Christmas Cake Recipe | Special Christmas Cake Recipe 2022

Christmas Cake Recipe | Special Christmas Cake Recipe: Today I will teach you to make Christmas Cake Recipe on the occasion of Christmas Day. Friends, Christmas festival is very near, so first of all I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

On hearing the word Christmas, the word party comes to our mind and there will be singing, dancing, food and water in the party. And when we have already talked about food, then let me tell you that on Christmas day, people of Christianity definitely eat cake in their homes.

Let’s eat this Christmas cake by reading my Best Christmas Cake Recipe in Hindi Font in your own homes. Do you know that cakes are loved by everyone from kids to adults, and if it comes to Christmas cake recipes, who will deny it? Christmas Cake is one such dish that you can easily find in almost every restaurant around the Christmas season! But imagine how great it would be if you made an equally delicious, restaurant style Christmas cake at home, and you would get a little compliment as well.

Christmas Cake Recipe

Perhaps for some time, for you as well as for me, cake means either what you will get to eat at someone’s birthday party or in some function, because it is always in the menu. But when I saw a video of Christmas Cake today, I thought why not update such a recipe for the visitors of my site.

Friends, I am sure that after reading this article completely, whenever the idea of ​​eating cake comes in your mind, then you can make and eat tasty cake at home in no time. So let us now note down the method of making Christmas cake and definitely try it this weekend. I hope you will definitely like the recipe of Christmas Cake.

Do you know that eating cake on the festive day of Christmas i.e. 25th December has its own importance. On this happy occasion, many people wish that they also make Christmas cake at their home. But due to lack of information, they have to put an end to their desire. So you do not end your desire, for that you will be able to make delicious cake by following the necessary ingredients and method given below.

Christmas Cake Recipe
Christmas Cake Recipe

Ingredients for Christmas Cake Recipe 

All purpose flour: 250 grams (2 cups)
Dry Aloo Bukhara: 200 grams
Raisins : 200 grams
Walnuts : 100 grams
Butter: 1 cup (200 grams) (salted)
Condensed milk: cup (300 grams)
Jaggery powder: cup (100 grams)
Plain Khad : cup
Tutti Frutti: 50 grams
Glazed cherries: 8 to 10
Peeled almonds : 15-20
Orange zest: 1 tsp
Lemon Zest: 1 tsp
Small cardamom: 6 to 7
Cinnamon : inch piece
Cloves : 2
Nutmeg: 2-3 pinch
black pepper 5
Baking Powder: 2 tsp
Vanilla Essence: 1 tsp
Milk : cup

Quick and Easy Christmas Cake Recipes

Step 1. To make a delicious Christmas cake, first you have to remove the seeds from the potato bukhara and cut it into small pieces.

Step 2. After that peel small cardamom and make powder by grinding it with all the spices.

Step 3. Now peel the orange and lemon and prepare the gist.

Step 4. Now we have to bake the cake, for that you take a container, whatever shape your container is, cut butter paper of the same shape and spread it, then grease all the sides of the container by applying butter.

Step 5. Now take all purpose flour and baking powder and sieve them through a sieve so that they mix well.

Step 6. Now you have to prepare the butter well, keep beating the mixture till it becomes floppy.

Step 7. If you want, you can also add condensed milk and beat it well, this will make butter soft and soft.

Step 8. Now add refined flour to the same mixture and mix it well.

Step 9. Now add the powder of gist and spices and mix, add walnuts, raisins, chopped plums, tutti frutti and mix.

Step 10. Now whatever flavor of cake you want to make. I am making this of vanilla, so you add a small spoon of vanilla essence and mix it.

Step 11. If your mixture is too thick, then add milk and mix it, now your cake batter is ready.

Step 12. Now put the mixture in the container and spread it evenly, if you want, you can decorate by applying almonds on top of the mixture.

Step 13. You preheat the oven to 180 degrees. From. But preheat it, then place the container containing the cake mix on a mesh stand and let the cake rise at 180 degrees. From. But bake it for 35 minutes.

Step 14. Your Christmas cake is ready to be made at home, check the cake, if the cake has turned golden brown then it is fine otherwise bake it again.

Step 15. Your cake is baked, now take out the cake from the oven and let it cool down.

Tips >>>> To check the cake, put a knife or any steel thin road inside the cake, if it comes out clean then the cake is completely baked.

If the mixture is sticking to the road and coming out. So friends, its meaning is very clear. So it means then the cake is not fully baked, the cake needs to be baked more.  When the cake cools down, separate it from the edge of the container with the help of a knife and take out the cake and keep it on a plate.

Quick Christmas Cake Recipe at Home

  • If you want, you can cut glazed cherries on the cake and apply it, it makes the cake look more beautiful.
  • Serve the cake after it cools down, and keep the remaining cake in a container.
  • If you want, you can keep the Christmas cake in the fridge and eat it for 1 month.
  • Christmas Cake – Best Christmas Cake Recipe Ever in Hindi Language (Tips)
  • If you are not taking salted butter, then put 1 pinch of salt in it!
  • For Christmas cake, instead of dry plums, dry apricot or dry black grapes, whichever you like, can also be used.
  • You can take jaggery or brown sugar or powdered sugar.
  • Glazed cherries, colorful jams or candy can be used to keep the cake on top.
  • If you want to make the cake by adding egg, then mix 4 eggs while beating the butter and beat it well.
  • Baking time is also different in different ovens, so you can increase the time to bake the cake according to you, bake the cake only till golden brown on top.
  • Now your Christmas cake is ready! Hope you have liked our Best Christmas Cake Recipe.

You must make it in your homes on the occasion of this Christmas and eat it by sharing it with all the family members. How did you like this recipe, do tell us by commenting, and do share this recipe with your loved ones on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.


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