California Property Tax Calculator 2023: Los Angeles, Orlando, San Diego Property Taxes,May 2023

California Property Tax Calculator: Read this post by PM News to know about California Property Tax Calculator. Overall property taxes in California are lower than the national average. Compared to the national average, which is 0.99%, California’s average effective property tax rate is 0.71%. May 2023 Property Tax Rates in California. 

California Property Taxes

Proposition 13, a statute that California voters enacted in 1978, sets a cap on property taxes in the state. Two significant aspects of the law. First, it caps annual general property taxes at 1% of the market value of a property (excluding taxes collected for special uses). Additionally, it caps annual growth in assessed value at 2%. Because of these two laws, the state of California’s property taxes is consistently lower than the national average, which lowers your costs. California has a strong property tax rate of 0.71% on average. This is a good comparison to the current 0.99% national average. 

How Property Taxes in California Work

In California, the cost of the property is used to determine how much to charge in property taxes. Hence, the assessed value of a home is equal to the asking price. The assessed value then increases yearly in line with the rate of inflation, which is determined by the variation in the California Consumer Price Index. Just keep in mind that these increases are limited to 2%. 

As a result, for homeowners who have lived in their property for a considerable amount of time, the assessed value is frequently less than the market value. Homeowners in cities like San Francisco and San Jose that have seen tremendous price growth in recent years may attest to the same. 

The principal house of a homeowner in California is eligible for a $7,000 exemption. As a result, the assessed value is decreased by $7,000, saving you at least $70 annually. This exemption can only be used once, so it’s crucial to submit your claim as soon as you make your purchase. 

If you’re thinking about taking out a mortgage to buy a house in California, you should read our guide on mortgage rates and obtaining a mortgage in the Golden State. 

In California, homeowners are eligible for a $7,000 exemption on their primary dwelling. It’s crucial to file your claim for this exemption as soon as possible after making your purchase even if you only need to do it once. 

You can better comprehend how homeownership fits into your larger financial objectives with the aid of a financial counselor. Get going right away if you’re prepared to hire a financial advisor who can assist you in reaching your objectives. 

California Property Tax Rates

Assessed values are used to calculate California Property Tax. One percent of the assessed value is the general California Property Tax that each county collects. There are other lesser taxes that differ by city and district, but this one is the biggest. 

Both “Mello-Roos” taxes and California Property Tax approved by the electorate for certain initiatives or goals are frequent. Property owners decide on Mello-Roos taxes, which are used to fund services, infrastructure, and other upgrades for special districts. 

A decent rule of thumb for California homebuyers looking to calculate their anticipated California Property Tax bill is to multiply the price of their new home by 1.25%. This includes both the 1% base rate and any additional California Property Taxes, which are typically around 0.25 percent. 

The table below shows the median yearly property tax payments, median home values, and effective property tax rates for each county in California. Although nominal tax rates in California are always at least 1%, effective tax rates—the amount of taxes paid relative to market value—are regularly less than 1% since the assessed value is so frequently less than market value. 

County  Median Home Value  Property Tax Payment  Average Tax Rate 
Solano County  $437,900  $4,064  0.93% 
Marin County  $1,053,600  $10,000  0.95% 
Lassen County  $207,800  $1,551  0.75% 
Santa Clara County  $1,061,900  $9,059  0.85% 
Glenn County  $242,200  $1,800  0.74% 
Colusa County  $274,100  $1,899  0.69% 
San Diego County  $595,600  $5,197  0.87% 
Kings County  $227,400  $1,968  0.87% 
Merced County  $268,800  $2,216  0.82% 
Santa Barbara County  $610,300  $4,562  0.75% 
Sutter County  $306,000  $2,789  0.91% 
Calaveras County  $340,000  $2,635  0.78% 
Inyo County  $258,200  $1,978  0.77% 
Sacramento County  $373,000  $3,473  0.93% 
Santa Cruz County  $787,000  $5,994  0.76% 
Mono County  $385,500  $2,657  0.69% 
Plumas County  $259,300  $1,854  0.72% 
Napa County  $666,900  $5,414  0.81% 
Amador County  $329,300  $2,306  0.70% 
San Joaquin County  $367,900  $3,589  0.98% 
Del Norte County  $227,500  $1,499  0.66% 
Butte County  $304,700  $2,496  0.82% 
Tuolumne County  $314,300  $2,270  0.72% 
Sierra County  $229,400  $1,956  0.85% 
Shasta County  $261,000  $2,226  0.85% 
Mendocino County  $388,500  $3,076  0.79% 
Kern County  $226,600  $2,784  1.23% 
San Luis Obispo County  $605,200  $4,830  0.80% 
Alameda County  $825,300  $7,287  0.88% 

Los Angeles

In both California and the entire country, Los Angeles County has the highest population. The average homeowner in Los Angeles County spends $5,073 in property taxes each year. Homeowners in various cities and districts additionally pay local rates on top of the countywide 0.82% tax rate. 

County of San Diego

In comparison to the national average, San Diego County’s average effective property tax rate is much lower at 0.87%. New homeowners might anticipate paying higher rates than that, though, as assessed values increase to the purchase price when a home is sold. 

Orlando County

Orange County in southern California’s property tax burden for homeowners is $5,588 annually. One of the largest sums in the state, it is almost two times the national median. Because house values are high, Orange County’s overall taxes are high. $703,800 is the median home value in the county. 

Orange County, California

In Orange County in southern California, the average yearly property tax paid by homeowners is $5,588. That is one of the largest sums in the state and is almost two times the national median. The high home values in Orange County are a major factor in the county’s high total taxes. The median cost of a home in the county is $703,800. 

Riverside County

In the state, Riverside County has one of the highest average effective property tax rates at 1.04%. Although that is the average county homeowner’s rate, a new homeowner may not pay that amount because assessed values rise to the price of the home you buy. 

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For comparison, the average home in Riverside County is worth $368,100, and the average yearly property tax payment is $3,827. In Riverside County, homeowners should expect to pay an additional 1% on top of the amount of locally approved rates because assessed values rise (or fall) to match the price of a home when it is sold or acquired. 

San Bernardino County

One of the most populous counties in California is San Bernardino County. Its size makes it the biggest county in the nation. In actuality, it has a land size of 20,057 square miles, which makes it somewhat bigger than the entire nation of Costa Rica. In San Bernardino County, the effective average property tax rate is 0.90 percent. 

Santa Clara County

With $1,061,900, Santa Clara County’s median house value is one of the highest in the country. Despite Santa Clara County’s property tax rates being close to the state average, homeowners there nonetheless pay fairly large annual property tax bills as a result of these high home prices. In Santa Clara County, the average annual property tax payment is $9,059. 

Alameda County

The cities of Oakland, Berkeley, and Fremont are among those found in Alameda County, which is situated on the San Francisco Bay’s eastern side. The county’s property tax rate is 0.88%. In this county, the assessed value. Which is equal to the sales price of recently bought homes and is subject to tax rates at the city level. 

Sacramento County

There are little over 1.5 million people living in Sacramento County, which is in northern California. The California state capital is also located there. The county’s 0.93% effective average property tax rate. A home worth $200,000 would have $1,860 in total property taxes due at such a rate. 

Contra Costa County

In Contra Costa County in the Bay Area, the median annual property tax paid by homeowners is $6,254. 

California Property Tax
California Property Tax

Fresno County

In Fresno County, the median home value is $271,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As a result, although Fresno County’s property tax rates are comparable to those in the rest of the state, the amount actually paid in property taxes is far less. In Fresno County, the median yearly property tax payment is $2,519. This is more than $2,000 less than the norm in the state.

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