Christmas Traditions: Who is Santa, why he decorates the Christmas Tree

Christmas Traditions: Who is Santa, why he decorates the Christmas tree: Christmas is the biggest festival of the Christian community, a symbol of happiness and enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated by the Christian community on 25 December as the birthday of Jesus Christ. There are many traditions and interesting things related to Christmas such as decorating the Christmas tree, distributing Santa’s gifts and sending cards. Why are these traditions and since when did they start, let’s know the special things about these traditions.

Christmas Traditions: Who is Santa, why he decorates the Christmas tree

Saint Nicholas Santa (Saint Nicholas Santa)

It is believed that Santa’s home resides at the North Pole and he rides on a car of flying reindeer. They were not like this before this modern form of Santa came into existence from the 19th century. Saint Nicholas, born one and a half thousand years ago today, is considered the real Santa and the father of Santa, although there is no direct connection between the birth of Saint Nicholas and Jesus, still Santa Claus is an important part of Christmas in today’s time. Christmas seems incomplete without them.

Saint Nicholas was born in Myra in the 3rd century, 280 years after the death of Jesus. He was from a noble family. His parents died when he was young. Since childhood, he had great faith in Lord Jesus. He grew up to become a Christian priest and later a bishop. He loved giving gifts to the needy and children. He often gave gifts to the needy and children. Saint Nicholas used to give his gifts only at midnight, as he did not like to be seen giving gifts. He did not want to reveal his identity to the people. For this reason the children were put to sleep early.

Christmas Traditions- Who is Santa, why he decorates the Christmas tree
Christmas Traditions

Christmas Tree – Xmas Tree History & Story

It is said that when the great man Jesus was born, he came to congratulate his parents. The gods decorated an evergreen fur with stars. It is believed that every year from that day onwards the evergreen fir tree is decorated as a ‘Christmas tree symbol’. The tradition of decorating it began in the middle of the tenth century in Germany and the first person to introduce it was an English apostle named Bonifence Tuyo.

In England, in 1841, Prince Pinto Albert decorated the Christmas tree at Winger Castle. He also erected an idol of a deity with outstretched arms on top of the tree, which was highly appreciated. The installation of the statue on the Christmas tree started from then on. After Pinto Albert, Martin Luther was also instrumental in bringing the Christmas tree from door to door. On his way back home on Christmas day, Luther looked at the sky and found that the stars twinkling above the trees looked very beautiful.

Martin Luther liked that scene of stars so much that to make that scene come true, he broke the branch of the tree and brought it home. Taking home, he decorated that branch with colorful foils, pieces of glass and other metal, candles etc. and described the breathtaking natural view of stars and trees to the members of the house. That decorated tree was liked by the members of the house so much that the tradition of decorating the tree every Christmas started in the house.

Christmas Tree – Xmas Tree History & Story
Christmas Tree – Xmas Tree History & Story

Tradition of Xmas Christmas Card

The first card was sent by William Engle in 1842, as it was the occasion of Christmas. That’s why it is considered the first Christmas card. The card is said to have had a picture of the royal family, people were shown wishing their friends the best of health and it read Merry Christmas to the friends of William Angle. This card was shown to Queen Victoria since it was a new thing at that time. Pleased with this, he asked his painter Dobson to make royal Christmas cards, and since then Christmas cards have started.


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