CRA My Account Register 2023, Complete Process, Required Credentials and Benefits

CRA My Account Register 2023: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has launched the online filing of taxes system and this is going to make life for all applicants a lot easier and simpler. As the government starts a new completely new venture the people are all excited and nervous about the CRA Process to Register in 2023. Worry not, we have a guide that will take you through all the processes and steps of the CRA My Account Register 2023. Keep reading as we dive into the CRA Credentials and Benefits, all in this article.

As the world progresses after the pandemic, it changed the lives of many in different ways. What remained the same was the requirement of online accessibility of all the essentials. Well, technology has not even spared groceries and home services from being available online and now the government of Canada is moving into the CRA My Account Register system which will allow you to file your taxes online.

Let us look into the different updates on the registration process and step by step understand how this new working mechanism will work out for you. Read the details carefully and head to the official portal, the link to the same will be shared in this article too.

CRA My Account Register 2023

The official portal for CRA Account Register is The portal is open to all who plan to make tax submissions. Basically, the portal will allow you to register as a person, business, or representative. The filing done by you will be based on your choice of information from the three options provided. This portal will be basically the only single gateway to make tax submissions in the coming year. We are hopeful to see how the tax submissions this year face an increase and drive positive responses as well.

CRA My Account Register 2023 Overview

Name CRA My Account Register 2023
Category Finance
Country Canada
Portal CRA My Account
Registration Mode Online
Required Credentials SIT, DOB, ZIP Code & Tax Fillings
Service Availability After 06:00 am to before 03:00 pm (21 Hours) (7 Day in a week)
Official Website

As the overview box shares all the relevant details that an applicant must know about the portal, we have also included the timings. The timings for the CRA My Account Register 2023

are 6 am to 3 pm, all days of the week. This will help you decide a reasonable time to register and we surely would advise you to avoid filing taxes when the portal is about to close.

How to Register on CRA My Account Register

as we move into the process to register for the CRA my account register we would like to tell you that the portal would require your social security number before the process starts. Now we know that some of you do not have a social security number at the moment due to many possible reasons. The goal is to make sure that the portal is on top of its game. For those who do not have a social security number for tax deposits for the CRA My Account, you can use the temporary tax number provided to you.

Believe is the step-by-step guide on the registration process of My Account of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  1. Step 1: Go to the official website of the Canada revenue agency, the link to the same is shared at the end of the article
  2. Step 2: You will an option for Menu on the top of the webpage, click on the same
  3. Step 3: There will be a line of options open for you, click on the option of Income Tax
  4. Step 4: Now you will see the option of My Account in the Income Tax subpage, click on the same
  5. Step 5: Now you can see the option of CRA Register. You will have to click on the same, the link to the same will take you to a page where you have to fill in your login ID and password to make the submission
  6. Step 6: After sharing your details; the portal will ask you for your social security number which will the linked to the next page. Make sure you add the number without any possible error
  7. Step 7: Once the details are accepted you have to enter your DOB, Tax Filings, and Zip Code as per your registered address. Make sure the details you input are fault free to the core here and will be parallel to your details
  8. Step 8: Once your details are filled in, you will be asked to create a login ID, password, and security question. If you have reached this step, you are now almost done with your submission
  9. Step 9: Once all these details are submitted you will receive security on your mail, enter the same on the portal, and voila! Your work is done. Now you have created an account for your tax filings with your details updated

Please note that this process is based on the authenticity of your details and we advise you double check making sure that there is no ambiguity with your tax filing details and the details of your account

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CRA Online Service Unavailable

As per the official news the CRA My Account Register Portal will be unavailable from 3rd February 2023 to 6th May. This is because the portal is already under work and will start after this date

CRA My Account Register 2023
CRA My Account Register 2023

CRA My Account Benefits

  1. Below are the benefits of the CRA My Account Plan
  2. Access to all the old-age pension schemes
  3. Access to childcare tax benefits
  4. The easy pax filing process
Official Website

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