Get IRS Tax Refund 2022-2023: No Secret Scheme to Refund, Avoid big frauds and viral hacks!

Get IRS Tax Refund 2022-2023: As the Tax Season 2023 has taken a toll on the entire nation of the United States, social media has had a huge impact on this year’s tax filing. This is the era of going viral on social media and some do not care to say things that can huge impact on crucial matters like Tax Filing. The IRS has warned tax filers against social media viral schemes and said that there is No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund or even gain big money. If you are someone filing taxes in 2023, then we assure you this article is for you!

As much as people love getting hooked on the viral trends in the country, one should be very careful of the fake schemes that can be shared for tax filing by self-proclaimed finance specialists. There are many who are currently following a viral trend where you can fill your entire W-2 form with the help of AI simply by entering fictitious numbers of taxes and income as per your choice. Well, the IRS is themselves warning all tax filers to think before they try to fool the authorities.

Keep reading to know about the take of the IRS on the tax filings’ viral trends and how they can be harmful to you!

Get IRS Tax Refund 2022-2023

IRS Tax Refund is one of the most important speculations every tax filer is considering at the moment. While many loyal filers will be getting their share of the refund, there are many who are trying to make fake filings to get extra money! While this trend promises a sure shot success, IRS themselves have stated that they are against giving any false hopes to the filers and there is no possibility that this will ever be successful, in fact, it makes you directly eligible for tax fraud charges by the state.

No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund Overview

No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund Overview

Name No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund
Category Finance
Organiser US Government
Year 2023
Income Tax Eligibility $150,000 or less
Last Date for Filing 17th April 2023
Payment Type Economic Impact Payment
Official Site
Where is my refund portal

IRS Refund Dates 2023

Date the IRS received your return Estimated refund date by direct deposit Estimated refund date by paper check
January 23 February 10 February 17
January 30 February 17 February 24
February 6 February 24 March 3
February 13 March 3 March 10
February 20 March 10 March 17
February 27 March 17 March 24
March 6 March 24 March 31
March 13 March 31 April 7
March 20 April 7 April 14
March 27 April 14 April 21
April 3 April 21 April 28
April 10 April 28 May 5
April 17* May 5 May 12

Viral IRS Tax Frauds

According to the officials at the Internal Revenue Service, there are a few schemes that have been promoted by social media influencers to gain audience attention which is currently under the radar.

Here are the most viral IRS Frauds in 2023:

  1. Create a fake W-2 form with help of digital software where you can enter a fake income number and the form will be auto-generated for your filing. This is considered to be done to gain extra IRS Stimulus Payment.
  2. Filling Form 7202 for gaining credits on sick leave, family leave,s or self-employment. This credit opportunity was only available in 2020 and 2021 tax filing. The IRS Stimulus has changed many rules for 2023 and this form is no longer applicable
  3. Creating fake employee claims employed for household care for fake sick reasons or medical care requirements. This has to be filled if you have genuinely hired a house help for medical reasons in the family and the payment was in cash or if the employer withheld Federal Taxes from the worker. This form is a simple deduction provided to genuine filers with valid proof of evidence of recruitment. For those making false filings this can cause straight-out trouble.

W-2 Form Fraud

Officials at IRS stated that they are noting regular submissions on taxes and every W-2 form goes through a three-dimensional check of digital verification and documentation proof. If a form is created based on fake information, it would be very easy to detect the same. The hack that people are promoting is to get a hold of the IRS Refund Payments that the states are issuing to certain income groups in order to get huge refunds.

Some frauds have even promised income in five digits in the name of the economic impact payment. The department has strictly warned against these actions as the consequences can be severe.

No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund
No Secret Scheme To Get IRS Tax Refund

Consequences of Tax Fraud in the US

This is the era of AI development and like the most popular AI at the moment, ChatGPT, many have been developed for specific purposes. This has led to various new forms of fraud in different sectors. While the users are simply adapting to these new trends they also need to understand that with the development of every new form of fraud, the state has already prepared a new verification mechanism!

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For those who are found indulged in tax fraud committed due to the influence of social media or any other source, will the tax filer will face the sole liability of his actions and no one else. The consequences can include civil and criminal penalties reported under fraud charges by the IRS.

The return penalty of an IRS tax fraud can be as high as $5000 as per US Law. These laws are universally applicable in the US as the tax filing department is just IRS which managed your filings and submissions.

We advise you all to make genuine claims and beware of people promising you to go ahead in the race just to earn certain extra benefits. You might not get benefits but losses will be very high to bear for you.

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