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Federal Tax Refund Status 2023: This post tells all about Federal Tax Refund Status 2023. Anyone can use the Where’s My Refund service or the IRS2Go mobile app to check the status of their refund for those who want electronically submit their federal tax refund for the year 2022. You may check the status of your tax refund using your SSN. All the details regarding the Federal Tax Refund Status 2023 Dates in this article based on the date of your filing status.

The IRS opened the filing season for 2023 on January 23, and the deadline for submitting a paper or electronic refund request is April 18. A tax filer who wants to check the status of their federal tax refund in 2023 must have the required documentation on hand. If you have filed your taxes in Tax Season 2023, make a note to check your details as the Federal Tax Refund Status Timeline.

Federal Tax Refund Status 2023

To check the FEDERAL TAX REFUND STATUS 2023 you must provide your Social Security Number, you must also fill out the return amount, type, and other requirements. You should be informed that you can start tracking your Federal Tax Refund Status 2023 after 24 hours have passed since the refund was filed electronically.

Date of Filing Date of Receiving Date of Refund
March 20 April 7 April 14
March 27 April 14 April 21
April 3 April 21 April 28
April 10 April 28 May 5
April 17* May 5 May 12


You can utilize the Where’s My Refund tool to find out why it has been more than three weeks since you electronically submitted your Federal Tax Refund Status 2023 and you have still not received your deposit. Normally, it takes 21 days to get the IRS e-filed return.

How to Check the 2023 Federal Tax Refund Status?

To learn the status of an e-filed return, adhere to the guidelines below:

  • To visit the IRS website, type in irs.gov.
  • Click on the link to “Get Your Refund Status.”
  • Find the option labeled “Get Your Refund Status” and click it.
  • Select the tax year: 2022.
  • Enter your Social Security Number.
  • Head of Household, Qualified Widow, Married-Filing Joint Return, Married-Filing Separate Return, Single, or Married-Filing Joint Return must be filled.
  • Type the money value of your refund.
  • At last, click the Submit button.

If you have a mobile device and want to monitor the status of your federal tax refund in 2023, we strongly advocate using the IRS2GO App. You must input the same login information to check the status of your return using the mobile application. The IRS can be reached at 1-800-829-1954 if a taxpayer wants to find out where their return is.

Federal Tax Refund Status 2023: Refund Date

Companies provide some ballpark timelines for when you might anticipate receiving your money back. Just to be clear, depending on when and how you file your taxes, the IRS deposit dates will fluctuate. The IRS asserts that, despite occasionally taking longer, it typically issues refunds three weeks after receiving an electronic return. Nevertheless, if you file a paper return, it may take six months or longer to get your money.

Because some returns have errors or need more examination, handling them could take longer. Although the IRS does everything possible to speed up the distribution of refunds to taxpayers, taxpayers shouldn’t rely on getting a return by a certain date. If the IRS needs additional information to process the taxpayer’s tax return, a letter will be sent to that person. Direct deposit is the quickest option to receive your return when filing taxes online.

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When does the IRS Update the Federal Tax Refund Status 2023?

  • The IRS changes the Federal Tax Refund Status only once per day, so if it has already been updated that day, you shouldn’t try to check it again.
  • The IRS often notifies taxpayers of the status of their tax returns between midnight and six in the morning.
  • Please utilize the comments area in case of any questions about the status of your federal tax refund in 2023.
  • You can declare your individual IRS and/or state tax refund date once the IRS or state has accepted and begun processing your 2022 income tax return (s).
  • The date that your return was e-filed or submitted may not be the same date that the IRS accepted it.
  • After being accepted, the majority of returns will appear on the IRS refund tool four weeks after the person mailed their return or 24 to 72 hours after it was submitted electronically.

Federal Tax Refund Schedule 2023 Status

The Advanced Child Tax Credits, or ACTC, must be correctly claimed on tax returns that result in a tax refund, according to the IRS. Before the middle of February 2023, tax reimbursements for these returns won’t be given out. This deadline applies to the whole return, not only the amount related to the Additional Child Tax Credit.

Once you’ve electronically filed your return, you can check the status of your state tax refund for your 2022 state return(s). If you used the program after the IRS and state agencies received your refund monies, check the status of your e-Collect refund.

You will receive a notification in the mail describing the changes and any necessary action, and this is normally noted on the IRS refund status tool. If further information is required or the IRS adjusts your return, this will also be indicated on the tool.

Federal Tax Refund Status 2023
Federal Tax Refund Status 2023

Many taxpayers reported that the IRS processed their tax refunds more slowly than they had anticipated for their 2020 and 2021 refunds, a trend that might extend into 2023 for your 2022 return. When you are certain that you have entered the correct information, if your status indicates that it was incorrect, it may be because of these delays. This means that they do not yet have a record of the information—or the amount of the refund—you entered in their system, so they are unable to display it.

As a result, you might not be eligible for a Federal Tax Refund. Depending on the circumstance, you might have a status one day, then the status bar might disappear or you might not have any information. If you were able to confirm that your return was indeed approved, this does not always mean the IRS does not have your return.

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