Indian Idol Season 13 Winner, Finale Date, Winner List, Result

Indian Idol Season 13 Winner: Indian Idol is one of the biggest reality shows in India. This show has been an international favorite with its own fan base all over the nation. There have been many new elements of this show which have made rounds and the Indian version of American Idol has now turned into a forever favorite of some and the key to success for some.

American Idol happens every year in India and with the regular showcasing of this reality show the fans have made it a regular habit to watch this one. We know you are all waiting for the Indian Idol Season 13 Winner, so we have some exclusive insights for you. Keep reading this article for the latest updates, contestants, winners, and results.

Indian Idol Season 13 Winner

With the show reaching its most crucial stage and many new twists coming there is going to be a lot more excitement in the coming few episodes. The show has already come to a stage where the final 10 candidates have been selected. At this, the viewers have already established their favorites and the top three are visible from afar. This is the point where everything that has happened including the auditions, the evictions, and the wild cards will all make sense.

The top 10 are a reflection of contestants who have traveled far to the point and faced hardships and finally in that process grown into experienced singers.

Indian Idol Season 3 Winner Overview

Channel SonyTv
Show Indian Idol
Number of episodes 40 (till now)
Winner To be announced
Season 13

Indian Idol – Where to Watch

Indian Idol is a show that has always aired on SonyLiv. This show has been the love of the audience and has always been appreciated by the audience. Earlier when OTT platforms were not common in India, people used to gather in front of a TV screen and watch the show at 9 PM. The shows that aired at 9 PM are considered prime-time shows which have the highest views. Indian Idol has always been a household favorite in India.

In addition to this now we have Sony’s very own OTT application. This application features all the episodes of the Indian Idol Season 13. All those who cannot watch the show on regular television can watch the show on SonyLiv. You can get a subscription to avoid ads otherwise the show will be open to viewers along with ad breaks.

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Indian Idol Season 13 – Top Contestants

When it comes to deciding the winner the first question that comes to mind is who are the leading participants in the show. We know you are eager to know who all have topped the charts this time. Here are a few names you should keep in mind for the 13th season and trust us once you hear them singing you won’t be able to forget their voices.

  1. Sonakshi Kar
  2. Navdeep Wadali
  3. Shivam Singh
  4. Kavya Limaye
  5. Rishi Singh

Make sure you remember these names and vote for them!

Indian Idol Season 13 – Eviction Updates

There are many speculations as to who is going to be evicted in the coming week. Like every week you all have to choose your favorites and make the show go on. This week there are a few names that will be making rounds as soon as to be evicted from Indian Idol. Vineet Singh, Kavya Limaye, and Chirag Kotwal will be under the radar of being evicted. Make sure you vote for your favorites and do not them get evicted any time soon.

Indian Idol Season 13 Winner
Indian Idol Season 13 Winner

Indian Idol Season 13 Winner FAQs

Who is the Indian Idol Season 13 Winner?

Indian Idol Season 13 is currently going on and the winners will be announced in the finale

Where can I watch Indian Idol Season 13 online?

Indian Idol Season 13 can be watched online on SonyLiv

Official Website

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