Ayshatul Humaira TikTok! Exclusive information on her Age, Nationality, Trending Videos and more

Ayshatul Humaira TikTok: This is the era of getting viral and with applications like TikTok and Instagram at people’s disposal being viral has become a trend and people go to unrealistic heights to gain that kind of popularity. People from all over the make videos and post on these platforms hoping to get some attention. One such viral name is Ayshatul Humaira. Ayshatul Humaira is a 13-year-old girl from Bangladesh and has gained attention and mixed feedback on her videos and posts. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about Ayshatul Humaira TikTok, her reason for being viral, her background, and more.

Ayshatul Humaira TikTok

Ayshatul Humaira is a worldwide trending name as she has been making videos and posting on TikTok. Since she only posts on TikTok her followers have ended up creating fake accounts with her images and videos on Facebook and Instagram as well. In India, TikTok is banned thus all these videos are uploaded to audiences of all the nations where TikTok doesn’t work. Her age and her videos do not match and this is what gained the attention of many, as she being a young girl has been modeling and living an adult lifestyle.

Ayshatul Humaira TikTok Overview

Full Name Ayshatul Humaira
Work TikTok + Modelling
Age 13 years
Height Cannot ascertain
Nationality Bangladesh

Ayshatul Humaira – Viral

The girl is young but has used social media in the most unimaginable possible ways popularity. She went on become a star in Bangladesh after she posted provocative videos on her social media platforms. These days it is very easy for people to forward these videos from one platform to another thus leading to stories being viral so easily. The viral videos she had shared made her talk about the town in Bangladesh.

She instantly rose to become a topic of discussion. Many famous YouTubers have mocked her and made roast videos in her name showing her content. However, the mocking still made her a popular sensation and she does not disappoint in accepting her popularity. She has managed to give interviews on different platforms like TV channels, YouTube accounts, and online blogging channels.

Many top newspapers have also shared her profile all over the country in Bangladesh and she no more remains a simple TikTok creator but now. A celebrity who is known in the nation.

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Ayshatul Humaira – Doppel Ganger?

So apparently ever since Ayshatul Humaira became famous there have been multiple accounts sharing similar images and some of them look very original there does not seem to be a chance these images were stolen from Ayshatul Humaira’s original account. Then the question is does Ayshatul Humaira have a doppelganger? Or is it just her posting from two accounts?

The possibility of her posting from both accounts is less since the locations in both accounts are very different and this is why viewers are confused about her nationality. She is from Bangladesh but the other account posts are from Indonesia.

Ayshatul Humaira – Age and Height

You must have read the rest of the article above and we are sure you think we are talking about an adult or at least a teenage girl about to reach adulthood. But you got it wrong. Ayshatul Humaira is only 12 or 13 years old. Her age is not confirmed as she has never shared her age, but she looks very young similar to the age 12 to 13 years.

As for her height, one thing is for sure owing to her change she must be growing up. But as for now, it is not possible to check her height as the camera angles always suggest heights.


Ayshatul Humaira TikTok
Ayshatul Humaira TikTok


Who is Ayshatul Humaira??

Ayshatul Humaira is a young Bangladeshi TikToker, who has been in the news for her interesting videos

Where is Ayshatul Humaira from?

Ayshatul Humaira is a TikToker based in Bangladesh

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