How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund 2023? May 2023 Update New Jersey Tax Filing, Find out where is your refund!

How to Track a New Jersey Tax refund: This article is for all the people who have filed the state tax for the state of New Jersey. Make sure that the refund status of the people is being rolled out at the moment and in this article we will try to share all the relevant details on How to Track a New Jersey Tax refund 2023, May 2023 Update make sure you keep tracking your refund on the IRS where is my refund portal and if the same is not helping then keep reading this article.

For all who are in process of filing the state tax refund, we would like to inform you that the refund will be out through the IRS portal within 7 – 8. weeks for all those who have made e-filing. If you have not done so then there is a chance that your refund will come in after 11 weeks of filing as the paperwork takes a lot of time to analyze. Keep reading this article as we discuss further all the details required for the How to Track IRS refund and more. May 2023 Update.

How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund

In the overview box below you will get all the insights on your state refund status along with the relevant links for the people of New Jersey.

How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund Overview

How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund Overview

Name How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund
Category Finance
State New Jersey
Year 2023
Official Website
IRS Where is My Refund Portal

The goal is to make sure that you have filed the refund without fault. If you are being patient then please be calm since the refund takes time to reflect in your respective accounts based on your bank. So, this is why according to the IRS Portal you will be getting your refund within 30 days of the same being confirmed. The ones who have filed a tax for the first time in the US must be facing this issue, worry not we will try to share all the details with you based on the article further. Keep reading to know more.

Refund Dates 2023

Date the IRS received your return Estimated refund date by direct deposit Estimated refund date by paper check
January 23 February 10 February 17
January 30 February 17 February 24
February 6 February 24 March 3
February 13 March 3 March 10
February 20 March 10 March 17
February 27 March 17 March 24
March 6 March 24 March 31
March 13 March 31 April 7
March 20 April 7 April 14
March 27 April 14 April 21
April 3 April 21 April 28
April 10 April 28 May 5
April 17* May 5 May 12

The process to Track New Jersey Tax Refund

Here are steps to track your New Jersey State Tax Refund:

  1. Go the official IRS website as shared in the overview box above
  2. Now open the option from the home page to check your refund under the Where is my Refund title
  3. Share your social security number or tax id number along with your Date of Birth
  4. Now the current status of the refund will appear on your screen
  5. For those who have recently filed the state tax refund, you need to wait 24 hours before the portal activates
  6. The portal is universal for all the people of the US, use this to track your refund
  7. Finally, the portal can be used with the help of a mobile application which is a great way to keep a regular check

New Jersey Refund Schedule

For all those who have filed the New Jersey State Taxes then you can hop onto the article below. Under this article, you will get access to all the details on the dates of the refund based on your date of filing. Please note that if there is no error in the filing date and the filing in general, you will get your refund on time and there is hardly any error that can be noted in this timeline. We have calculated details for e-filing below table but if you have filed for paper taxes then add three more weeks minimum.

Now read the table stating all the tentative dates below:

Date the IRS received your return Estimated refund date by direct deposit Estimated refund date by paper check
Jan-23 Feb-10 Feb-17
Jan-30 Feb-17 Feb-24
Feb-06 Feb-24 Mar-03
Feb-13 Mar-03 Mar-10
Feb-20 Mar-10 Mar-17
Feb-27 Mar-17 Mar-24
Mar-06 Mar-24 Mar-31
Mar-13 Mar-31 Apr-07
Mar-20 Apr-07 Apr-14
Mar-27 Apr-14 Apr-21
Apr-03 Apr-21 Apr-28
Apr-10 Apr-28 May-05
Apr-17 May-05 May-12

Our advice is if you haven’t filed already it is time to permanently move onto the e-filing system as within a couple of years only e-filing will be allowed by the state as well. It is more hassle-free and convenient for the state to calculate and make sure there is no scope for any fraud.

How to Track a New Jersey Tax refund
How to Track a New Jersey Tax Refund

New Jersey Tax Refund

Many are asking the same question will we get the refund permanently now? The answer is no. The refund system was introduced back in 2020 due to the pandemic. The state government took loans from the federal government to provide refunds to the people who had filed taxes. These refunds were to make sure that the people do not face an economic crisis as many had lost jobs and failed businesses. However, in this situation, the primary factor was that the state government had money.

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Even now some of that money is still with the state government and this is why they are able to get hold of the refund system again. The refund will be sent out to the people who need help and basically fall in the middle-class category. There are income limits decided by the IRS for the IRS Stimulus payments.

We hope that this article had all the important information on How to Track a New Jersey Tax refund, keep reading our article to find out all the relevant details on your state taxes as we exclusively cover the tax season!

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