Intra Haryana Login, e Salary Slip Download, PPP, GPF, ACP login

Intra Haryana Login: The Haryana Login Portal has been created by the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) under the government of Haryana. The portal is a one-stop solution for all government-level employees in the state of Haryana. The people who are working government jobs can use the portal to Download Pay Slips at Intra Haryana. The details like your ACP Login, PPP, GPF, and many more are covered on this portal as well. The Intra Haryana Login is a great initiative by the state of Haryana to simplify the work style of all employees.

All the state employees are thanking the department of HRMS for creating the Intra Haryana Website which will now allow them to access all the relevant details in one go. As a government employees, there are many details that we need to catch up but the accessibility is always low. As you get access to all your data, the accessibility will just ease your work further.

Since the Intra Haryana Login Access is relatively new there are so many questions that the users are asking at the moment. We have created this article to give you all the relevant details on the Keep reading!

Intra Haryana Login

As you get the login access that will be shared in this article, you can then use this portal to simplify your work. There are many services offered by the portal. You can download your E-Salary Slip for the filing of your income tax. Also, you will be able to access your GOF account, Pension Details, and state government employee biodata. This portal after you log in will be your personal space and the state government will update all your credentials on this platform.

Intra-Haryana Login Overview

Intra-Haryana Login Overview

Name Intra Haryana Login
Category Sarkari Yojana
Name Intra Haryana Login
State Haryana
Department Human Resource Management System
Official Site

Make sure that you do not share your login details with any other party. The details should be very confidential and all the employees will get their respective details by mail. As we move further in this article you will get access to the process of how to get hold of your details. We as researchers have done our background work and we will make sure that all our readers will have a detailed glimpse of the structure of the Intra Haryana Official Site.

Intra Haryana Mis, PPP, GPF, ACP Login

The portal is also called the ‘Haryana Employee Portal’ as well. The portal provides all your confidential information in the same place. You can conveniently download the PDF versions of these documents as well. The process is non-complicated and all the data is right in front of you. Things like salary slips and even the status of your salary are updated regularly. Thus, now you need not worry about checking your account every day when it comes to salary updates.

Services on Intra Haryana

All the services provided at the Intra Haryana Portal are shared below:

S. No. Service
1 Service book
2 GPF Account Services
3 E-salary Haryana
4 Annual property return
5 Online Tour & Holiday
6 Personal details
7 Joining after transfer
8 Family details
9 Annual Confidential Report
10 Map of Family ID with PPP ID
11 Enrol a new DASC
12 My transfer
13 Employee answer
14 Inquiry Officer Answer
15 Preliminary officer inquiry answer
16 Update family identity card

The portal is very employee friendly and is only for state employees in Haryana. However, if you are planning to get your hands on the portal make sure that you know that the portal is dependent on your valid credentials. For example, if you do not have a family card, the same will not be updated on the portal.

Intra Haryana Portal Login Process

The Process to log in on the Intra Haryana Portal is provided below:

  1. Visit the official website at, this is the login portal link you need to have regular access to.
  2. Select your status as admin, checker, or employee on the top box in the right corner.
  3. Now enter your User ID and Password in the following boxes below and login
  4. Once you have logged in you can see the details with regard to your salary, personal data, and schemes involved.
  5. You can visit the home page to see the details on the upcoming jobs and employment opportunities in the state of Haryana

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Intra Haryana Pay Slip Download

The process download the Pay Slip from Intra Haryana is provided below.

  1. Go to the official portal at
  2. Select your status as admin, checker, or employee on the top box in the right corner.
  3. Now enter your User ID and Password in the following boxes below and login
  4. Select the option of pay slip on the top bar of your page
  5. Enter your salary and month followed by the year
  6. Select the format option in which you would want to download the salary slip in
  7. Now click on download and save the file
  8. You can use this for different purposes but make sure that the details are always confidential

Salary slip is a very important criterion for the employees and for those who are currently working the struggle of gaining access to the slip through the admin department. If the same is available for all your previous salaries online then your life is simplified and how. The portal is very updated and advanced and all these details are updated regularly!

Intra Haryana Login
Intra Haryana Login

Intra-Haryana Portal Benefits

The Intra Haryana Employee Portal has many benefits. The portal gives direct access to the employee to all their data including past and future records. The benefits of a government job are one too many and when you have the access to such benefits the employees always are busy thinking about what more can have access to. Under this one portal, all your questions are answered and you are no longer left waiting.

The portal will quickly get you the required details on your state job. It is a perfect portal that will be creating a complete compilation of your job data.

Official Website

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