Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi 2022 | नए साल की शुभकामनाएं

Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi 2022 | नए साल की शुभकामनाएं:  On this auspicious occasion of New Year, we have brought for you a great collection of Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi. With the help of which you can wish your loved ones a lot of new year greetings and celebrate the new year with joy. Hope this new year will be happy for you and your life will be filled with happiness. Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi.

Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi 2022 | नए साल की शुभकामनाएं

May you have happiness, no sorrow,
You have success, not failure,
May all be good with you, not even bad,,
I pray that in this new year every prayer of yours will be fulfilled.
Happy New Year’s Eve!

Thousands of Prayers, Uncountable Faiths,
Countless loves, unrequited desires,
And with the wonderful treasure of happiness,
Happy new year to you

May this flower garden come out, wishing you well,
Happy moon stars of the sky to you.
Where you get all the blessings and happiness
Happy New Year’s Eve to you.

This flower, this fragrance, this spring
You got all these gifts
the moon and stars of the sky
You make up with all this
You stay happy, stay…
be such a spray of happiness
We have thousand such prayers
Damn your little one
love you so much in life
Happy New Year Friends


Wish You A Very
Wish You A Very Happy New Year Greetings in Hindi Status
Storey easy all the difficulties they are noor
Whatever your heart’s desire is always away
Let’s talk about love, life is full of happiness
Gum filled shadows are millions away from the lap
Wish You A Very Happy New Year

with new year’s eve
May your life be filled with light
new year to you and your family
hearty congratulations to you

May there be rain of happiness in this new year
Have a day of love and a night full of love
hate is gone forever
May there be such a wish in everyone’s heart.
Happy New Year

keep this relationship
Keep the lamp of memories lit in the heart,
It’s been a lovely journey this year…
Just keep going like this.

Gul has sent Gulfam from Gulshan,
The stars have sent a salute from the sky,
happy new year to you,
We have sent this message from the heart!!
Best wishes for a happy New Year.

Thought someone should talk to himself,
Remember your special someone!
The decision taken to wish Happy New Year,
The heart said why not start with you.

May the new year bring happiness and success in your life,
This is our prayer to God,
Wishing you a very Happy New Year…

Happy new year month to you,
May the month of Phagun shine like you.
Autumn does not come in your life
This is my tammana friend.
Happy New Year My Friend

Welcome the new year, forget the past grievances,
We brothers and sisters walk on a new path with this prayer
very happy new year


Every time the new year comes,
We pray that you get this year also
Get all that your heart desires,
Wishing you a very Happy New Year…

Stole the fragrance from the branch of the flowers,
Ghungroo has been stolen from the feet of Gagan.
Today the new year has come with trembling steps
Who has stolen happiness for you.


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