Christmas Day 2022: Why Christmas Day celebrated? Story of the Christmas Tree, History

Christmas Day 2022: Why Christmas Day celebrated? Story of the Christmas Tree, History: Christmas Day , also known as ‘Big Day’, is celebrated every year on 25 December. For this special day, people start decorating their homes, shops and offices, etc. long before. On this day, each other is congratulated on this day by feeding cakes in the houses and gifts are given. Christians go to church to pray and party with friends and family during night time. Why is the Christmas festival celebrated? Information about history, story etc. is being given in this post.

Why Christmas Day celebrated?

The festival of Christmas is celebrated in the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is considered the son of God. The name Christmas is also derived from Christ. It is believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God.

There is no information about the date of birth of Jesus in the Holy Scriptures, but it is believed that on December 25, Jesus Christ was born and because of this, this day is celebrated as Christmas. There has also been controversy regarding the date of birth of Jesus. But in 336 BC, in the time of the first Christian Roman emperor of the Romans, the first Christmas was celebrated on 25 December. A few years later, Pope Julius officially declared the birth of Jesus to be celebrated on 25 December.


Story of Christmas tree

The Christmas tree originated in northern Europe thousands of years ago. During that time this winter festival was celebrated by decorating a tree named ‘Fir’. Apart from this, people also used to decorate the branches of the cherry tree at the time of Christmas. Those who could not buy these plants used to celebrate Christmas by giving the shape of a pyramid to the wood. Gradually, the trend of Christmas tree started increasing everywhere, now everyone brings this tree to their home on the occasion of Christmas and decorates it with candy, chocolates, toys, lights, bells and gifts. This winter festival is celebrated by decorating a tree named ‘FIR’.


The festival of Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm in countries all over the world including India. On this day school, college and office holidays are declared even before the arrival of this festival abroad. On this day the market, house, office and other places shine with light. People celebrate Easter Eve on 24 December and party in homes on 25 December, which lasts for 12 days. Christmas starts from 25 December and runs till 5 January. In Europe, this festival is celebrated for 12 days.


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