Blacklist Season 10 Release Date, Cast, Story Line, Where to Watch

Blacklist season 10 Release Date: Blacklist is an American crime thriller series it premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013. It is also available on Netflix. Now there have been nine seasons of the show and the 10th season of the show is now about to come. The fans loved the previous seasons and they are desperately waiting for the Blacklist season 10 Release Date. Worry not guys we have all the details you need on the show and everything that covers.

The air date of the 10th season has been confirmed now. In this post, we will tell you all about Blacklist season 10, Release date, episode list, and cast. So, if you are a fan of this television series, stay tuned with us as we will provide you with all the updates about the latest season. Our insiders have worked hard getting all the exclusive deets on the cast, plot, OTT and everything more as this one article is not here to disappoint.

Blacklist season 10 Release Date

The 10th season will start where the 9th season left off. The show will have a small time jump and we all love time jumps when it comes to a good storyline and a more mysterious approach. It picks up six months ahead in the show and Wujing has escaped from custody. We love a little extra show when it comes to taking us ahead up till season 10 and still keeping us hooked like anything. This one show has always caught the catch of the audience there is no other reason why the show has the capacity to reach the 10th season.

Blacklist season 10 Release Date Overview

Not to forget this is the last time the show will air and the 10th season will be the final season. Of course, we love the show and we would want it to keep going but we also understand why the show needs to end at this point there is no seeing a future now. The show has been very true to us and while we can always expect more prequels and shows unfolding from the same arena, there is a chance this one will not be saying for that long after all. This is alright cause we do have some good news awaiting ahead in this article.

Blacklist season 10 Release Date Overview
Category Entertainment
Name of the series Blacklist Season 10
Produced by Davis entertainment, Universal Television, and Sony Pictures Television
Country of Origin United States
Season 10 release date 26 February 2023
Available on NBC

Blacklist season 10 Date

The good news is that the release date of season 10 has been confirmed. Season 10 will release on February 26 on NBC. Since the release date has been confirmed the fans are going crazy. Everyone is anticipating that this season will be more entertaining and worth watching. We will provide all the details of the series as and when they are available.

Blacklist season 10 Cast

The cast of the show is superbly talented and they have actually done a great job. In this season you will continue seeing Diego Klattenhoff, James Spader, Harry Lennix, John Eisendrath and Hisham Tawfiq. While the role of Saya Malik is still blank and a new cast member will get that role. But sadly two major cast members who won’t be returning for season 10 are Amir Arison and Laura Sohn.

Blacklist season 10 Story Line

According to the experts, season 10 is going to surprise the audience and they are going to love it. In order to understand the season 10 storyline we need to the season 9’s end. Season 9 ended in such a way that it left the audience speculating about what can be the plot of Blacklist season 10. The storyline of this latest season is still a secret.

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In season 9, towards the end, we discovered that Red’s advisor Marvin Gerard was the one responsible for the death of Elizabeth. When Marvin was in prison, he crossed paths with Wujing and he told him that he was caught because Red and the FBI were working together. Now, Wujing wants to seek revenge on Red and he is out with other Balcklisters to eliminate him. In season 10, Red’s search for revenge comes to an end.

Blacklist season 10 OTT

The ninth season of the show is airing on NBC. Right now, it is unknown whether it will get a tenth-season order of broadcast. People who are fans of crime genres have a significant interest in watching these kinds of series. This season is going to be the last season of the show. We will provide you with all the details regarding where you can watch the season.

While we all know the show is an NBC original and the show is a crazy ride and all the viewers love a little extra effort at the front for the audience, we have never loved a show this much. And obviously, NBC has done their hard work in making the show last. So we are sure the next season will be up on NBC.

Blacklist season 10 What Next

Now that the show is ending you all think about what is next in store for the audience, well a lot is in store. There are going to be spin-offs and prequels in the works. As we know that you all have invested so much time in the last 9 seasons and are waiting for the 10th to start soon, there has been a connection between the fans and characters.

Blacklist Season 10 Release Date
Blacklist Season 10 Release Date

This is why we know that the show now going to end but only in terms of this storyline. There is also a chance that the spin-off will be announced as the show is streaming in the coming months. The cast for the other shows planned is already in the works and the filming might begin by the end of the 10th season.

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