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Farzi Box Release Date: Farzi is all set to hit the big screen soon and we are loving the vibe his movie holds. Shahid is back with another super fun movie that simply showcases his out-of-the-box acting skills and has a storyline that is unique and engaging! Watching this one is surely a success route and we are sure to make this one a classic favorite! Let’s see how this one will do in terms of collections. Keep reading this article to know about Farzi Box Office Collection, Farzi Box Release Date, Trailer, and more.

For those of you wondering how much will Farzi earn at the box office well, there is news. The movie has already been sold to the Prime OTT network and thus will be premiering online. As for the collection, there is a basic rule. The platform purchases the rights to the movie based on its estimated collection and then shows cases of that movie. So basically Farzi will be out on Prime and the movie has already earned its share of the income. The income will completely be the primary of what the movie earns on its OTT rights.

Farzi Box Release Date

Farzi is going to be released soon and we are more excited than ever. Ever since the release of the trailer of the movie we are trying to get hold of this one. The trailer was very interesting, and the storyline felt unreal. If this movie goes the way it is supposed to this might be the much-needed comeback Shahid needs. Shahid has performed similar roles in the past and his roles have been a kick starter to the newest release now. He is back with another movie which is a little dirty, a little messy but guarantees thrill all through this one.

Farzi Box Release Date Overview

Farzi Box Release Date Overview
Name Farzi Box Office Collection
Category Entertainment
OTT Amazon Prime
Release Date 10th February 2023
Genre Action

We will be sharing all the basic details you need on the release of Farzi in this section for you. It aims to share with you what is in the works for the movie and what you can expect and what you cannot expect. There have been a lot of discussions and collaborations on the movie. The movie will open doors to many new similar genre movies in the industry.

Farzi Plot

The movie revolves around the very uber-cool Shahid who is an artist who is gifted like no other. He is a man of art and his art has not been acknowledged at all. He dwells in the business of recreating currency notes. His talent gains so much crowd that he ends up starting a business of smuggling notes and that’s when the drama begins.

His notes are unmatchable and the saga of smuggling makes him the biggest fake currency smuggler in the country. This is when the other lead Duggubatti will enter as the new police who is on a spree to catch hold of him. Let us see how these two stars chase to the of the movie show the real side of the world of note and currency smuggling

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Farzi Release Date

The movie is all set to release on 10th February and the promotions have already begun. We all love shahid to the core and his rowdy looks have been pretty popular in movies like Kamine and Kabir Singh. Shahid has done justice to these roles and his heart and soul lie in every character he has played. Farzi is now another such movie and with Shahid, on an acting spree, we will surely see him in his rowdy best! Let us wait for the movie to come to the big screen and enjoy the drama that unfolds.

Farzi – How to Watch

You will be able to watch Farzi on Amazon Prime, the movie has sold its entire rights to the platform and will be released accordingly. For the people who do not know how to watch. The process is simple. Open the application and log into your account or sign up with a new account. After that, you will be able to take up a subscription for the platform and be done. Your movies will play comfortably.

Farzi Box Release Date
Farzi Box Release Date

Farzi Box Office Collection FAQs

Where can I watch Farzi on OTT?

You can watch Farzi on Amazon Prime

What is Farzi release date?

Farzi will release on 10 February 2023

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