Best Xbox Series X games – The Top 10 Xbox Series X games to play right now

Best Xbox Series X games – The Top 10 Xbox Series X games to play right now- The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most potent video game system to date. With its remarkable technology, which includes a specially created processor, a quick SSD, and 16 GB of RAM, it can give amazing gaming experiences. Also, many Xbox One titles are backward compatible with the Xbox Series X, allowing you to play your old favorites on this new system.

Best Xbox Series X games

So you’re in luck if you’re looking for fresh Xbox Series X experiences. We’ve compiled a list of the top games on this platform from among the many incredible ones that have been optimized for it.


One of the most eagerly awaited Xbox Series X games is Halo Infinite, the most recent installment in the Halo franchise. With a fresh emphasis on the Master Chief and a more open-world design, this game looks to be a return to form for the franchise. The action is quick and fluid, and the game’s graphics are spectacular. This Xbox Series X game is a must-play if you’re a lover of the Halo franchise.

Gameloft Horizon 5

One of the most stunning and thrilling racing games available in Forza Horizon 5, the most recent installment in the Forza Horizon series. The game is set in Mexico and has gorgeous landscapes, changing weather, and an enormous selection of vehicles. The game is a visual treat and a joy to play because it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second on the Xbox Series X.

Survivor Evil Village

The most recent Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Village, is a return to the survival horror roots of the series. The setting of the game is an enigmatic town, and it has spooky landscapes, terrifying monsters, and a tense atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. On the Xbox Series X, the game looks fantastic thanks to the intricate character models and realistic lighting effects.


The popular RPG series Fable is making a comeback on the Xbox Series X. With a brand-new plot and an exquisite open world to discover, this new game promises to be a new beginning for the franchise. The game’s graphics are breathtaking, and its gameplay promises to be a blend of traditional Fable elements and fresh concepts.

The Top 10 Xbox Series X games to play right now

Back 4 Blood

The makers of the Left 4 Dead video game franchise have released Back 4 Blood, a cooperative zombie shooter. With its fast-paced action, swarms of zombies, and fantastic sense of humor, this game looks to be the franchise’s spiritual successor. On the Xbox Series X, the game looks and plays fantastically, with fluid animations and eye-catching lighting effects.


Bethesda Game Studios, the same company that created the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, has a new IP called Starfield. The space-themed single-player RPG aims to provide players with an immersive, open-world experience unlike any other. The game will finally launch on the Xbox Series X in 2022 after spending a number of years in development.


Everwild is a brand-new Property from Rare, the company that created beloved games like Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie. This third-person adventure game is set in a fantasy environment with elements of the natural world. The game claims to provide a special, emotional experience that emphasizes the wonder and beauty of nature.

Top 10 Xbox Series X games- The Medium

The Xbox Series X’s cutting-edge hardware is utilized by the psychological horror game The Medium to provide a distinctive gaming experience. The game has two distinct worlds that may be explored at the same time, as well as a special dual-reality system that lets players experience both worlds simultaneously. The narrative, gameplay, and graphic presentation of the game have all gotten favorable reviews.

The best football game for the Xbox Series X is “FIFA 22

“FIFA 22” is the game for you if you love football. You may enjoy the gorgeous game like never before with “FIFA 22” thanks to its breathtaking graphics and lifelike action. Fans of the sport should play it since it looks and feels more authentic thanks to the new HyperMotion technology.

Deathloop: A fashionable and creative shooter

The setting of the stunning first-person shooter “Death Loop” is an unidentified island. “Deathloop” is a video game that presents a novel perspective on the shooter subgenre with its creative gameplay mechanics, compelling plot, and distinctive art style.

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Scarlet Nexus

On PC and Xbox platforms, Scarlet Nexus, an action role-playing game, was launched on June 25, 2021. The game takes place in a dystopian future when psychic abilities are common among people and they battle monster creatures known as Others. Gamers can select one of two characters, each with their own powers and backstories, and explore a colorful, intricate world full of hidden passageways and secrets.

Top 10 Xbox Series X games- Death’s Door

Action-adventure game Death’s Door was made available for Xbox consoles and Windows on July 20, 2021. The game has attractive visuals, a moody soundtrack, and difficult battle techniques. The Reaping Commission, an organization tasked with gathering the souls of the deceased, is controlled by the player through a crow. The game is set in a fascinating, fantastical realm with plenty of hidden treasures to discover.

Best Xbox Series X games to experience on Microsoft's latest console

The Top 10 Xbox Series X Games FAQs

Can I use the Xbox Series X to play Xbox One games?

The majority of Xbox One titles are compatible with the Xbox Series X.

Are Xbox Series X games compatible with the Xbox One?

Games from the Xbox Series X cannot be played on the Xbox One.

Do Xbox Series X games require a 4K TV to be played?

No, however, a 4K TV will let you take advantage of the console’s visual capabilities to their fullest extent.

Can I use the controllers from my Xbox One on the Xbox Series X?

The answer is that Xbox One controllers work with the Xbox Series X.

Does the Xbox Series X require a subscription to Xbox Game Pass?

No, Xbox Game Pass is optional and not required to play games on the Xbox Series X.

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