What is Google Bard AI? Google Bard AI Login, How to Use, Launch Date, ChatGPT vs. Bard Ai

Google Bard AI Login: Ever since ChatGPT came into the picture, Google has been looking scared to lose its value in the market. Soon after the people simply realized the potential of this AI, Microsoft made a deal with ChatGPT to add extra value to their search engine Bing. Now the news has come up that Google has invested $100 million in their AI creation which is similar to ChatGPT. This AI is called Google Bard AI. Keep reading this article as we share the Google Bard AI Login details and more.

We are all excited about the Google Bard AI Launch Date as we all want to see Google Bard AI vs ChatGPT head-to-head. For a while we all thought that technology simply stopped improvising and little did, we know. The truth is we have seen certain brands at the top for a while now, but these brands have become lazy and improvement is no more a priority. Until lately when ChatGPT told the world how replaceable many professions and applications can become with its use.

The biggest scare was faced by Google which has now pushed to make Google Bard AI. We will try to share with you how to use the Google Bard AI and all the latest information on this soon-to-be-launched AI.

Google Bard AI Login

 Google is now entering the AI creation race and when google does something it does it better than other. We understand how ChatGPT has been a big scare for Google. As soon as it paired up with Microsoft, the accessibility of the Big search application is going to change big time. Now we are here, seeing Google head-to-head with ChatGPT. We love technology but are you scared that technology will replace even you someday? this is exactly what Google and the thousands of people working on different jobs are thinking at the moment.

Program Name Google BardAI
Developed by Google and Alphabet
Working Model LAMDA model
Competitor ChatGPT
Google Bard AI Launch Date February 2023
Login Method Using Gmail ID and Mobile Number
Use AI that generates answers to all your questions
Article Category Technology
Portal Google.com
Works on Mobile/PC/Tablet

As we are going to see ChatGPT struggle to keep up with Google Bard AI Login or vice versa, it is important to check which of the two software is going to make a big market difference and what we need to expect. It is simple to use whichever is the best for you, and even more, use both. For now, let us dive into the details of Google Bard AI Features.

Google Bard AI Launch Date

Now that Google has already announced that it is working day and night on the creation of a competitor for ChatGPT and will potentially make an even better AI that will completely throw ChatGPT off the market, we are still curious how would that even be possible. As much as we know that ChatGPT cannot compete with google when it comes to resources and facilities and most importantly brains!

Yet, this AI took years to build and now Google invest $100 million in the creation of Google Bard AI and is now assuring the users of an even better experience. While we cannot say, this will be any help as you all Google has only been in 3-4 months of creating this AI. The Google Bard AI Launch Date will be in February 2023. So that can potentially be anytime now, and soon the beta version will be out for our review.

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How to Use Google Bard?

The process to use the AI has already been revealed before its launch and we will share the complete process to use Google Bard AI in detail here:

  1. Firstly, once the AI is available to use, open google.com on your phone or PC
  2. After this, you will get a chance to open the search button in the top right corner.
  3. You will see the name Google Bard AI, click on this title
  4. Once this link opens, you can log in. Try logging in with your google mail account
  5. Now that the details are all filled in, you will be taken to the home page of the AI
  6. Now that you are here, hop on to the option where you can ask a question or simply start a conversation and you are sorted.
Google Bard AI Login
Google Bard AI Login

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard AI

The question of ChatGPT vs Google Bard AI has been making rounds all over the market. As much as we love the concept of these companies finally thriving to make new items all over the place, the need to compare is an obvious desire.

However, we love the idea of comparison we are yet to see what Google has in store for us all. Once Google releases Google Bard AI, we will know for sure if they have won the hearts of the users or not. The main question is, ChatGPT easily covers everything but what can be seen in store for us now that ChatGPT has already exceeded all our expectations? There are many things that we need to look forward to, and this is why we will let the idea of comparison happen in a few years.

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