Book High Security Number HSRP Plate Online Registration and Order 2023

Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate: Number plates being stolen these days have so many negative consequences and at the same time, so many people face this issue. Those who apply for the number plates try to make sure that they usually add a guard and keep it safe. Even then there are chances of a mishap which cannot be ignored. The Parivhan Vibhag of India has issued a notification to provide high-security number plates. This facility will be available for all users all over the country. We share special details on how to Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate Online.

The number plate will replicate and replace your current plate and help you stay secure. The HSRP Number Plate will be installed in a manner that you will not need to worry about your number plate being stolen. Make sure you keep a check on the details and follow the step to apply below. Just keep track of the HSRP Plat once you get a chance to apply for the same. The HSRP Update Notification was released recently, the people who can apply will need to follow up on a timeline to check the details. Every minor detail on this portal is kept in check through the link of your own state.

Every state thus will have a separate portal for the update and you can check in the article as to your portal for the application. We will share all these details in the article below and worry not the process to apply is also simplified for you so don’t have to read the notification shared by the authorities.

Keep reading and then Book High-Security Number HSRP Number Plate soon!

Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate

While many people do not understand the consequences of losing your number plate we can break it down for you. The number plate of your car is registered to the person who owns the car. Thus all the details of your vehicle along with the details of the person associated are provided inside that number plate. This basically means that for those who steal your plat no matter where they go in India, the data will always be yours and no one else’s. The black market for stolen number plates has become so big in India since the number plates are very easy to remove and take out.

HSRP Plates are equipped with special technology and a locking system. These systems have not been the base of the thieves to crack and there is a strong chance that they will not be able to remove it from your car. Thus, once you have an HSRP plate the chances of facing this reduces many a time. This is why the department has taken such a measure to get all the number plates in India changed which is also free of cost. This requirement is for the safety of the car owners and to reduce crime which is done through these number plates. Just make sure that you check all the details without error.

In the overview box below we have shared all the relevant details and links which can provide access to you for all the quick details.

Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate Overview

Name Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate
Category Daily Updates
Official Site Link
Last Date None yet, apply now
Application Fee Based on the vehicle as shared in the article
Department Parivhan Vibhagh

Book HSRP Plate in All States

Every state will have its own respective HSRP booking portal. There is no one portal that can answer the requirements of each person and there is no end to this issue. Check which portal is important for your state and then simply open the same online. Be extra careful with how you choose to make this application and if the portal is actually for your state.

State  Site to Apply 
Delhi Book My HSRP
Maharashtra Maharashtra Transport Department
Karnataka Karnataka Transport Department
Telangana Link AutoTech
Haryana Link Utsav

Different between HSRP Number and Normal Number Plate

Those who are wondering what is the point of taking the extra pain to make this submission well let us tell you that there is a stark difference between the two number plates. It will not only protect your vehicle from being stolen but it will also protect you against any crimes which are done using your number plate on another stolen car. Thus, see in the box below as we differentiate between the two number plates.

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High-Security Registration Plate Normal Number Plate 
Color-coded sticker is attached to show the type of fuel No color-coded sticker is attached
Styles and fonts are the same Styles and fonts may vary
The PIN that is on the HSRP is laser encoded Does not come with a PIN
The Ashoka Chakra is present on the plate No Ashoka Chakra is present on the plate

Eligibility to book HSRP Plate

  1. There is no limitation on which number plate you have chosen to book based on your car
  2. If you have two-wheelers or a four wheeler you can book an HSRP number plate
  3. Also, note that all the taxi vehicles will also need to have an HSRP number plate on the front
  4. Thus all commercial and private vehicles are welcome to apply for an HSRP number plate
  5. While the notification was released recently and the number plates will take time to be delivered, the last date will be announced by the department once they feel only a few are lagging behind for an application

Benefits of Booking HSRP Number Plate

  1. Enhanced number plate security to avoid thieves and anyone who tries to harm your number plate
  2. HSRP Plate will have an Ashok Chakra representing India’s citizens on the same, so if you plan to move the car to another country this will be helpful
  3. Also, the PIN is laser coded protecting it from being used by anyone who tries to
  4. New and developed technology
Book High Security Number HSRP Plate
Book High-Security Number HSRP Plate

How to Book HSRP Number Plate

Visit the official website at the portal and click on the option to apply for an HSRP number plate on the homepage. Enter your vehicle number and your details will be visible on your screen. If your car is new you can enter the details as required. Now click on Apply for HSRP number plate through this page. Once applied you can log in back and track the updates.

Official Website

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