Bhediya 2 Release Date, Cast, Storylines, Updates, When Will It Release?

Bhediya 2 Release Date, Cast, Storylines, Updates, when will it release and more questions will be answered today in this post. Bhediya was a big hit in theatres and was directed by Dinesh Vijan and now they are planning to drop the second season of Bhediya which is of Horror comedy universe. Other movies like Stree 2 are part of this universe. Let us now discuss the Bhediya 2 Release Date and we will tell you more details about this too.

Bhediya 2 Release Date Update

In the event, the cast of Stree 2 Rajkummar Rao, Shraddha, and Pankaj came together on stage. They announced that Stree 2 will be released on August 31, 2024. They talked about their previous encounter with the mysterious character Stree and expressed their hopes that she won’t come back. But Shraddha Kapoor made a spooky comeback reminding everyone that she plays the character and is ready to scare Rajkumar Rao’s character Vicky.

In addition to Stree 2, Varun Dhawan also had exciting news to share. He revealed that he will be returning as a wolf in Bhediya 2. Although Varun didn’t share many details about the movie, he said that Bhediya 2 will be released in 2025. Dinesh Vijan also mentioned that Maddock Films is working on a movie about vampires as part of the expanding horror-comedy world. However, he didn’t reveal the cast and release date information at the event. Last year, there were rumors that Ayushmann Khurrana might be the lead in the vampire movie, but nothing was officially confirmed during the event.

Bhediya 2 Quick Overview

Movie Name Bhediya 2
Release Date 2025 (Read Below)
Director Amar Kaushik
Cast Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar, Kriti Sanon as Anika, etc.
Platform Theatres
OTT Release Not Revealed
Genre Thriller, Werewolf
Category Entertainment

Bhediya 2 Cast and Crew Details

Varun Dhawan plays the main character Bhaskar Sharma. With him, the talented Kriti Sanon plays the character of Dr Anika. With her amazing acting skills, Kriti has slayed it. Adding a touch of humour to the movie is Deepak Dobriyal who showcases his comedic genius as Panda. His funny scenes bring laughter moments throughout the film. Abhishek Banerjee plays his role as Janardan from the Stree movie which gives a sense of continuity to the storyline.

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  • Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar Sharma
  • Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika
  • Deepak Dobriyal as Panda
  • Abhishek Banerjee as Janardan “Jana” (reprises his role from Stree)
  • Saurabh Shukla as Bagga
  • Baharul Islam as Neli
  • Paalin Kabak as Jomin
  • Dosam Beyong as Prakash
  • Mudang Pai as Ojha Myran
  • Tai Tugung as Police inspector

Bhediya 2 Storylines & Plot

Once upon a time, there were two cousins named Bhaskar and Janardhan, also known as Jana. They went on an exciting adventure to a small town in Arunachal Pradesh for a special project to build new roads. While they were there, they became friends with two locals named Jomin and Panda, who showed them around and helped them in the town.

One night something scary happened to Bhaskar. He was exploring the forest when a wild wolf started chasing him and bit him! It was a big fright, so Jana and Jomin quickly took Bhaskar to see Dr. Anika, who was the town’s animal doctor. Dr Anika saw Bhaskar was in a lot of pain and had a big bite mark so she gave him a special Injection to try to make him feel better. Bhaskar began experiencing some strange changes. His senses became super strong and now the real story begins, you should watch the film to know the plot.

Bhediya 2 Budget and Box Office Collections Early Estimates

Bhediya 2 is a movie that everyone is really excited about. It was made with a budget of 60 crores, which is not as much as some really big movies. The movie has a lot of expectations from viewers and critics as it performed well in the previous season.

Trade experts are expecting that the box office collection of Bhediya 2 will be good. They expect the movie to do well right from the start with around 10 crores on the first day. As the weekend goes on, collection numbers are expected to increase. On the second day they estimate it will collect around 12 crores and the third day is expected to be even better with an expected collection of around 14 crores.

Bhediya 2 Latest Updates

Bhediya 2 is a movie that fans are really excited about. It stars Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar Sharma and Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika. The story is shot in the beautiful landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh. Deepak Dobriyal also joins the cast as Panda which binges his funny and entertaining style to the movie.

The release date of Bhediya 2 is not announced at this time but viewers can’t wait for it to come out. This film is based on the werewolf mythology and that has been loved by the audience. Bhediya 2 is expected to amaze viewers with its exciting story, stunning locations, and amazing performances by the talented cast.

Bhediya 2 Release Date
Bhediya 2 Release Date

Bhediya 2 OTT Release Date and OTT Platform

The movie Bhediya 2 will first be released in theatres, allowing people to watch it on the big screen. After its theatrical release, the movie will later become available on a popular OTT platform. There is no official update about which specific OTT platform it will be released on. Usually, after around two months of being in theatres, the movie will make its way to the OTT platform. The makers will make an official announcement about the OTT release and release trailers on social media to let everyone know when and where they can watch it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bhediya 2 be Released?

The Bhediya 2 movie will be released in Late 2025.

What is the Budget of Bhediya 2?

The budget of Bhediya 2 will be 70 Crores approximately.

What is Bhediya 2 OTT Platform?

The OTT platform of Bhediya 2 is not revealed at this time.

Who are the main cast in Bhediya 2?

Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are the main cast.

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