EPF Claim Status 2023: EPFO Online Claim, How to Check, Availability

EPF Claim Status 2023: The Employee Provident Fund Claim Status 2023 is guided by the state department which helps people manage their pension scheme. The EPF Claim can be Checked Online or Offline, through different modes. You can check the availability of your claims at the EPF Portal and they will help you get a better idea of what your decision as to the amount is. The goal is to make sure that the EPF Claim Status 2023 is always updated and that you are a properly aware citizen.

EPF Claim Status 2023

Here are the details you need to know to check your EPF Claim through the official portal. Checking the status of the EPF Claim is very important for every person planning to make an extra effort in keeping a track of their EPF Status. As a government employee, one of the biggest advantages is getting your pension. The amount you receive as a pension is based on the amount of money that gets deducted monthly from your salary, also your employer pays a sum.

Thus, as you work for a longer period your money will get saved in the EPF Account attached to your details. As we move forward with this article, we will try to share all the details on your EPF Claims and how to check through different methods. Keep reading to find out everything!

EPF Claim Status 2023 Overview

Article title EPF Claim Status Check
Percentage of PF goes to Pension 8.33 percent
Max. PF Withdrawal Limit before 1 year of Retirement 90 percent
Time is taken by PF Form 31 5 to 30 Days
PF Pension Eligibility person Only Member of EPFO
Toll-free number 011-22901406
Website passbook.epfindia.gov.in

EPF Claim Status is very important for people who are currently trying to make a life out of their jobs. As you get your salary, your deductions go nowhere but to your own EPF Account. About 8% of the salary you receive is saved in this account. Your EPF account can be withdrawn before the date of your retirement or before based on the term of your job. This is a simple method and it will be done as you choose to move forward. Additionally, you can choose to receive monthly installments or one-time payments of your pension.

The deductions under this head also help you create a better structure for your income tax returns as these details are not counted as taxable income. Many people do not understand the basics of the EPF account and what it can do for you, but as a woke citizen it is your right and a requirement to know about the EPF Claims.

What is EPF Claim Status?

EPF Claim status is the status of your claim under the employee provident fund department. The EPF provides full records of how much amount you have in your EPF account and if you would choose to get the maturity of the account sooner than your retirement. To simplify, the money is yours to choose from and it is up to you to get hold of the details!

EPFO Online Claim

You can claim your EPF Amount online based on the amount available in your account. The process is not complicated, you need to download and save the EPF Online Claim Form and fill it and further submit it. But first, check if you are eligible for this online claim. As a citizen in India, you need not worry about the security of your money as a pension is an advantage that is provided to one and all.

How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Online

You can check your EPF Claim Status 2023 Online through the following methods:

UAN Number:

Here is how you can check your EPF Claim Update using the UAN Number:

  1. Visit the official portal using the link shared at the end of the article
  2. Now open the option stating check your status
  3. Fill in your UAN Number on this link along with other required details
  4. Your status of the claim will now appear on your screen you can save a copy for further use

UAN Number is provided to each person who has a government job as a mode of identity. And if you do not have one you can visit the second method to check your claim status online.

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Through EPFO Portal

Following are the steps to check your EPFO Claim Status using the portal:

  1. Visit the official website using the link shared at the bottom of the article
  2. Now click on the option which states employee services
  3. Now click on the services option on the next page
  4. You can now click on know your claim status
  5. Now enter the details at the portal with regard to number, DOB, or any other details asked at the portal
  6. Now that you have entered all the details you will see the status of your EPF Claim
  7. Make sure you get a heads up on all these details and if needed print the details for further use

Through Umang App

You can check your EPF Status using the Umang App through the following steps:

  1. Download the app on your device
  2. Now click on the option stating EPF on the home page
  3. Click on the track claim option under the EPF Head
  4. Now add your details including UAN Number, OTP, and more as required
  5. Your status will appear on your screen
  6. You can use the application to track your details regularly the application
EPF Claim Status 2023
EPF Claim Status 2023

How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Offline

The following ways can be followed to check your EPF Claim Status Offline:

  1. SMS: Send an SMS to the EPF portal using the format EPFHO-UAN-LAN to the official number at the portal. This will help you get a better idea of the portal details, and now you can check the portal for updates through SMS.
  2. Missed Call: Give a missed call to 01122901406 in return to which you will be provided with the details about the status of your claim at EPF.

We have added all the details on the EPFO Claim Status in 2023, keep track and utilize your hard-earned money as you, please!

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