN Vs.  SRH 21-May-2022 3:30 PM
63 PBKS Vs.  RCB 21-May-2022 7:30 PM
64 CSK Vs.  AL 22-May-2022 3:30 PM
65 LN Vs.  KKR 22-May-2022 7:30 PM
66 MI  Vs. RR 23-May-2022 7:30 PM
67 PBKS Vs.  SRH 24-May-2022 7:30 PM
68 DC Vs.  LN 25-May-2022 7:30 PM
69 RCB Vs.  CSK 26-May-2022 7:30 PM
70 KKR  Vs. RR 27-May-2022 7:30 PM
71 Qualifier-1 29-May-2022 7:30 PM
72 Eliminator 30-May-2022 7:30 PM
73 Qualifier-2 01-Jun-2022 7:30 PM
74 FINAL 03-Jun-2022 7:30 PM

A total of 74 matches will be held in each season.

IPL 2022 Stadium

Stadiums, where the 15th edition of Indian Premier League is scheduled to be held, are Wankhede Stadium, M.A.Chidambaram Chepauk Stadium, Narendra Modi Stadium, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Eden Gardens Stadium & BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium.

We hope this article has provided you with detailed information about IPL Schedule 2022 Match Dates & Fixtures, Teams. If you have any queries related to the Indian Premier League 2022 Schedule drop us a comment. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

 Note: The Board of Control for Cricket in India is not yet to release the official schedule for the IPL 2022.

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