Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023,June 2023 Refund Idaho Surplus Refund

Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023: As the tax season is all over us, everyone is busy following their respective deadlines and awaiting refunds without any error. We will discuss all the details with you on the Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023. We understand how important the US Tax Deadlines are for everyone and followed by the same is the discussion on the Refund Schedule 2023. As we move closer to the last date of Idaho State Tax Filing, we are also moving closer to the date of Idaho State Tax Refund. You will receive your final refund in May 2023.

The IRS Stimulus Refund was declared for the year 2023 in 2022 when the taxes were not opened to be filed yet. The federal government under President Biden issued the refund possibility of the IRS Fourth Stimulus Refund for all the citizens of the US. Since this is the fourth installment the states have reduced the amount of refund and the refund is also limited to a certain group of people only. Those who filled in closer to the last date will get a refund in May 2023.

As we move forward we will share all the insights on the Idaho Tax refund Schedule and how to check your tax refund schedule as well. As a woke tax filer you need to be aware of all the key details on the filing of taxes and the refunds that may be given by the state.

Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023

In 2020 when the US Centre government saw the plight of the people due to the sudden loss of jobs and life, the government issued a tax refund sum called the IRS Stimulus Payment. This was given after the state government took loans from the center to provide for the people of their state. Now that we are past the pandemic many had thought that the IRS Payments will not be coming in this year. But in 2022 it was announced that all the states will be getting IRS Fourth Stimulus Payments yet again and the people rejoiced.

So now the question is for the people of the state of Idaho, as the dates and categories are unique for all, what do the refund period and amount have in store for you? We will discuss in detail in the article on what are the changes and the important dates for the Idaho State Tax Refund. Below we share an overview box that will have all the key details on the tax filing for Idaho followed by the relevant links which will be very useful in checking your status.

Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023 Overview

Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023 Overview
Name Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule
Category Finance
State Idaho
Refund Period The timelines to get a refund for the state of Idaho are 7 – 8 weeks for e-filed returns and 10 – 11 weeks
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Idaho State Tax Refund

The dates on which you get your Idaho State Tax Refund are dependent on the dates on which you file the taxes. The last date to file the Idaho state tax is 17th April 2023, so basically you will need to make sure that your refund will not be the same as someone who filed even one week prior to you. Keeping this factor in mind there is also others who might get a faster refund since there wasn’t any issue with their application or someone got a later refund since there is an issue.

Thus the refund you will get will be completely dependent on your filing and is individual to you in terms of the amount as well.

Idaho Tax Refund Schedule

Below we are sharing a table that has a date of filing and the date of refund if you have filed on the said date. Basically, please see the table on refund to be received in Idaho based on the date of tax filing:

Date the IRS received your return Estimated refund date by direct deposit Estimated refund date by paper check
January 23 February 10 February 17
January 30 February 17 February 24
February 6 February 24 March 3
February 13 March 3 March 10
February 20 March 10 March 17
February 27 March 17 March 24
March 6 March 24 March 31
March 13 March 31 April 7
March 20 April 7 April 14
March 27 April 14 April 21
April 3 April 21 April 28
April 10 April 28 May 5
April 17* May 5 May 12

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This is a great way to calculate your refund dates. If you have e-filed your taxes you will be eligible for a refund within 7 – 8 weeks, for those who filed with paper will need to wait longer as your refund expected date is 8 – 10 weeks. This is because the paperwork filers are more difficult to analyze and the IRS portal now suggests that you e-file your taxes.

Delay in Idaho tax Refund

If there is a delay in your tax refund, there can be many reasons. The first reason can be that there was an issue with your calculations, you can also be facing an extended time since you have more deductions and child credit which requires background checks or your paperwork is not proper. Keeping aside these reasons, the fact that new filers or filers who have added new addresses in their filing can usually expect the payment with about three weeks delay!

Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023
Idaho State Tax Refund Schedule 2023

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