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Bangla Calendar: This Calendar was invented back in the days when king Akbar decided to merge the Islamic and Hindu solar calendars. This calendar created history and is compared to the Gregorian Calendar. The calendar is followed by people of many religions and is considered very important for festivity dates and rituals. If you are wondering why festival falls on different dates, reading into the background of the Bangla Calendar will give you exclusive insight. Read this article to know more about Bangla Calendars, how to download them, and the 2023 timeline of the Bengali Calendar.

Bangla Calendar 2023

The calendar was invented by Akbar’s royal astronomer Shirazi. Who had created a calendar which was a product of demands from the King to make a calendar that was a combination of Hindi and Islamic Dates? This calendar is mostly considered an Islamic calendar and thus the festivity timelines and different seasons based on this calendar are followed by them.

Bangla Calendar Overview
Calendar Type Bangla Calendar
Language Bengali
Pages 12
Year 2023

Bangla Calendar 2023

The goal was created to set the days and months of the year right. Unlike the Christian Calendar, the events and festivities never fall on the same date. It is due to the position of the sun and moon and these two cannot remain exactly consistent every year. Thus, people follow the Calendar to get the best possible idea of the dates of the year. This calendar dictates the beginning and end of seasons and the dates of the important festivals of the year.

The 12-page long calendar starts on the fourth month of the Christian Calendar. The first day of the calendar is the 14th of April as per the Christian Calendar. This calendar is very important to the natives and holds high religious value

Bangla Calendars – List of Months

The holy Calendar has some of the most important dates of the month which decide what festivals fall on which dates and the seasons are indicated through the meaning of the name of some seasons. These dates are considered very highly in the culture of India and some of the most important dates of the calendar are mentioned below

Magh 16th Jan – 13th Feb
Chetra 16th March – 14th April
Vaisakh 15th April – 15th May
Jeshtha 16th May – 15th June
Shravan 18th July – 18 August
Bhadra 19th Aug – 18th Sept
Paush 18th Nov – 17th Dec

If you wish to know the basics of the Bangla Calendar but are not able to read and understand it you can simply read these dates mentioned above. Once you have gone through the names of these months and periods you will be able to differentiate these dates with the English Calendar. It’s funny how some of us do not even know that they use the dates from the Bangla Calendar to celebrate festivals and complete holy rituals.

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Bangla Calendars – History

The calendar was created in the Era of the Mughals. When Akbar ruled, he is said to have demanded a calendar that combined both Hindu and Islamic calendars. His royal astrologer created this calendar to fulfill his demand. Although it has been created for the public in the time of the Mughals, the history dates go back to 500 A.D. Some scientists had discovered traces of this calendar in ancient transcripts.

Bangla Calendar
Bangla Calendar

Bangla Calendar FAQs

Who invented Bangla Calendars?

Bangla Calendar was invented by Akbar’s royal astronomer Shirazi.

When were the Bangla Calendars has been said to be invented?

The history traces prove that 500 A.D. was invented in 500

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