Hockey World Cup Points Table, Match Updates, Day 9 Highlights, Latest Rankings

Hockey World Cup Points Table: The newest saga of matches and one of the most awaited world cups has begun. The world’s biggest nations compete in hockey matches to win the trophy for the much-awaited world cut. Now that the world is reaching a new stage of a craze in terms of hockey fans and that’s probably why you are here too not to worry, we have you covered. We will make sure you do not miss out on any latest detail on the updates and here is everything you need to know about the Hockey World Cup Points Table, Match updates, winners, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, and more.

Hockey World Cup Points Table

The world cup came to a beginning on 13th January 2023. With the advent of the world cup the teams that were playing quickly spread out into the needed format. There are 16 teams competing in the world cup at the moment. The teams will be divided into a set of four teams each, and in those sets, the top team will qualify for the next round.

Hockey World Cup Points Table Overview

Hockey World Cup Points Table Overview

Name Hockey World Cup Points Table
Category Sports
Event World Cup
Start Date 13th Jan 2023
End Date  29th Jan 2023

The teams are divided on a ranking basis and India is teamed up with Wales, Spain, and England. We were very close last to make it to the top and yet the team did India proudly. This year too we anticipate the team to give its best performance and the rest is left to fait.

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Hockey World Cup  – Points

The tournament will last only until 29th January 2023 and the matches are happening quicker than you think. If you do not know much check out the website of the Olympics and search for the hockey world cup 2023. This tournament is organized by The International Hockey Federation, they are the pioneers of this tournament for the last 15 years.

As per the latest sources here are the key points you were looking for:

Pool A: In this pool, all teams have played two matches each and each won one match each as well. Such a neck-to-neck competition for the players of these teams is going on. Australia, Argentina, France, and South Africa are competing here.

Pool B: South Korea, Japan, Belgium Germany, are currently playing in pool B at the moment. At the moment Belgium is leading the number of matches as it has won two

Pool C: Netherlands, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Chilli are part of pool B. The pool will now be led by the Netherlands as it has won all three matches. You can surely see this team entering the finale soon and the fans are absolutely thrilled.

Pool D: England, India, Spain, and Wales complete the final poo. India and England are in a neck-to-neck tie here and there is a chance they will be ruling the table soon but the question is who will be the top-ranked team here as well.

Hockey World Cup – Things to know

The latest updates on the Hockey World are making rounds all over the globe. The best of the teams are yet to showcase their very best performances. Teams like Netherlands and England have always made a dominating impact on others while teams like India have showcased an underdog nature. India’s relationship with this sport goes back years when Dhyanchand made the world wonder if he was the god of hockey and even to date people cannot forget the game he used to play.

Soon we will know about the winners and more, let’s hope we see the best team wins!

Hockey World Cup Points Table
Hockey World Cup Points Table

Hockey World Cup Points Table FAQs

Which teams are in Pool D with India in the Hockey World Cup?

England, India, Spain, and Wales are in Pool D of the Hockey World Cup Points Table

When is Hockey World Cup Finale?

Hockey World Cup Finale is on 29th January 2023

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