Best Student Travel Insurance in 2023 – Save 10% Off on Premium

Best Student Travel Insurance: Students who grow up and dream to complete their education abroad are always very excited about the bigger aspects of life. However, not all have the privilege of spending the amounts required for education. The best way to chase your dreams and still manage expenses is student travel insurance. In this article, we have shared details on the best student travel insurance, and student insurance details and given special details about the policy Bazar insurance as it is one of the travel insurance for students in the market. Read to know everything about the Best Student Travel Insurance, How to book, Best Rated Travel Insurance, and more. 

Best Student Travel Insurance

Living abroad is difficult managing studies along with a part-time job coupled with other recreational activities can take a toll on you. Also, we understand the kind of trauma people must go through in order to simply qualify for a reputed college of their choice. As soon as that happens the burden of managing yourself in a foreign country starts.

Living completely by yourself in a foreign land with no access to any benefits and working hard to simply make your day-to-day living expenses can be a lot for young minds. Travel insurance will be your safety jacket in these situations and will allow you to feel comfortable.

Best Student Travel Insurance Overview

Best Student Travel Insurance Overview
Category Insurance
Insurance Type Student Travel Insurance
Where to apply Policy Bazar
Eligibility 16 – 35 years of age
Duration 1 – 3 years

Student Travel Insurance – Benefits

Student travel insurance has a way to cover the simplest parts of your day-to-day activities and acts as a home far away from home. The following benefits are covered under the travel insurance scheme for students:

  1.   Loss of baggage will be covered if the same happens to you wherever you are traveling.
  2.   In case of a medical emergency or even a regular check-up, all are covered under this scheme
  3.   Family Visits are also covered under some insurance making this one of the safest options to go for
  4.   Some insurance also provide temporary passports in case you lose your own and help you travel back to your nation
  5.   Some insurance covers the charges if you end up having to skip the course mid-way due to an emergency

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Top Rated Student Travel Insurance

We compiled a list of top-rated student travel insurance, all those who are willing to apply for one can simply check out the different schemes in each of these and choose the ones that suit you.

  1.   HDFC ERGO
  2.   Bajaj Allianz Student Travel Insurance
  3.   Thomas Cook Travel Insurance for Students
  4.   ICICI Bank Overseas Travel Insurance
  5.   ICICI Lombard – A travel insurance for international students
  6.   Bharati AXA

Policy Bazar Student Travel Insurance

The Policy Bazar platform is a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs. It will share all the top rates insurances based on your filled details with regard to destination, time, and more. Once you have shared the details you will receive calls about the best-fit insurance plans. Also at Policy Bazar, you can compare all the top-rated travel insurance plans shared above and see which one will be suitable. Claim and other requirements are also mitigated through this platform.

You can avail of national and international travel plans using this platform. If you are a student looking to travel and need to secure your trip make sure you check out schemes at Policy Bazar as this acts as the perfect mediator.

Best Student Travel Insurance
Best Student Travel Insurance

Best Student Travel Insurance FAQs

Where can I find the best Student Travel Insurance Plans?

You can see the top-rated plans at Policy Bazar

Who can apply for student travel insurance plans?

All are between 16 – 35 years of age

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