Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ & India

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ & IndiaHappy New Year 2022 Wishes Images, Greetings Card, Wallpaper, Quotes, Status, Photos, Pics: The year 2022 has started. One of the purposes of celebrating the New Year is also that if people celebrate the first day of the year with enthusiasm, then it is believed that their whole year will be happy.

On this day, where some people organize worship and haven in the temple and at home. At the same time, many people start partying in the evening. Entertain yourself and the rest through fun games along with dancing and singing delicious dishes.

The new year is a time to develop new thinking-hope in itself and to accumulate energy. It is too late to take a new step carefully, taking lessons from old failures, old troubles. On this special occasion, fill up enthusiasm among friends and relatives through these inspirational messages –

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ & India

New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams, New Floors
Every morning will be new, just meet you
And there will be happiness everywhere where we talk
I will spend my whole life like this, just have your hand in my hands.

In these difficult circumstances,
We hold each other’s hands tightly.
Look, the year has also come new,
Raise some new hopes in your mind,
Start your journey from scratch.

Na jaane kyu is naye saal ke shor me…
Mai ab bhi teri yaado ki khamoshi me hu…
Tujhe jana tha tu chala gaya…
Phir na jaane is dil ko ab bhi tujhpe kyu aitbaar hai…

The new year brought with it a new zeal
Kites will fly again and new colors will fly
Whenever there will be a break in the peace
Just you irrigate life with happiness

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA

365 naye pehloo
12 naye adhyaye…
Inhe padha jaaye
Chalo khole kitaab 2022 ki

New year brought with enthusiasm and passion,
Brought my happiness unmatched with you.

New waves have brought new waves
New gamut sur has brought new
forgetting all the old feelings
With you has brought new feelings
Once again the new year has come
New promises have come with intentions
New dreams with new stories
New floors have been brought
The new year has come once again.
Happy new year to all.

The bird has chirped, this sun has also smiled,
With the dawn of new hope, the new year that has come,

Every night that passed is dark, uneven also now shines,
All these flowers have blossomed, the courtyard has also smelled now,
A sight full of many colors has come in front of the eyes,
The new year that has come with the dawn of new hope,

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK

The smile blossomed on the face, the heart was filled with happiness,
The one who was with me all night, that year has passed away,
Seeing the new year coming, even this moon has blushed,
The new year that has come with the dawn of new hope,

New path of new dreams, now I am determined to walk,
Everyone has agreed to stay together the most,
He has again raised the tricolor with the message of peace.
The new year that has come with the dawn of new hope,

leaving behind many memories
it’s gone again another year
New oaths, rituals and beliefs
The new year has come with it.

New year has given many gifts to everyone
Has given someone a greeting card or a vase
But today I got a wonderful gift
I have found a new relationship full of happiness.

Come on today I mix them all
By saying to him I am & dada I call
He also calls me his ‘Dearest Daughter’
Keeping his hands on his head, he gives prayers.


Like this, nowadays you also get away
leaving him somewhere along the way
But we are the exception of this era.
We were unknowingly we are together today.

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for Australia, NZ and India

I ask for this prayer today
Dadu you in every birth, I only ask you
want to be a piece of your heart
I want to fulfill all the duties of my daughter.

Hope flew away today
In the new year, I will start again with a new seal of dreams

Naya Saal, new hope, new Khyaal, Naye jasbaat
phir se Iss Saal Bhot Se Ajnaabe Mere Dost Banjaye
2019 Bhi Khusiyo Ke Saath Uhi Beet Jaye
Har Saal Hum Uhi smiles

Happy New Year 2022 ️
Happy New Year
Keep your love just like this
keep up with you and me

There has been this noise in the east!
New Year’s is on!!
Look at the tweet of the bird!
Saw in the youth of nature !!
Look into every particle of the universe!
It’s a new shade!
Seeing whom I am blown away!!
From the first sixth of the sun ray!
The new year has come again!!
The smell has risen, look at the earth!
Welcome to the new year!!
People’s life has also sprung up!
Welcome to the new year!!
Hearts full of happiness!
Be happy everyone in the house!!
End of sorrows!
Wishing you a new day!!
On the first day of the new year!
Happy new life!!

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ

Whatever dreams are adorned in your eyes,
And whatever desires are hidden in the heart,
May this new year come true.
happy new year 2022

happy new year
Forget the past yesterday, settle in your heart this coming tomorrow
This is my wish from the heart, bring you happiness
every moment of new year

New Year, New Hopes, New Ideas and New Beginnings,
God bless your every prayer become reality
wish you a happy new year


Happy new year to you and your family
It is the wish of God that every new day to come
May you bring many successes and immense happiness in your life
On this occasion this is the prayer to God that
He is blessed with glory, opulence, progress, progress, ideals, health, fame and prosperity.
keep you moving on life path

From Maa Dhanalakshmi ji, the giver of healthy and long life, to you and
With many best wishes for a healthy, happy and long life for your family.
* New Year * Wishes to you and your family

How strange isn’t it?
Relationship between December and January?
Like the story of old memories and new promises…

both are very delicate
There is depth in both
Both are on time,
Both have stumbled…

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ

yes it is both
Same face, same color
same dates and
So cold…
But the identity is different.
different style and
Different way…

there is an end,
a beginning
like night to morning,
And from morning till night…

remember one
hope in another
one has experience,
trust the other…

both are connected like this
like two ends of a thread,
but look away
How to play together…

who leaves december
adopts him in January,
And what’s the promise of January
Them plays December…

how from january
traveling in december
It takes 11 months…
But from December to January
Arrives in 1 moment!!

when it goes away
So the situation changes
and when it comes
So the years change…

It’s only a year to see
It only takes two months
scatter and wrap everything
He also keeps the law of…

both together
The rest of the months have been tied up,


to your separation
for the world
A festival has been made..!
Happy year ending

Best Happy New Year 2022 Wishes for USA, CANADA, UK, Australia, NZ and India

In the holy vela of the new year, this is the good message
Every day comes in your life, bringing special happiness
“Happy New Year”

New year has been brought by scattering flowers in your path
The new year has brought the fragrance of the fragrant springs
happy new year 2022

new year will bring new happiness
will raise new hopes
overcome alienation
Will bring belongingness in everyone’s heart

new year 2022 shayari and greetings

Flowers will bloom in Gulshan, then beauty will be seen
Only sour sweet memories of last year will remain with you
Let’s celebrate the new year together
The first morning of the new year, the happiness that will bring countless

If this year is given so much time then it is good
This year it is good if we can introduce us
May the barren land of the heart drink tears across the ocean
This year but it is good if some new flowers are bloomed
“Happy new year”

happy new year
May the new year come as light
open the lock of your luck
always be kind to you
This prays for your loved one
Happy New Year

love for all in everyone’s heart
May every day to come bring a festival of happiness
Come with this hope, forget all the sorrow
We all welcome the new year 2022
happy New Year

May this year be a city of happiness for you,
What a great happiness every one is yours,
Every night recite new songs of Musarat,
Shabnam’s effect should also be on Lamhat’s feet.
Happy new year.


The gathering of happiness is adorning,
be happy,
May your life be safe
Happy new year

New Year, New Hopes,
God bless new thoughts and new beginnings
May your every prayer become a reality.
Happy new year to you!

We bid farewell to the past year like this,
Those who have not done so far, they also pass by,
Everyone celebrates the happiness of coming new year,
Let us, this time celebrate the memories of bygone years!!

New year brings new hopes in the new year
May the new year increase the love amongst everyone together
wishing you a very happy new year

Neither the moment of anger should come to anyone,
May God bless everyone with the new year.
Happiness, Laughter, Wishes, Tabirs,
May the coming year bring everything for you.

Flowers keep blooming in the way of life,
May happiness shine in your eyes,
Every step of the way you get happiness out of it,
This friend wishes you a Happy New Year.

Happy moonlight to the moon,
Happy fragrance to the flowers,
We wish you all a very Happy New Year.

sometimes laughs and sometimes weeps
This life also shows so many colors.
Even when you laugh, there is moisture in the eyes
Don’t know what kind of memories are these that settle in the heart
We pray on the occasion of this new year
Always smile on the love of my friends
Because every smile of his gives us happiness.

first day of new year
wish you all the very best
happy new year for you


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