Dahaad OTT Release Date: Sonakshi Sinha Upcoming Movies on Amazon Prime

Dahaad OTT Release Date and Sonakshi Sinha’s Upcoming Movies on Amazon Prime will be told in this post. After a long time, Sonakshi Sinha has come up with a new movie. Dahaad is a Hindi web series about crime, mystery, and thriller. It stars Sonakshi Sinha, Gulshan Devaiah, Sohum Shah, Vijay Varma, and others. It is the first Indian web series to premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. So let us discuss the Dahaad OTT Release Date.

Dahaad OTT Release Date 2023

Dahaad is the most searched Indian web series about crime, mystery, and thriller which is releasing on Amazon Prime Video on 12 May 2023. It features a cast including Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Varma, Gulshan, Sohum Shah, Manyuu Doshi, Yogi Singha, etc.

Dahaad 2023 OTT Official Updates

The Dahaad web series is now available to watch on the Amazon Prime Videos OTT app. Viewers can finally watch the show online. With an impressive cast that includes Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Varma, Gulshan Devaiah, and Sohum Shah, viewers can expect to see some powerful performances. Dahaad is sure to be a hit with audiences as this is Sonakshi Sinha upcoming movie on Amazon Prime and people are liking it.

Details of Dahaad OTT Movie

Movie Name Dahaad
OTT Release Date 12 May 2023
Platform OTT
Language Hindi
Genre Crime thriller
Director Shantanu Bagchi
Cast Sonakshi Sinha, Gulshan Devaiah, Sohum Shah, Vijay Varma
Category Entertainment

Dahaad Web Series Budget (2023)

Dahaad is a popular Hindi language crime, mystery, and thriller web series that was made on a high budget of 90 crores. It became one of the most popular web series of the month. Fans eagerly waiting for the release on the OTT platform and now they can finally watch it online.

The show received a great response from audiences because of the entry of Sonakshi and the good storyline and the strong performances by the talented cast. With the great performance, you can expect Dahaad to be a hit on the OTT platform as well.

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Dahaad Cast and Crew Details

The Hindi language web series Dahaad features an impressive cast of talented actors like Sonakshi Sinha who has been seen as Anjali Bhaati, while Gulshan Devaiah takes on the role of Devilal Singh. Sohum Shah seen as Kailash Parghi and Vijay Varma brings depth to the character of Anand Swarnakar. Manyuu Doshi plays Shiv Swarnakar and Yogi Singha plays the character of Murli.

In addition to these main cast members, Dahaad also features strong performances from supporting actors. Sanghmitra Hitaishi and Ratnabali Bhattacharjee deliver compelling portrayals of their characters, while Nirmal Chiraniyan and Vijay Kumar Dogra bring their own unique touch to their roles. Abhishek Bhalerao and Waris Ahmed Zaidi both deliver powerful performances, with Dev Rajora rounding out the cast in a supporting role.

Cast Member Character played
Sonakshi Sinha Anjali Bhaati
Gulshan Devaiah Devilal Singh
Sohum Shah Kailash Parghi
Vijay Varma Anand Swarnakar
Manyuu Doshi Shiv Swarnakar
Yogi Singha Murli
Sanghmitra Hitaishi Not Known Yet
Ratnabali Bhattacharjee Renuka
Nirmal Chiraniyan Journalist
Vijay Kumar Dogra School Principal
Abhishek Bhalerao Mhatre
Waris Ahmed Zaidi Altaf

Dahaad Web Series Storylines Explained

The story of the web series revolves around Anjali Bhaati and her colleagues who try to solve a mysterious case. The case involves women disappearing without a trace from a small town in Rajasthan. Sonakshi Sinha plays the lead role of Anjali Bhaati who is a police officer who is determined to solve the case. This is Sonakshi’s first web series.

The web series is a Hindi crime thriller and it features a series of terrifying cases. Anjali Bhaati sets out to solve these cases with her intelligence and power. She faces many challenges along the way. The series is set in a small town and viewers can follow Anjali as she investigates a crime that shakes her core. The plot of the series seems interesting as Anjali and her team dig deeper into the case, they uncover secrets that reveal the darker side of the small town.

Dahaad Ott Release
Dahaad Ott Release

Where to Watch Dahaad Online?

To watch the web series Dahaad online, you need to download the OTT app on your smartphone or tablet. You can find it on the app store or on Android devices. Most OTT apps require you to sign up before you can watch movies.

After creating an account you can browse this web series to watch. You can use the search function or browse through other categories to binge new series too. Once you have found the Dahaad web series choose the option to watch that online and enjoy it.

FAQs on Dahaad Web Series

When will Dahaad be released on the OTT platform?

The Dahaad Web Series will be released on 12 May 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

What is Dahaad OTT Platform Name?

The web series will be released on Prime Video.

Who purchased OTT rights for Dahaad?

Amazon Prime Video.

Official Website

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