Happy New Year Shayari 2022 | नए साल की शायरी 2022

Happy New Year Shayari 2022 | नए साल की शायरी 2022:  Welcome the new year with enthusiasm as it is a second chance to rectify our mistakes. The end of the beginning is the new year, changing the number of counting is the new year, becoming the history of the present is the new year, the rising of the sun and the setting is the new year, the fall of the blossoming flower from the branch is the new year, Recognizing happiness by forgetting a pain is a new year, Happy New Year Shayari: Forget the year that has passed, embrace this new year:-

Every year on the occasion of New Year, we all hope that this year will prove to be very good for us and we all have a beautiful opportunity to explore new hopes, new desires, new hopes and new possibilities. So far, what we did in our last year and how we lived in that year, we should forget all these things and start the new year. We should welcome the new year wholeheartedly forgetting all these things, what successes and failures we got in the last year.

Happy New Year Shayari 2022 | नए साल की शायरी 2022

The new year teaches us that we should forget the past and always think ahead and try to improve the time ahead. In the new year, we should try not to repeat the mistakes made in the old year. Always taking a lesson from our past mistakes and failures, we should move ahead in life and try to ensure our successes. Along with learning, every new year is also a special occasion to celebrate with gaiety and happiness. On this day, we all wish a Happy New Year to our friends, elders and little ones and pray from our heart that this year will be very auspicious for them.

Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022
Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, we hope that this new year will prove to be much better for you than all the years that have passed so far. In this sequence, today we have brought a collection of some such shayari for you, with which you will send new year wishes to your loved ones and friends, then they will get more happiness from your sent wishes.

We all want that every year proves to be the best year for us. Along with this, we also pray the same for our near and dear ones that they should never have to face any kind of sorrow, as well as their coming time is also full of happiness. On the auspicious occasion of every new year, we heartily wish a very happy new year to our near and dear ones and pray that their coming new year is better and better than the years so far.

That’s why friends, today we have brought some such Shayari and quotes for you, with which you can create a special place for yourself in your heart by sending New Year wishes to your friends. You will definitely like the poems given here and you will definitely share them with your special friends and close friends.

Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022-2
Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022-2
  • “I December and you January relationship is quite Near and distance of a year.
  •  “New Year, New Hopes, New Thoughts and New Beginnings, may your every prayer become a reality.” Happy New Year to you!
  •  “Happy moonlight to the moon, happy fragrance to the flowers, we wish you all a very happy new year 2022.”
  •  “Happy flowers to someone, Happy necklace to someone, Happy new year to you my dear friend”
  •  “New morning with a new ray, New day with a lovely smile, Happy new year to you, With many of my best wishes.”
  •  “Every year comes, every year goes, may this year get you all that your heart desires.” happy new year 2022

Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022-3

  •  “Some loved ones have adopted others and some have adopted others, seeing this, another year has passed like this.” Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2022!
  •  “May this new year shower happiness, love days and love-filled nights, enmity, hatred, be erased forever in everyone’s heart.”
  •  “New year’s new zeal, new enthusiasm, new wave, best wishes to all of you, this is my best wish.” – Best wishes for a happy New Year 2022.
  •  “Every new year will come, every old year will go, but this friend of yours will never forget you.” – Best wishes for a happy New Year 2022.
  •  “Naya morning with new rays, new day with a lovely smile, wishing you a very Happy New Year with lots of best wishes.”
  • “Every moment of life teaches something, this year has taught a lot, keep on learning new things, sometimes it will work”
  • “Forget the year that has passed, embrace the new year with a smile, we pray to the Lord by bowing our heads, may all your dreams come true this year.” – Best wishes for a happy New Year 2022.
  •  “May the new year come and let the light open, may the lock of your luck always be with you, the kind above prays to your loved ones.”

Happy-New-Year-Shayari 2022-5

  •  “Let me weigh all your sorrows in happiness,
    I’ll reveal all my secrets to you
    no one should speak before me
    So thought why not today itself,
    Let me say Happy New Year to you.”
  •  “Gul has sent Gulfam from Gulshan,
    The stars have sent a salute from the sky,
    happy new year to you,
    We have sent this message in this ADVANCE!!”
    Best wishes for a happy New Year.


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