Genshin Impact Update 3.4 Release Date, Stream, Patches and Banners!

Genshin Impact Update 3.4: The latest update from Genshin Impact Update 3.4 has made rounds all over the globe. The viewers who love the virtual reality game and love to play on platforms like Nintendo, Android, IOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows have been awaiting the update for the viewers. The game gained popularity back in 2020 when it was planning to be released. Now with a huge fan base, the game is considered extremely popular amongst youngsters. Keep reading this article to find out everything about the latest update, release date, stream, and patches.

Genshin Impact Update 3.4

The game is created by miHoYo for the audiences and is available for playing free on different platforms. The game’s easy access has made it very popular amongst the masses. The recent update is the reason for the game’s very popular new structure and the game is already making rounds among the fans. The newest update was released on 6th January and since then the new features are being explored by youngsters.

Genshin Impact Update 3.4 Overview

Name Genshin Impact
Game type Virtual Reality
Creator miHoYo
Update Update 3.4
Date of release 2023
Date of update release 18th January 2023

Genshin Impact Update 3.4 – Features

The latest update for the Genshin Impact has made the rounds due to many new features and thus has made rounds all over the globe. We will be sharing all these details with you today to let you know the best possible features you can get with this game:

  1. There are several more weapons including a sword, bow, and claymore have been introduced. Each of them has its own benefits and can be used to bring newness to the game.
  2. Another very interesting new addition is the changes introduced in Dragon Spine. The town of Dragon Spine is located as a region that is in a snowy remote region. Now with this update, the region will become the new hub for all the fights and events. This region will also enable the players to create new powers by completing the challenges a make the game much more interesting.
  3. Finally, the most talked about new feature is the addition of the new character Eula. She is a very strong new character that has very minimal chances of getting physical damage. Thus this character was created to add more fun and thrill to the game. She is shown as the daughter of a lord and the ruler of the dragons. The game seemed incomplete without her and this character had always been named in the inspirations from which the game was adopted.

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Genshin Impact Update – Livestream

The Livestream for the game’s update took place on 6th January 2023 and was a much-awaited fan event. While many fans had managed to visit this stream the rest of them had watched the stream on their devices. The update is said to be available for the users on 18th January which is almost here and we can be sure that this update will set the world of Genshin Impact on fire.

Genshin Impact – Banner

Not only will the update bring in new additions to the game, but there are also many lifestyle improvements in the game. The game will feature some interesting new backgrounds and is promised to give clarity to the users. This update will completely turn the world in a positive direction and in case you were planning to avoid this update we suggest you do otherwise.

From new characters to interesting updates, Genshin Impact Update 3.4 will have it all for you.

Genshin Impact Update
Genshin Impact Update

Genshin Impact Update 3.4 FAQs

When will Genshin Impact Update 3.4 be released?

Genshin Impact Update 3.4 is set to be released on 18th January 2023

Which new character is being introduced in Genshin Impact Update 3.4?

Eula is being introduced in Genshin Impact Update 3.4.

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