Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Actress Name, Timing & More

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Actress Name, Timing, and more details will be shared with you in this post. Hero Gayab Mode is an exciting science fiction show that people in India really enjoy watching. The people who make the show are Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez, and the main character is played by Abhishek Nigam. The show is about a man who discovers a Ring that gives him special powers. He has to use these powers to protect the Ring from Aliens who want to get their hands on it. Let us now discuss the release date of Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 and we will tell you more details about this too.

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Quick Overview

Serial Name Hero Gayab Mode On Season 3
Genre Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama
Release Date Early 2024
Platform Sony SAB Channel
Number of Seasons 2 right now
Number of Episodes 179 right now
Main Cast Abhishek Nigam
Category Entertainment

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Release Date and Time

People who like the Indian science fiction show Hero Gayab Mode might be wondering when season 3 will come out. Right now the people who make the show Alind Srivastava and Nissar Parvez are not working on it. But don’t worry, seeing the demand of the public, Hero Gayab Mode on season 3 will be on Sony Sab in early 2024.

The show isn’t being made right now but will come back soon. Lots of people really like the show because of the cool story and exciting action. In season 3, Abhishek Nigam will be back as the main character. He’ll have to keep fighting against bad guys who want to take the magical ring. The show will have new challenges for him to face.

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Cast Name with Photos

The show Hero Gayab Mode On has a talented cast that brings unique characters to life. Abhishek Nigam plays the lead character Veer Nanda who is a stuntman with a kind heart. Yesha Rughani plays Zara an aspiring actress who used to be Veer’s love interest and is best friends with Bantu and Shivaay.

Actors Name Character Played
Abhishek Nigam Veer Nanda/Hero
Yesha Rughani Zara
Manish Wadhwa Amal Nanda/Dansh
Ajay Gehi Guru Shukracharya
Shweta Dadhich Sandhya Nanda
Samriddhi Mehra Sweeti Nanda
Surabhi Mehra Meethi Nanda
Abhishek Sharma Bantu Sidhwani
Nitesh Pandey Ranjeet Sidhwani

Manish Wadhwa is Amal Nanda, Sandhya’s husband and the father of Veer, Sweeti, and Meethi, as well as Shivaay’s adoptive father. Ajay Gehi plays Guru Shukracharya the show’s main antagonist and lord of the planet Venus.

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The Hero Gayab Mode on S3 also has a supporting cast including Shweta Dadhich as Sandhya Nanda, Samriddhi Mehra as Sweeti Nanda and Surabhi Mehra as Meethi Nanda, who are Veer’s sisters. Abhishek Sharma is Bantu Sidhwani who is Veer, Zara, and Shivaay’s best friend while Nitesh Pandey plays Ranjeet Sidhwani who is Veer’s uncle and Sandhya’s elder brother.

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Storylines (Plot)

Hero Gayab Mode On is an Indian TV series that tells the story of Veer a movie stuntman who finds a mystical ring of invisibility. The ring was lost in an epic battle and is believed only by scientist Amal who disappears after being arrested in a scam. Veer becomes known as Hero but his powers draw the attention of the asura guru Shukracharya who sends minions to retrieve the ring. Veer must fight them off and unlock successive powers of the ring.

Throughout the series, Veer faces many challenges including his own father who is brainwashed and wants to retrieve the ring. He also battles an alien named Rocky who has joined forces with the Asuras. As the story progresses, the stakes become higher as Veer fights to protect his family and Mumbai from Shukracharya’s doomsday weapon. The show is a Thrilling Mix of Action, Drama, and Mythology that will keep entertained.

Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Latest Updates

Currently, there is no official update from the makers of the Indian television series Hero Gayab Mode On regarding Season 3. Fans of the show have been expressing their desire for another season on social media, and the hashtag #HeroGayabModeOnSeason3 has been trending on Twitter.

Hero Gayab Mode on 3 Release Date
Hero Gayab Mode on 3 Release Date

Where to Watch Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 Online?

If you’re wondering where to watch Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 online, you can catch it on the Sony SAB channel every Monday to Friday once it gets released. Also, you can also stream the show on the Sony Liv app or Jio TV app, both of which are available on the app store. The Sony Liv app is free to download, but you may need to subscribe to the premium version to access all episodes.

If you want to catch up on the latest promo or missed an episode, you can check out Sony Liv’s official YouTube channel. They regularly post, promos and highlights from the show so you can keep up with the story even if you’re not able to Watch it live.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3

When will Hero Gayab Mode on Season 3 be Released?

The Hero Season 3 will be released in Early 2024.

Who are the main cast in Hero Gayab Mode in Season 3?

Abhishek Nigam is the main cast in Hero Season 3.

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