China Covid-19 update: WHO expresses concern about Covid

China Covid-19 update – The novel coronavirus, officially named Covid-19, the first outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei, China has become a serious global health threat. The Chinese government has been criticized for handling the outbreak, with some accusing the government of downplaying the severity of the virus and not doing enough to contain its spread. Due to this the outbreak of the virus is causing a serious threat to the world yet again.

China is again facing a resurgence of Covid-19, with the situation rapidly deteriorating with total cases of 1903956 and deaths of about 5242. The main reason for the spike in cases is due to people flouting the rules and regulations to prevent the virus’s spread.

It is estimated that if the current trend continues, more than 60% of China’s population could be infected within the next 3 months. In terms of global cases, this could mean that 10% of the world’s population is affected by China’s Covid-19.

China COVID-19 Update

There’s been a surge in cases China COVID recently because the Chinese government has relaxed its rules around the disease by implementing a zero COVID-19 policy. According to the sources, around 200 bodies per day have been cremated, and have had to work from early morning till late at night. Other people in the country have also started getting infected due to the increase in cases, and the owner of the funeral venue says that it is getting very difficult to cope with the demand.

Feigl-Ding reports that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aims to ” let whoever needs to be infected get infected; and whoever needs to die, die.” This allows for an early infection peak, hopefully leading to an early resume of production. On Sunday, the provincial government of China’s Zhejiang stated that they are battling against around a million new daily COVID-19 infections, which is expected to rise in the coming days. Zhejiang is a large province near Shanghai renowned for its many industries.

To keep track of coronavirus mutations, Chinese authorities have submitted 25 new genetic samples to GISAID, a global database of coronavirus sequences. Over the past month, samples were taken from Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and Guangzhou. By sharing these sequences with scientists worldwide, authorities hope to understand better how the virus is changing and what impact these changes could have on the global pandemic.

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There is not much danger to India from the increasing cases of Covid-19 because all the citizens in India have been vaccinated against the disease. Moreover, the efficacy rate of Indian vaccines is quite high than Chinese vaccines. Also, the Indian government has completed three vaccinations, and most of the population now has immunity against Covid-19. This means there is no longer any danger from the virus in India as before.

India sees an uptick in new coronavirus cases, with196 new infections, while the active cases rose to 3,428, per the Union Health Ministry data from Monday.

China COVID 19 Update
China COVID 19 Update

Travel Advice on China COVID-19

Dr. Upadhyay believes that the recent surge in coronavirus cases in China is due to the lifting of strict restrictions that were in place. He says the system ran smoothly with a “zero Covid-19” policy, which relied on isolation to contain the virus.

According to Corona Virus- China Travel Advice, 38% of the population has been vaccinated, but only 10% of those over 65 have received the vaccine. According to the Chinese Ministry of Health, the cases are doubling in less than one day.

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