ERC Tax Credit: Claim Your ERTC In 2023, Last Date to File 2024, Check if You are Eligible for Claiming!

ERC Tax Credit: The ERC Tax Credit is provided to employers who had suspended businesses during 2020 – 2021 and yet paid the salaries to the employees. 2020 when covid peaked there were many professions that faced the wrath of shutting especially because there was no way the business could operate by working from home or were pretty new to have built a stronger customer base. Thus, while many lost jobs and had nowhere to go to earn money, there were many who paid the actual sum to the individuals and this is being rewarded by the state. The deadline to apply for the ERC Tax Credit is 24th April 2024.

The US Tax Department had many differential priorities after the pandemic and they kept the health and economic welfare of the state comfortable. After the pandemic took its due course, many benefits were offered by the state to the people who needed support, the ERTC is one such tax benefit that provides returns to the people who did their best in giving in their extra to the ones in need.

ERC Tax Credit

There are things that are determined before you are eligible to get an ERC Credit by the IRS. The size of the business and the amount paid by you to the filers are determined during this time. You can be eligible for up to $10000 amount of return in this scheme but do not get too excited as proper scrutiny is done in the best possible manner for you.

So this is not as easy as it seems and will require a lot of further expertise at your end. Keep reading to find out the details required in this article. Now head onto our overview section as we share all the required details on the ERC Tax Credit along with important links:

ERC Tax Credit Overview

ERC Tax Credit Overview
Name ERC Tax Credit
Category Finance
Credit Type Employee Retention
Eligible Parties Employers
Max Amount $10000
Link to Apply

What is ERC?

Employee Retention Credit or the ERC as the name suggests is defined as a tax credit provided to employers who have provided retention to the employees during covid-19 pandemic in 2023. Employers whose businesses had shut down yet provided salaries to the staff during covid can apply for this retention credit to secure a better future for them. As we move forward we need to make sure that you are eligible for this credit application under all the required parameters listed below.

Cares Act 2020 – Any employer who has paid salaries can claim retention under the Cares Act 2020 for up to 50% of wages which can be up to $10000. This is however dependent on the side of the business and the number of wages paid.

Consolidated Appropriations Act – If an employer qualifies under this act they can claim wage returns of up to 70% wages maximum of $1000. Now, this is based on their being qualified under this act.

The laws mentioned above are subject to the size of your business, the Cares Act is applicable to larger businesses while the CAA is applicable to smaller businesses. However the amount of return is similar for each, it can be lower if you do not make the cut.

Who can Claim ERC?

Qualification to Claim an ERC includes:

  • If you are a recovery start-up business operating since 2020 you can claim this credit benefit
  • If you have sustained even a partial suspension in the operations of the business, you will be eligible to claim for your limited set of suspended business
  • If you have received a significant gross receipt as of March 2021

As per US Laws, the businesses that can claim under this scheme can be from any sector of the state. There are many sectors which are currently operating and thus there is no limit to which sector of the industry you can belong. To claim a credit under the ERC you can be from education, real estate, technology, manufacturing, services, textile or any other industry as well.

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ERTC Amount

The amount of your ERC depends on the following conditions:

  1. Your employee number will define if you are a big business or a small business
  2. Your amount will be determined based on the size of the business
  3. Your amount will be calculated based on the amount of salary you have paid to your employees
  4. The salary calculated will only be for permanent employees and as per the laws permanent employees are those who work for 130 hours every week
  5. Your ERC Tax Credit amount can go as high as $10000 only no matter if you are a small business or big business
  6. You will be eligible to apply for the credit based on two different acts of law
ERC Tax Credit
ERC Tax Credit

How to Claim ERC Tax Credit

You can claim the ERC Tax Credit using Form 941x at the website. Now you need to note that you can claim this credit for three years after 2020 and 2021 respectively. Now make sure that you apply on time. The last date to claim the ERTC for 2020 is 24th April 2024. You can calculate the relevant dates based on three years accordingly.

We hope that this article has brought all the relevant data in it for you, in case there is a further query feel free to share your comments and let us know if you wish to keep updated on this story.

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