Full Moon March 2023, Worm Moon Timing in USA, UK, India, Australia

Full Moon March 2023 – Details about the Full moon March 2023 in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and other nations may be found on this page. The final full moon of the year 2023 occurred on February 5th, often known as the “Snow Moon.” Find out all about the Full moon in March 2023 right here. Please stick with us till the end for more details. 

The full moon faces Earth around once each month. Often, the moon is not quite full. Even though we can always see the same side of the moon, a portion of it is always under darkness due to the moon’s revolution. A lunar eclipse can only occur when the Earth, moon, and sun are precisely lined up. Only then does the moon reach its fullness.

Full Moon March 2023 

A full moon, one of the four moon phases, happens when the moon is visible as a perfect circle in the sky. This happens when the moon faces the Earth and is fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays. The moon doesn’t have its light, as is common knowledge. It gets its shine or light from other things, including stars, the Sun, Earthshine, etc. The Moon’s main source of illumination is the Sun. On February 5, 2023, at 6:28 PM, the “Snow Moon,” the most recent full moon, was visible. The fact that it was the tiniest full moon of 2023 led to the naming of it “Micromoon.” 

A full moon is said to appear once every 29 to 30 days, according to certain reports. The Lunar Phase Cycle encompasses this span of time. A full moon that shines twice per month is named a “Blue Moon.” On August 31, 2023, at 2:35 A.M., Blue Moon will occur this year. 

Full Moon Calendar 2023

Full Moon Calendar 2023   
Date   Name  Time 
6th January   Wolf Moon  11:07 PM 
5th February   Snow Moon  06:28 PM 
7th March   Worm Moon  12:40 PM 
6th April   Pink Moon  05:34 PM 
5th May   Flower Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse)  06:34 PM 
4th June   Strawberry Moon (Supermoon)  04:41 AM 
3rd July   Buck Moon  12:38 PM 
1st August   Sturgeon Moon  07:31 PM 
31st August   Blue Moon  02:35 AM 
29th September   Corn or Harvest Moon  10:57 AM 
28th October   Hunter’s Moon  09:24 AM 
27th November   Beaver Moon  09:16 AM 
27th December   Cold Moon  12:33 AM 

Full Moon March 2023- Details

The full moon March is referred to as the Full Worm Moon by the Old Farmer’s Almanac because it is believed that earthworms first appeared at its peak. The March full moon was known by the Ojibwe (or Anishinaabe) people of North America as Ziissbaakdoke Giizas, or the “Sugar Moon,” since it fell when maple trees were harvested and the Anishinaabe new year. 

The next full moon in 2023 will occur on March 7, 2023, at 12:40 PM, according to reports. It is known as the “Worm Moon.” You may easily see the 2023 March full moon with a telescope or a live television feed. On January 6, 2023, at 11:07 PM, the first full moon of 2023 could be seen. The Wolf Moon was the name of the phenomenon. 

Full Moon Phases 2023 

The four moon phases of the moon are  

  1. New moon 
  2. First quarter moon 
  3. Full moon 
  4. Third quarter moon 

The moon is between Earth and the sun, thus the side of the moon that faces us doesn’t get direct sunlight but just dim sunlight that is reflected off of Earth. A few days later, the visible side of the moon gradually becomes more lit by direct sunlight as it orbits the planet. The waxing crescent is the name given to this tiny sliver. A week following the new moon, the moon is 90 degrees from the sun in the sky, and from our vantage point, it is only partially lighted. This is known as the first quarter.

As it is roughly one-fourth of the way around Earth. The area of illumination keeps expanding a few days later. The moon’s face looks to be receiving sunlight on more than half of it. The waxing gibbous moon is the name of this phase. 

The sun, Earth, and moon create a line once a moon has spun 180 degrees from its new moon position. This is referred to as a full moon because the moon’s disk is as near as it can go to being completely illuminated by the sun. The moon then advances until it looks to be receiving sunlight on more than half of its face, yet the amount is dwindling. The declining gibbous phase is right now.

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A few days later, the moon had completed the third quarter of its orbit around Earth. The sun is now shining on the visible face of the moon’s other side. When the moon is in the declining crescent phase, less than half of its face seems to be illuminated by sunlight, and the amount of illumination is dwindling. After that, the moon moves back to its original new moon position. From our perspective, the moon usually passes in front of or behind the sun, but on rare occasions it does the opposite, bringing about a solar eclipse. 

Full Moon March Timing in USA & UK 2023 

The full moon March is referred to as the “Worm Moon” because earthworms start to thaw out at this time of year after crawling around the ground. Additionally, the full moon March has different names in other cultures. It goes by the name of Crow Moon in several civilizations. In some, it goes by the names Warming Moon or Crust Moon. The whole schedule of the impending 2023 full moon is listed below. 

On March 7, 2023, around 7:40 a.m. (EST) in the United States and at 12:40 p.m. (GMT) in cities across the United Kingdom, including London, Manchester, and other areas, the full moon will be visible. 

Full Moon Timing India & Australia 2023 

In India, the full moon March heralds the arrival of spring and the Holi festival. On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, at 6:10 PM (IST), numerous Indian cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi will witness the full moon March, also known as the “Worm Moon.” The March full moon occurs in Australia around 11:40 PM on March 7, 2023. Through a telescope, it may be seen from a variety of Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.  

Full Moon March Timing NZ & Thailand 2023

The following full moon in March 2023 will take place on March 7 at 12:40 PM (EST). Some people assert that the Thai population of the nation holds a Full Moon Party each year on the occasion of the full moon March.

Full Moon March
Full Moon March

This festival is held on beaches throughout Thailand, including Haad Rin Beach, Koh Samui, and Koh Phi Phi. On March 7, 2023, at 01:42, the Worm Moon (March’s Full Moon) will also be visible in New Zealand’s cities. 

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