Average Cost of Car Insurance In Arkansas in July 2023 

Average Cost of Car Insurance In Arkansas in July 2023: Minimum coverage costs $470 on average in Arkansas, and complete coverage costs $1,914 on average. The minimum amount of insurance required by Arkansas law must be purchased in order to lawfully drive, however, keep in mind that your final premium will depend on a variety of factors. Well, continue reading this post on Car Insurance In Arkansas in 2023.

What Does the Average Cost of Car Insurance In Arkansas in July 2023?

In addition to Arkansas’s minimum car insurance requirements, the following factors will affect your actual premium: 

  • Zip Code
  • Provider Of Insurance 
  • Age Driving Record 
  • Carmaker And Model 
  • Score Of Credit 
  • Deductible Coverage Level 
  • Marital Standing 

Across the country, drivers pay an average of $565 for minimal coverage and $1,674 for full coverage, which means that while Arkansas is generally less expensive for minimum coverage, it is often more expensive for full coverage.  

Arkansas Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record 2023

Everywhere, even Ain Arkansas, your driving record has a big impact on the cost of your car insurance. If you’ve received speeding fines, been in accidents, or had a DUI in the past, your premiums can go up dramatically. The rates below reflect the typical increase after just one incident; expect your premiums to climb dramatically if you commit several infractions over a limited period of time. 

Driving incident Average annual full coverage premium
Speeding ticket $2,317
Accident $2,682
DUI $3,122

Arkansas Car Insurance Rates by Company 2023

If you’re looking for car insurance in Arkansas, start by noting the typical price these providers charge. The largest companies don’t always provide the lowest rates, either. Some businesses may start with higher premiums but then provide a number of reductions to drive down costs and make them a more affordable choice. 

Car insurance company minimum coverage full coverage
AAA $425 $1,454
Alfa $433 $2,044
Allstate $656 $3,039
Auto-Owners $508 $2,155
Cameron Mutual $529 $1,720
Columbia $372 $1,914
Farmers $326 $1,150
Geico $392 $2,312

Car Insurance In Arkansas: Rates By Age

The age of the driver has a considerable impact on car insurance prices in Arkansas, as it does in other states. Drivers under 25 often have the highest premiums (with a 16-year-old rate presuming the driver is on their parents’ policy), but even if you’re an older driver, other factors, including a poor driving history or an expensive car, can greatly affect your costs. 

Age Average annual premium
Age 16* 2,704 Dollar
Age 18 5,814 Dollar
Age 20 4,372 Dollar
Age 25 2,470 Dollar
Age 30 2,147 Dollar
Age 40 2,022 Dollar
Age 50 1,774 Dollar
Age 60 1,726 Dollar
Age 70 1,890 Dollar

Car Insurance In Arkansas: Rates By City

The cost of your automobile insurance depends in part on where you live in Arkansas. The most populous cities in the state’s average rates are listed below, along with how they compare to the state’s typical premium for comprehensive coverage. 

Cities full coverage
Little Rock $2,029
Fort Smith $1,751
Fayetteville $1,736
Conway $1,814
Jonesboro $1,848
Springdale $1,733
North Little Rock $1,964
Rogers $1,707
Pine Bluff $2,138
Benton $1,934
Russellville $1,774
Bentonville $1,704
Texarkana $2,101
Jacksonville $1,902

How To Save On Car Insurance In Arkansas

It’s not a guarantee that Arkansas has average car insurance premiums. You may do a number of things to assist reduce the cost of your car insurance in addition to the specific factors that already influence your rate, such as: 

  1. Look around The cost of car insurance varies depending on the provider, and hopping to a new company could result in a lower premium. To determine which company is best for you, request estimates from multiple local suppliers. 
  2. You should compare discounts because the amount you can save with them differs from one business to the next. Despite the fact that two businesses may provide the same opportunities for savings, you might save more with one in particular. You might wish to chat with an agent rather than look for available discounts online to find out how much you can save with a carrier. 
  3. Increasing your deductible will probably result in monthly coverage costs that are lower. The drawback is that the corporation will offer less reimbursement for an insurance claim. Choose a deductible according to your financial status and level of comfort. 
  4. Improve your credit score: Arkansas car insurance companies are allowed to use your credit score to decide your premium. According to studies, drivers with poor credit are statistically more likely to submit a claim than those with good scores. As a result, your premium may decrease if you raise your credit score. 
  5. Drive an older vehicle because it will cost you a lower range of price to insure them. Driving an older vehicle with a good safety rating and adding discounts for features like twin airbags and anti-lock brakes will help you save even more money. 

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Average Cost of Car Insurance In Arkansas in July 2023 FAQs

What does it cost for Car Insurance In Arkansas Per Month?

The premium is different for each driver. Nonetheless, the monthly average for car insurance in Arkansas is around $39 for the bare minimum of coverage ($470 per year) and $160 for full coverage ($1,914 annually). 

In Arkansas, Is It Challenging To Transfer Car Insurance Companies?

It’s not difficult in Arkansas to change car insurance providers. You can engage with the agents or customer service representatives of the firm you have chosen to handle your policy with to start the process after you have made your decision and received a quote. You may want to confirm the day and time your new insurance will go into effect before canceling your old one in order to avoid a coverage gap. 

Average Cost of Car Insurance In Arkansas in March 2023 
Car Insurance In Arkansas 2023

How Can I get The Best Car Insurance Provider in Arkansas?

It’s simple to transfer car insurance companies. Once you’ve decided which company you want to handle it and after getting an estimate, you can deal with their agents or customer support representatives to begin your policy. Before canceling your current policy, you might wish to specify the day and time your new insurance will start to pay benefits in order to prevent a coverage gap.

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