Green Comet 2023 Date & Time, See in USA, UK, Europe, India, Nasa Latest News

Green Comet 2023 Date & Time: The latest update on the Green Comet 2023 which will be soon visible to the naked eye is now the talk of the town. Many are anticipating the passing of this celestial body to be once in a thousand of years experience. This very comet will be so close to earth that different parts of the planet will be able to see the comet differently. For all those who are awaiting the details and discussions on the Green Comet, read this article to know about the date and time for US, UK, and Europe, India Time, and the latest news by Nasa.

As the Green Comet approaches closer to us, it is time to know the brief facts and important information regarding it, read the article to know it all!

Green Comet 2023 Date & Time

The beautiful green comet will enter our planet’s atmosphere after almost 50,000 years. This comet is set to change a lot of our knowledge of solar systems. This is the first time that any celestial body has made its way into the atmosphere of the earth and passed so close to the planet’s body. This one is a rare phenomenon that will allow such a huge body to be visible to the naked eye on our planet. People in different parts of the world will witness it differently and the viewers are very eager to know about the details of the Green Comet 2023.

Green Comet 2023 Overview

Category Latest News
Name Green Comet 2023
Date of viewing The first week of February 2023
How to watch Can be watched through the naked eye
Latest Update Can be seen at

We know you all want to know the time when you want to be ready to watch the comet from your roofs comfortably and we have all the readers covered. Keep reading to know more about this wonderful comet.

Green Comet – Nasa Updates

So apparently according to scientists at Nasa comets are very rare time and due to their very high speed they cannot be found easily. There are many comets that we have witnessed and many that we have missed due to the same reason. Sometimes a rare comet passes us and we are surprised while at other times, the comet passes us and we miss it.

Also, Nasa had discovered this comet in March 2022. Ever since it has seen crossing Jupiter’s orbit it was instantly being tracked as Nasa had predicted its route to have the following path that would lead to earth now.

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Green Comet – Date and Time

The people living in the southern hemisphere will be able to watch the comet in early February. The new moon of January 21st will give the perfect skies so that they can be lit up green.

Green Comet – How to Watch

The comet is rare and obviously a marvel as it will be soon up on the night sky of Earth and this time you do not need anything to watch this comet. It can be seen through the naked eye and will be a whole event in itself. All the lovers of the night sky need to gather together and make this event a whole mood. Those who are waiting for the release of the comet need to know that, Green Comet 2023 will be visible very clearly in clear skies.

So, the two issues that can come in between the Green Comet 2023 and the visibility is either the weather or pollution. If you live in a highly polluted region the night sky might not be visible to you or if the weather decides on being cloudy that day, then the visibility might be affected.

Green Comet 2023
Green Comet 2023

Green Comet 2023 FAQs

When can I see Green Comet 2023?

You can see Green Comet 2023 in early February

How to see Green Comet 2023?

You can see Green Comet 2023 with the naked eye.

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