Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023 – Lightfoot Lost!, Latest Updates

Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023: As per the Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023 Lori Lightfoot, the city’s mayor has lost her re-election bid. The results were announced on 1st march 2023 and all the voters were looking forward to the news. Now that she is out of the race, the other two bidders will complete in the next round. The run-off ballot between the contestants of the Chicago Mayor Election will be on 4th April 2023. Until that day comes, we are here to share all the details on what to expect as we bid a sad farewell to Lori in this article.

Lori is kind of a legend here in Chicago, and the people were not expecting her to lose in any manner. She was the first black mayor and being a woman, it was a big step for the state. While the voters showed that they have moved passed all norms of passed and backward thinking with her selection, her work was not impressive as the election kind of created a statement for her.

Lori was the first openly gay mayor of Chicago too and she might have had a short-lived tenure as mayor, but she will always be remembered. Through this article let us take you into the interesting world of the Chicago Mayor Election 2023 and what is in store for all the voters next!

Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023

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Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023 Overview

Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023 Overview

Name Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023
Category Mayor Election 2023
State Chicago
Date of Election 4th April 2023
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Chicago Mayor Election Results

Lori was considered extremely powerful when she won the expectations and in fact, the people were cheering for her to make a huge difference in the state with her progressive thoughts and new techniques. Unfortunately, she was extremely criticized for her decisions by the end of the term. She had planned to renew her term in 2023 but the people had other plans.

Lori was then reconsidered by the people since she was seen as someone who had a better understanding than of running the state. Yet due to reasons like covid, strikes, and increasing crime rate, the people had to make a final choice that went against her!

Candidate Name Votes Percentage
Paul Vallas 172,093 33.8%
Brandon Johnson 103,387 20.3%
Lori Lightfoot 86,952 17.1%
Other candidates 147,124 28.9%

The election process is extremely long-lasting and now that the people have finally reached the final stage the decision will have a very interesting outcome. Out of the 9 competing candidates, two are left now, and Lori has also been voted out.

Top Issues in the Chicago Mayor Election 2023

Follow are the key highlighted issues that need to be addressed as per the Chicago Mayor Elections 2023

  1. Safety: The is not considered a very safe place to live anymore. The crimes have been rising and there are many acts of violence including affairs that are against the government or the office of the mayor.
  2. Petty Crimes: Crimes like murder might have seen a decrease in numbers but the crimes like robberies have become so common that people would rather not take a walk at night on the streets. This is an issue for the Mayor to review
  3. Increased Costs: Recession has made its way into the US and while the public knows this problem will take its time they expect the lawmakers and checkers to do the best they can to curb it.

Chicago – Lightfoot Loses Re-Election Bid

As per the rules of the mayoral elections in the US, the elections are done through multiple rounds. The mayor since 2019 in the state was Lori Lightfoot. She was a remarkable woman but her tenure happened during covid, the recession, and many movements which were making rounds in the country! Keeping all these aside, the crime rates also increased.

As per the 2023 elections, Lori reached the top three rank and was later fired from the position. This was rather disappointing and her loss was not anticipated to some extent by the people who voted for her.

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Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson will not compete for the standoff round of the Chicago Mayor Election on 4th April 2023. This is going to be round worth watching and we are also very excited to see how either of these perform as their main pitch was putting Lori down and blaming her for the various problems in the state at the moment.

Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023
Chicago Mayor Election Results 2023

Chicago Mayor February Elections 2023

Paul has led the race in the February round of Mayor Elections in Chicago and there is a strong chance that this gentleman will be the next Mayor of the state. Currently, the state is all over the place discussing who is next and what the next Mayor brings to the table.

Paul has been the chief of the schools association in Chicago and was once a teacher himself. He has always shown love towards the kids and gives a very happy image in general. However, we cannot be sure of his win as Brandon is just around the corner. he was a cook country commissioner and has a great relationship with the people of the state. Let us see what is in store for the applicants and how they managed to score on 4th April. Until this is the time for them to make the most of everything and get a hold of the people!

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