Honda Activa 7G Price, Launch Date, Specifications

Honda Activa 7G Price – Honda has hinted at a new scooter on its website, leaving enthusiasts to speculate. The teaser image shows a faint silhouette of a scooter’s headlight and handlebar section, which appears to be identical to the existing Activa 6G. The Honda badge on top of the apron, on the other hand, is perfectly placed this time. This has folks wondering if it’s a special edition of the current model or the introduction of the next-generation 110cc Activa.

The Honda Activa 7G could be a possibility because the 6G was released two years after the 5G, and if Honda follows that timeline, the 7G could be on the way. But, the business has been extremely conservative with updates to the Activa in the past, so the 7G is expected to look similar to the present model.

Honda Activa 7G

If Honda does debut the 7G, it’s interesting pondering what adjustments the firm might make. The lack of an alloy wheel or a front disc brake has long been a subject of controversy for the 6G. Hopefully, Honda will finally offer these amenities on the 7G’s top model.

Honda, on the other hand, has a history of releasing special editions for its vehicles on a regular basis. These limited editions are typically little more than variant paint schemes. 

Honda Activa 7G Design

According to recent discoveries, the apron of the seventh-generation Activa appears quite similar to that of the sixth-generation. The previously mentioned handlebar and headlamp are similarly identical to the Activa 6G. The Honda logo on the body is coated in gold, and the apron has chrome components. These commonalities raise the possibility that the scooter is a limited edition model.

The teaser image also shows the Honda Activa 7G in matte green with the previously announced golden highlights. Depending on the trim level, the scooter may acquire modifications such as alloy wheels, a digital instrument dashboard, and other features. Given the modifications made in the previous generation, these updates may be required.

Honda Activa 7G Engine

The Honda Activa 6G is believed to have the same engine as previous models, a 109.51 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected air-cooled engine. It has a continuously variable transmission and can produce 7.68 horsepower and 8.79 Nm of peak torque at 5,250 rpm.

To increase the scooter’s fuel efficiency, upgrades to the powertrain may include a silent start system and an easy start-stop system. Moreover, as part of its enhancements, the Honda Activa 7G may get front disc brakes. It’s worth mentioning that the previous generation was released in January 2020, thus it’s past time for an upgrade.

What More Is Coming in Honda Activa 7G

It’s worth noting that the Honda Activa is a critical model for the corporation, not just in India, but maybe globally. Given this, if Honda was genuinely planning to debut the new generation of the Activa, they would most certainly build more excitement than just a teaser image on their website. 

There have been a few adjustments to the Activa during its six generations, with each new iteration bringing a few new features. However, until the 6G, most of the improvements were minor, with the main upgrading being to BS VI to fulfill emissions rules.

The Activa 7G deviates significantly from prior models. With 12-inch wheels on alloy rims, it appears to be a cross between a step-through and a scooter. The ex-factory price is approximately Rs 6-7K more than the 6G. The visual modifications are noticeable, with the 7G borrowing cues from its grandfather, the Honda Cub, and the Indian-made Hero Honda Street, which was built by Hero Honda in the 1990s.

From its introduction in the early 1960s, the Honda Cub has been a huge success in Southeast Asian countries under the leadership of Mr. Soichiro Honda. The difficult road conditions in these countries at the time compelled Honda to constantly evolve the Cub’s engine and mechanics, allowing it to achieve new heights of success. Several Japanese motorcycle manufacturers quickly copied the Cub in order to create a presence in Southeast Asia.

The Hero Honda Street, a step-through scooter introduced in the Indian market in the 1990s, was a flop because it failed to appeal to Indian scooters and motorbike purchasers. The marketing plan failed, and other step-throughs of the time, such as the Hero Winner (produced by the same people who made the Hero Puch) and the clunky-looking Bajaj Rave based on the M80, were also a failure.

Honda recently posted a teaser image of a new scooter, sparking suspicion about the Activa 7G’s arrival. The teaser image displays the scooter’s front cowl, which houses the headlamp and turn indicators, as well as the Honda badge on the front apron.

Honda Activa 7G Speed

The next Honda Activa 7G will replace the sixth-generation model, which was introduced in January 2020. The current model is powered by a BS6-compliant 109.51cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine producing 7.68 BHP at 8,000 rpm and 8.79 Nm at 5,250 rpm. 

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While specifics about the Activa 7G are unknown, the new model is likely to offer various enhancements such as a redesigned instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, among other things.

There are also reports that the Activa 7G will have silent start technology and an easy start-stop system, making the scooter more fuel-efficient. Furthermore, it is speculated that the scooter would have front disc brakes, which would be a big improvement over the present model’s drum brakes.

Honda Activa 7G Price
Honda Activa 7G Price

The Activa is Honda’s most important vehicle in India, and the firm is sure to generate a lot of excitement surrounding the new model’s launch. For many years, the Activa has been a popular choice among Indian consumers, and Honda will want to guarantee that the new model meets those expectations.

It is unclear when Honda will formally debut the Activa 7G, but based on the teaser image and rumors circulating online, the introduction appears to be imminent. Honda’s Activa has been a huge success in India, and the new model is set to build on that success with a slew of additional features and enhancements.

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