Green Card Lottery 2023, Diversity Visa, Apply for US Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery 2024

Green Card Lottery 2023: Green Card Lottery is given to candidates who wish to move to the US and obtain permanent residency. Green Card Lottery 2023 is now open and has been eyeing the interest of many individuals who are now on the path of moving to the US. Green Card is the best mode of safety that a foreign citizen owns and through this very mode, people will be able to get hold of the life popularly called the American Dream. This article will share the Green Card Lottery Application process and more so keep reading if you wish to apply.

Traveling to a foreign country is a dream that many see and when it is the US, the world would happily move. But the possibility of a mere visa a so rare that expecting to get a green card becomes literally a dream and this is why this program is called the Green Card Lottery!

The program selects 50,000 people and we are sure you are here since you wanted to apply too. So we will share all the exclusive information which will help you make a successful application for the Diversity Visa. Keep reading this article to know everything about the Green Card Lottery Eligible Countries and Important Dates.

Green Card Lottery 2023

So basically, India has always been one of the forerunners in the application for Diversity Visa 2023. This basically means that thousands of Indians get a chance to move to the US every year under this scheme. Keeping these facts aside we need to make sure that application is fault free and that all the details required must be fulfilled perfectly. So if you are someone who has been trying to get the lottery or is applying for the first time the details and processes shared in the article will be very helpful for you.

Article Title Green Card Lottery 2023
Category Lottery
Lottery Name Green Card Lottery
Age limit No official Age limit
DV Lottery Validity 6 months
Total green card to be received Around the world 55,000
Apply limit for green Card Lottery Once a year
DV Lottery fee pay process Postal Money Order or A Cashier’s check
Official Website

Green Card Lottery Fee Registration

Those who are planning to apply for the Green Card Lottery should know that the same comes with a certain fee structure and will be very important to make the fee payment on time to take your application forward. As we all know even a visa application for the US costs around INR 12,000 in India and anything further in such process will also cost a heft sum. However the same can be considered as an investment as this one-time payment will open doors for you guys to travel to the US forever.

The fee for the Green Card Lottery is $330 dollars and the amount once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance. So if you plan to go for the Green Card Lottery, make sure that you know this payment will not be refunded even if you fail to get the Diversity Visa.

How to Apply for the Green Card Lottery

The process to apply for the lottery is simple and can be done through the official website link shared in the overview box. As someone planning to apply for this life-changing opportunity, we advise that make sure that all the details are filled in and completed at your end without any error.

So, the process to apply for the Green Card Lottery on is shared below:

  1. Open the official link to the website as shared at the bottom of the article
  2. Now open the option to apply for the lottery on the first page, once opened you will get a chance to see the questionnaire which needs to be filled by you
  3. Once you see these details make sure that all the information provided by you is genuine and that all the required documents are also sent as per requirement. There should be no error and you should ideally take your time in the submission
  4. Now choose the processing time which will be best suitable for you
  5. Once all the formalities are completed you will be taken to the page where payment will be paid
  6. Once payment is done you can now move ahead and see the confirmation on your application

Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements

So the Diversity Visa application is made online however there are some rules to be followed when making the application related to the image that you will be required to upload and mind you these rules are very important. Please make sure that you visit the official link and follow the instructions on how to get your image clicked and upload that.

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US Green Card Lottery 2023

In order to apply for the Green Card Lottery, you need to be eligible for the same. there are some easily available tests online that will answer these questions for you. So make sure you apply for the Green Card Lottery after taking these tests. As you all know the fees are very hefty and this is why you need to be sure about the application before going further with it.

Green Card Lottery 2023
Green Card Lottery 2023

Green Card Lottery Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Green Card Lottery 2023 is 15th October 2023. Thus you will be eligible to make this work on time and it will be the most important factor for you.

Official Website

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