Best New Year 2022 Status for USA, Canada, UK

Best New Year 2022 Status for USA, Canada, UK:  Get Best Happy New Year 2022 Status, Shayari, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Hindi With Images You Can Free Download and Share With Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram Friends and Family

May this year be a city of happiness for you,
What a great happiness every one is yours,
Every night recite new songs of Musarat,
Shabnam’s effect should also be on Lamhat’s feet.
Happy new year 2022.

The gathering of happiness is adorning,
be happy,
May your life be safe
Happy new year 2022

New Year Shayari  With Images

New Year, New Hopes,
God bless new thoughts and new beginnings
May your every prayer become a reality.
Happy new year to you!

We bid farewell to the past year like this,
Those who have not done so far, they also pass by,
Everyone celebrates the happiness of coming new year,
Let us, this time celebrate the memories of bygone years!!

Naye saal Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye in Hindi

New year brings new hopes in the new year
May the new year increase the love amongst everyone together
wishing you a very happy new year

Neither the moment of anger should come to anyone,
May God bless everyone with the new year.
Happiness, Laughter, Wishes, Tabirs,
May the coming year bring everything for you.

Happy New Year Shayari for Friends

Flowers keep blooming in the way of life,
May happiness shine in your eyes,
Every step of the way you get happiness out of it,
This friend wishes you a Happy New Year.

Best New Year 2022 Status for USA, Canada, UK

Happy moonlight to the moon,
Happy fragrance to the flowers,
We wish you all a very Happy New Year.

sometimes laughs and sometimes weeps
This life also shows so many colors.
Even when you laugh, there is moisture in the eyes
Don’t know what kind of memories are these that settle in the heart
We pray on the occasion of this new year
Always smile on the love of my friends
Because every smile of his gives us happiness.

Happy New Year First Day Wishes

first day of new year
wish you all the very best
happy new year for you

God bless you have a new year!!
May God bless you with the new year,
Whoever you want comes to you
I pray you are not a virgin this year,
Your mother-in-law should come with your relationship.

Best New Year 2022 Status

Flowers will bloom, beauty will be seen in Gulshan,
Sour sweet memories of last year will be left with you,
Let’s celebrate the new year together with laughter and happiness,
On the first morning of the new year, happiness will sing innumerably.

Happy New Year Status in Hindi

Naya Saal Mubarak Ho Happy New Year Status in Hindi
wish someone flowers
Happy losing someone
you my dear friend
Happy New Year 2022.

forget yesterday
Settle in the heart of tomorrow
smile no matter what the moment
Tomorrow will bring happiness.
Happy new year

Happy New Year 2022 Wishes

new spring in new year
new things and new ideas
new festival of life
Wish you happiness this time
Happy New Year 222

New year, your past is very cool,
I pray that you are never sad,
God keep the faith of your mind,
And you get a girlfriend Jhakas.

Lions never hunt by hiding,
The foolish never attack openly,
We are the ones who wish to wish the new year,
Can’t wait for January 1st.
Happy new year

Happy New Year Shayari in USA

New dawn with a new ray,
New day with a sweet smile,
Happy new year to you
With my many prayers.

Best New Year 2022 Status

no sorrow, no sorrow,
Let no eye ever be moist!
Let no heart break anyone’s,
Do not leave anyone with you!
Only the river of love flows,
I wish 2021 is like this..!!
Happy New Year wishes To All…!!

No Tear in the eyes
No Fear in my heart
Forget Everything and Enjoy Dear
my friend, Happy New Year to you from heart

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