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Big Boss Marathi Season 4: The Marathi version of the very popular Hindi show Big Boss is making rounds in the news these days. The fans always love their favorite celebrities who are locked in a house with each and many challenges are faced. Fans have laughed, cried, and danced with these people, and over the course of three to four months, they get attached. This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Big Boss Marathi Season 4 including evictions, voting, results, and details on the contestants.

Big Boss Marathi Season 4

The new season of Big Boss Marathi was started on 1st October and starts at the same time as the Hindi Big Boss. It was interesting how the Marathi version of Big Boss also gained instant popularity and became a fan favorite for the Marathi audience. This show is based on the Hindi Version of Big Boss which is based on the UK show ‘Big Brother’. The concept started in India over 11 years ago and still keeps the audience waiting for the next season.

Big Boss Marathi Season 4 Overview

Big Boss Marathi Season 4 Overview
Show name Big Boss Marathi
OTT Platform Voot
Category Entertainment
Country India
Aired on 2nd October

Big Boss Marathi Voting

Voting can be done by three platforms mainly. Firstly, you can send an SMS to vote for your favorite contestants. You can further try and vote through the Voot App. The viewers can only vote for the nominated contestants and mostly the name is shared multiple times in the show as the show is shared on the screen. The show is very interesting and based on the ups and downs the viewers choose who to vote for. Now that the show is coming closer to the finale it is important to vote timely and always for your favorites.

Based on fan voting, there is always a contestant being released from the house. There are many who come out in favor of the nominated ones and the whole process of voting is an absolute politics that fans love to watch. Some days the voting is closed since the show makers plan another twist with contestants don’t know about. The contestants are always trying to keep the audience happy by creating more drama and entertainment as the audience will decide their future in the show.

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Big Boss Marathi – Latest Eviction

Prasad Jawde was the name of the recently elected contestant in the Big Boss Marathi Season 4. The host, Mahesh Manjrekar who is a very popular Marathi actor and is loved by fans, announced the release of this contestant. It did come as a shock to some and the supporters as well as non-supporters came to Twitter to share their views on this new twist. The show is now very close to ending and the contestants are very tense as to what will be next in line to leave. Let us hope the best man wins.

Big Boss Marathi Season 4 – Top Contestants

The newest season of Big Boss Marathi is packed with celebrities and the fans could not decide how to support just one. This season is giving good competition to the Hindi Big Boss which is currently taking place with the timeline. Some of the popular contestants of the Big Boss Marathi Season 4 included Amruta Dhongade, Kiran, Apurva Nemlekar, Rakhi Sawant, and Akshay Kelkar. According to polls, Akshay Kelkar is on his way to making history as this year’s contestant.

Big Boss Marathi Season 4
Big Boss Marathi Season 4

Big Boss Marathi 4 FAQs

Where can I vote for Big Boss Marathi Season 4?

You can vote on the Voot app or via SMS for Big Boss Marathi Season 4

Who is the host of Big Boss Marathi Season 4?

Mahesh Manjrekar is the host of Big Boss Marathi Season 4

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