COVAXIN Vaccine Price, Efficacy, Dose Gap & Side Effects

COVAXIN Vaccine Efficacy, Price, Dose Gap & Side Effects is discussed in this article. COVAXIN vaccine (कोवैक्सीन) is an authorized vaccine that aims to protect an individual from COVID-19.This vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech, an Indian multinational biotechnology company headquartered in the city of Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Virology. In this article, we will discuss COVAXIN vaccine efficacy, price, side effects and dose gap.

On January 3, 2021, India’s drug regulatory authorities, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, approved the vaccine for emergency use and on November 3, 2021, World Health Organization (WHO) validated the vaccine for emergency use. According to interim phase 3 clinical data, COVAXIN vaccine is a two-dose vaccination with a 78 percent effectiveness rate.

To combat COVID 19, vaccination has been made mandatory for everyone across the country. At the moment, anyone can register for the COVAXIN vaccine online at the authority’s website. We’ll go through the specifics of how to register for the COVAXIN COVID-19 vaccine online, as well as who can get the vaccine and other details. Read the entire article to get all the details.

COVAXIN Vaccine Price 

Dynamic examples of coronavirus are at all-time high following COVID 19 waves and outbreaks across the country. As a result, the government authority is obligated to control the infection disease and has begun COVAXIN registration for all in 2021. Following COVAXIN registration, vaccines can be obtained at the nearby COVID 19 Vaccine Center, which can be accessed via the Arogya Setu App, Umang App, or COWIN site. Some typical COVID 19 indications, such as head pain, illness, and basic cold signs, can be seen after getting vaccinated. 

Vaccine name- COVAXIN Vaccine 
Approving body- Health Department, Government of India
Age group for vaccine 18+ Age
Vaccine Effective on COVID – 19 Corona Virus
Total number of Doses 2 Doses 
Availability Mode Online
Places Available Only Vaccine Centers
The Official Website

इस लेख में COVAXIN वैक्सीन के प्रभाव, कीमत, खुराक गैप और साइड इफेक्ट्स पर चर्चा करने वाले हैं. COVAXIN वैक्सीन (कोवैक्सीन) एक भारत सरकार से प्रमाणित वैक्सीन है जिसका उद्देश्य हर व्यक्ति को COVID-19 से बचाना है. यह वैक्सीन भारत बायोटेक द्वारा विकसित की गई है, जो एक भारतीय बहुराष्ट्रीय जैव प्रौद्योगिकी कंपनी है, जिसका मुख्यालय हैदराबाद शहर में भारतीय चिकित्सा अनुसंधान परिषद – राष्ट्रीय वायरोलॉजी संस्थान के सहयोग से है. । इस लेख में, हम COVAXIN वैक्सीन की प्रभाव, कीमत, साइड इफेक्ट्स और खुराक के अंतर पर चर्चा करेंगे.

3 जनवरी, 2021 को, भारत के दवा नियामक प्राधिकरण, केंद्रीय औषधि मानक नियंत्रण संगठन ने आपातकालीन उपयोग के लिए वैक्सीन को मंजूरी दी और 3 नवंबर, 2021 को विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन (WHO) ने आपातकालीन उपयोग के लिए वैक्सीन को मान्य किया. आंकड़ों के अनुसार, COVAXIN वैक्सीन 78 प्रतिशत प्रभावशीलता दर के साथ दो खुराक वाली वैक्सीन है.

COVAXIN Vaccine Efficacy
COVAXIN Vaccine Efficacy

Dosage of COVAXIN Vaccine

COVAXIN vaccine was developed by Bharat Biotech, an Indian multinational biotechnology company headquartered in the city of Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research – National Institute of Virology. According to a public authority report on the effectiveness of the COVAXIN vaccine, the after-first-dose survival rate is greater than 70%. When two doses of the COVAXIN vaccine were given at this time, the effect rate jumped from 70% to 100%.

After careful research, the Indian Ministry of Health has decided to support it. As a result, the COVAXIN vaccination is safe to use. It entirely protects the body from any negative effects. The interval between the first and second doses of the COVAXIN vaccination should be 30–40 days in any case. 

COVAXIN Vaccine Side Effects 

After taking two doses of the COVAXIN vaccination, there are no harmful side effects. However, after the COVAXIN vaccine enters you body, you may experience some minor adverse effects. These manifestations will most likely take the shape of migraines, illness, bodily injury, joint pain, fragility, redness, and swelling at the vaccination sites, and while these manifestations are not very harmful, you will need to take medication to improve the outcome.

The COVAXIN vaccine was clinically backed by the research team and then confirmed by India’s Department of Health. Following its approval, the COVAXIN vaccine is now available to the general public. It is really convincing, and the immunization has no effect on the body. 

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Cost of COVAXIN 

In January, Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN was licensed for emergency usage. This coronavirus vaccine is made in India by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)- National Institute of Virology. For the government hospitals, COVAXIN costs Rs 600, and for private hospitals, it costs Rs 1200.

Efficacy of COVAXIN

According to the study, COVAXIN had 93.4 percent efficiency against severe COVID-19 sickness and a 77.8 percent overall vaccination efficacy against symptomatic illnesses validated by PCR testing. The percentage of people who had asymptomatic COVID-19 was 63.6 percent. The vaccine offered 65.2 percent protection against symptomatic infection with the Delta variant for at least two weeks after the second dose.

In a trial of 130 verified cases, COVAXIN was found to be 77.8% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 disease, with 24 cases in the vaccination group and 106 in the placebo group. It protects against asymptomatic COVID-19 by 63.6 percent, according to efficacy trials. COVAXIN has been demonstrated to be 93.4 percent effective against severe symptomatic COVID-19 disease.

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