Covid BF 7 Variant – New Variant Symptoms, Vaccines and Treatment

Covid BF 7 Variant – The newest variant of covid is considered is being feared the world over after its massive impact on China. The BF – 7 covid variant was initially discovered in India in July 2022. It quickly started spreading amongst the population of China and has now infected thousands. It has been understood that this variant can spread from one infected person to 7 – 12 people more. In terms of its symptoms, it has been reported to have a far more severe effect than the last variant, Omicron.

The key symptom has been reported as fever although symptoms include runny nose, throat infections, and body aches. The BF–7 Covid variant has risen to an extent that there has been a steep shortage of medications for the people of China. The government is assuring that the state provides timely vaccinations to curb the variant entirely.

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Covid BF 7 Variant in India

While China has already been through a long-term peak of the new covid variant, India is set to witness the incoming follow if the new variant spreads. Initially, the cases were reported in the state of Gujarat and Odisha in July 2022. The Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre discovered the covid variant in India.

This government has already alarmed the citizens to follow covid precautions like wearing masks and avoiding crowded places. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will be addressing the situation this Thursday. Union Minister, Mansukh Mandaviya has already urged the people to stay safe from the variant’s spread since even the vaccinated population has been affected by the new variant.

Severity and Vaccine for the BF.7 Variant

The BF–7 Covid variant attacks the respiratory system of the people and has the highest capacity to transmit. These are the prime reasons why it is considered more deadly than previous variants. The infected person can face issues in the upper respiratory tract and some patients can even end up with pneumonia. However, this variant is more impactful on people with diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory issues.

People who had been infected in India were among the 50% lot who were vaccinated; thus, this variant is adverse even for the vaccinated group. About 28% of the population has taken the booster dose and the government is urging the citizens to take the same to avoid the harmful impact of this variant.

Covid BF 7 Variant
Covid BF 7 Variant


At the moment the treatment lies in the cure. The new variant has not officially spread in the country and if the citizens act smartly, they might be able to curb the spread from its roots. Vaccination, booster dose, and following the restrictions like in old times are what are in need at the moment. The government itself has only issued an advisory and is dependent on people taking the right actions at the moment. The country’s total tally of the BF – 7 variant is at four cases and the experts are hoping to avoid the possible wave in the future

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