Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date in India, Dev, Cast, Budget Story & More

Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date in India, Dev, Cast, Budget Storylines, and more details will be shared with you in this post. Brahmastra part one has made almost 400 crores in just three weeks! Ranbir, the lead actor, had not appeared in a movie for over four years while filming Brahmastra. He worked hard to prepare for the role of Shiva, according to reports. Ayan Mukherji directed the movie and wrote the script with Hussain Dalal. Let us now discuss Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date in India and we will tell you more details about this too.

Brahmastra Part 2 Quick Overview

Movie Name Brahmastra Part 2
Director Ayan Mukerji
Producer(s) Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar
Writer(s) Ayan Mukerji
Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Mouni Roy, and others
Music Pritam
Cinematography V Manikandan
Production Company Dharma Productions
Category Entertainment
Budget 450-500 crores INR
Release Date September 2026 (Expected)
Platform Theatres

Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date (Dev)

Fans of the movie Brahmastra are sharing their own ideas online about how the story will continue and who will play the character of Dev. Some popular names that people suggest for the role of Dev include Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, and Ranbir Kapoor. Ayan, who is the director of the movie, shared that Brahmastra Part 2 Dev will take place in the past and present. He said I can give you a hint about Dev. We want to make it clear where the story is heading. We’re now exploring the villain’s plan.

If you can solve the clues, you’ll get a sneak peek into what will happen in Part 2. Recently, Ayan Mukerji announced the release date and some exciting story details about the second part of the movie. It took almost 5 years to create the first part, while the second part may only take 3 years. So, we can expect Brahmastra Part 2 to be released in 2026.

The director of Brahmastra Ayan Mukerji, has announced the sequel’s release date and some story information. According to Ayan in 2018, the third part of the trilogy will take ten years to make. According to the most recent news shared by Ayan with the media, they are planning to release Brahmastra Part 2 in September 2026.

Brahmastra Part 2 Dev Cast

The second part of Brahmastra has a lot of famous actors who are playing important roles. The main character, Shiva, is played by Ranbir Kapoor. Shiva is an orphan and just joined the Brahmansh. He has the power of the Agniastra, which is the astra of fire. In the movie, Shiva is Isha’s boyfriend, and when he was a baby, Nivaan Gupta played his character.

Actor Character
Ranbir Kapoor Shiva, a member of Brahmansh
Nivaan Gupta Young Shiva
Amitabh Bachchan Raghu
Alia Bhatt Isha Chatterjee
Mouni Roy Junoon
Nagarjuna Akkineni Anish Shetty
Stanzin Delek Tensing
Gurfateh Pirzada Sher
Lehar Khan Raveena
Aditi Joshi Rani
Markand Soni Santha
Saurav Gurjar Zor

Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Raghu, who is the leader and teacher of the Brahmansh. He has the Prabhastra and plays a very important role in the movie. Alia Bhatt plays Isha Chatterjee, who is from London and is Shiva’s girlfriend. Her character is unique and adds an interesting aspect to the movie. Her chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor is sure to keep the audiences entertained. Mouni Roy plays Junoon, who is Dev’s assistant. Junoon wants to bring back the Brahmastra and free Dev. Nagarjuna Akkineni plays Anish Shetty, who is an artist and archaeologist. He is also a member of the Brahmansh and has the Nandi Astra.

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Brahmastra Part 2 Storylines (Plot)

In part one, there is a powerful weapon called the Brahmastra that has the ability to destroy the world. To protect the world from its powers, a group of sages in ancient India formed a secret society called the Brahmansh, and they used their respective celestial weapons called Astras to tame the unstable Brahmastra.

Shiva and Isha get to know that an evil named Dev is trying to obtain the Brahmastra to gain immortality. Shiva who discovers that he possesses the Agniastra, joins forces with Isha and the Brahmans to protect the world from Dev and his army. The Brahmastra is missing a third piece, which can only be found by someone who possesses the Agniastra. Shiva realizes that he is the one who possesses it and is the key to completing the Brahmastra.

In the final battle, Shiva uses the Brahmastra to defeat Dev but discovers that he has destroyed the world. Raghu reveals that Shiva has only destroyed the illusion of the world, and the true world is still intact. The movie ends with Shiva and Isha leaving to find the missing pieces of the Brahmastra with a hint of a sequel to come. In Brahmastra Part 2, the Guru can be seen as the main villain.

Brahmastra Part 2 Latest Updates

The latest news on Brahmastra Part 2 says that the villain Dev will cause more trouble in the universe. The director Ayan Mukerji gave some hints about what the villain is planning and where the story will go. If you can figure out the clues, you might get an idea of what will happen in the movie.

The good news is that Ayan Mukerji has announced the release date for Brahmastra Part 2, which will be in 2026. The first part of the movie took almost five years to create, but the second part might only take three years. Ayan also said that the third part of the trilogy will take ten years to make.

Brahmastra Part 2 OTT Release Date and OTT Platform

Brahmastra Part 2 will first be released in theatres before it becomes available on an official OTT platform. However, there hasn’t been any official update on which OTT platform will be hosting the movie. After it’s shown in theatres, the movie will eventually be available on a popular OTT app. You’ll receive an official announcement once the rights for the movie’s OTT platform are confirmed.

Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date
Brahmastra Part 2 Release Date

Where to Watch Brahmastra Part 2 Online?

If you’re wondering where you can watch Brahmastra Part 2 online, it will be available on a streaming platform after it comes out in theatres. You can watch it comfortably at home without worrying about ticket availability. You’ll also be able to choose the video quality that suits your device and internet connection, from 360p to 4K.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brahmastra Part 2

When will Brahmastra Part 2 Release?

Brahmastra Part 2 is set to release in September 2026.

What is the Budget of Brahmastra Part 2?

The budget would be 450-500 Crores of Brahmastra Part 2.

Who are the main cast in Brahmastra Part 2?

The main cast of Brahmastra Part 2 includes Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni, etc.

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