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Driving License New Rules: The new rules of obtaining a driving license were released starting January 2023. These rules have completely shaken the people of the country and with new additions and deletions, we are sure you will apply for a license if you haven’t already. There are many questions that are being received in pursuance to these rules and the reason to bring them into force. We will discuss our opinions on this as well, however, these rules are here and already enforced. So the people who want to know about the Driving License  Rules read here for the latest RTO rules, latest updates, rules PDF, and more.

Driving License New Rules

The latest update on the driving license rules has completely removed the criteria for giving a driving test. This basically means that the rules will have a proper impact on the selection of the applicant. The applicants will be made to give a driving test along with a simple certificate from any registered training institute and they will be able to give the rules. Now you may ask, what are these training institutes? This is the latest addition to the application for a driving license and we will share the details in the article below.

Driving License Rules Overview

Driving License Rules Overview

Category Government Rules 2023
Department Ministry of Transport
Update Driving License New Rules
Date of Enforcement January 2023 onwards
Eligible Candidates Anyone who applies for a license

New RTO Rules

The new Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has established new rules for the driving license test. For a long period of time, the application for a driving license was done in two steps. First, the candidate had to pass the driving exam which was a written exam, and second, they had to clear driving tests conducted by the driving license offices which were under the government’s preview.

Now, the change is that the candidates who apply will only be given the written exam to receive the test. So, what about the driving skill test you ask? The government will now allow driving schools to give certificates that will act as proof of a person’s driving skills.

These tests will be done according to the government’s system which they have shared. But first, the schools will have to get registered under this ministry. The schools for driving will also need to pass certain criteria and we have mentioned them all for you.

Driving License Rules 2023 Updates

The rules can be downloaded in the official PDF version from the site of the ministry shared at the end of the article. However, to simplify these rules for you all we are sharing a glimpse of what changes with this exciting new launch:

  1. Anyone who applies for a trainer position or desires to open a school for training needs to have one-acre land
  2. For all the heavy Vehicle training centers the trainers must have two acres of land
  3. The qualification is that the trainer will have at least a 5-year experience in driving and a high school diploma
  4. The training cannot be more than 6 weeks long and the trainer must teach for a minimum of 38 hours
  5. In the case of small vehicles, the training time can be reduced to 29 hours
  6. The rules also create a proper indication that the training will have all the new technologies and details including track simulators and more

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Driving License Rules FAQs

When will the new rules of driving license apply from?

The new rules will apply to start January 2023

How much experience do I need to apply for a training center license?

You need a minimum of 5 years of experience in teaching driving to be eligible.

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