Basant Panchami Date 2023, How to Celebrate, Pooja Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat, Benefits

Basant Panchami Date: The season of Basant is almost here and this season calls for everything positive and holy in your life. This season aims to benefit your household with the blessings of Goddess Sarasvati. The day is celebrated to pray in her name and bring in all the good wishes from her. These festivities are a symbol of prosperity and educational growth. In this article we will answer all your questions about Basant Panchami 2023 regarding the date, Pooja Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat, and how to celebrate the holy day in the right manner, keeping reading to know more.

Basant Panchami Date 2023

This year Basant Panchami is falling on 26th January 2023. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Hindus but due to its unique cause, many celebrate it beyond the barriers of religion and culture. Firstly, we will tell you what is Basant Panchami. Basant means spring in the Hindi language and thus this festival is known for the beginning of the spring season. The day is celebrated with colors and lots of light. Even food that is cooked is expected to be colorful and bright on this day. People celebrate this day to take blessings from Goddess Sarasvati who is the god of education and peace.

Basant Panchami Date 2023 Overview
Category Festival
Country India
Culture Hindu
Date 26th January 2023
Shubh Muhurat 25th January 11 AM to 26th January 10:58 AM

Basant Panchami Shubh Muhurat

Looking at the world of beautiful celebrations in India, this festival adds a unique touch as always. There are festivals that are about lights, some are about colors, and some are about fasting and praying by the lord. But Basant Panchami is the only festival that focuses on education and prosperity. Goddess Sarasvati is said to be the goddess of education and this festival is one such unique festival. This year’s Shubh Muhurat will be from 25th January at 11 AM to 26th January at 10:58 AM. Make sure you do your prayers and do all the needful preparations at this time. We will tell you everything you need to know for the day of Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami – How to Celebrate?

This is always filled with positivity and the color yellow. Yes, this day is filled with the color yellow and we have shared below to make the best of this shade and all the other rituals you can follow today.

  1. Start your day with a beautiful pooja offering goddess Sarasvati your wishes and prayers. You have to start by praying and offering sweets in yellow color, Kesar, turmeric, saffron, and more to her.
  2. Wear yellow clothes today, people all over the northern region of India are always covered in pretty yellow kurtas and suits. It looks like a bright sun just rained upon the country and the view is to die for.
  3. The day is to celebrate and take blessings from goddess Sarasvati so make sure you remember what she symbolizes. She is the symbol of education and prosperity and this is especially for the students who are reading this. Worship her with love and respect and study on this day. It is considered a holy day to get your blessings and grow in your career in education.
  4. You should donate cooked or uncooked raw materials of dishes like khichdi. Khichdi is an Indian dish prepared with rice and yellow-colored pulses.

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Basant Panchami Puja

You will not need to biggest raw materials or know big mantras to wish the beautiful Goddess and pray for her blessings. You simply need yellow raw materials like turmeric, flowers and Kesar. Followed by chanting her aarti which you will find online on multiple platforms. Also, wear yellow clothes when you do this puja.

Basant Panchami Date
Basant Panchami Date

Basant Panchami 2023 FAQs

When is Basant Panchami in 2023?

Basant Panchami is falling on 26th January 2023

What is the Shubh Muhurat for Basant Panchami 2023?

 Basant Panchami in 2023’s Shubh Muhurat will be from 25th January at 11 AM to 26th January at 10:58 AM

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