Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona (July 2023) 

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona: According to KLS research of average rate data from Quadrant Information Services for 345 ZIP codes in the Grand Canyon state, full coverage car insurance in Arizona in July 2023 will cost an average of $1,743 per the year 2022, or roughly $145 per month.

The coverage you select, your driving history, and other factors can all affect your ultimate premium while looking for car insurance in Arizona. Finding the best provider for your needs may be aided by being aware of Arizona’s average car insurance rates and how they stack up against regional and national averages. 

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona (July 2023)

According to a 2022 analysis by KLS News using data from Quadrant Information Services, full coverage vehicle insurance in Arizona costs an average of $1,743 annually, while minimal coverage costs $579. Those prices are about comparable to the national average for car insurance. The amount you’ll pay is affected by a variety of rating variables, though. The most significant of these is the region of Arizona where you reside and the types and levels of coverage you select. Your age, gender, credit score, driving history, the kind of vehicle you drive, and the car insurance company you choose will all have an impact on the cost. 

Minimum coverage premium Full coverage premium
$576 $1,745

Car Insurance In Arizona: Rates By City

Your car insurance costs are significantly influenced by the city where you reside. The cost of medical care in a specific city can affect the premium for bodily injury liability coverage, medical payments coverage, as well as the cost for property damage liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. The average cost of car insurance is typically greater in larger cities due to increased living expenses. Car insurance is therefore often more expensive in bigger cities like Phoenix and Glendale compared to the state average and especially when compared to smaller towns like Tucson and Chandler.  

City Minimum coverage Full coverage
Chandler $597 $1,689
Gilbert $605 $1,705
Glendale $695 $2,021
Mesa $615 $1,749
Peoria $626 $1,812
Phoenix $704 $2,063
Scottsdale $603 $1,759
Surprise $568 $1,695
Tempe $625 $1,788
Tucson $547 $1,664

Arizona Car Insurance Rates By Insurance Company

Each Car insurance company in Arizona develops its own risk profile and establishes its own pricing structure using a unique rating technique. The same degree of coverage will therefore be priced differently by different suppliers. The top 19 car insurance firms in Arizona are shown in the list below by market share. Rates are very diverse, as you can see. 

ACCC Insurance
American Family
Country Financial
Iowa Farm Bureau
State Farm
The Hartford

Car Insurance In Arizona: For Drivers On Their Parent’s Policy

The cost of your car insurance can go up if you add a new or young driver. Given that they have less experience behind the wheel than older drivers, younger drivers may be more likely to make risky decisions. There are still methods to cut costs on young driver insurance, though. If you want to encourage forming safe driving practice skills by offering specific car insurance discounts for young drivers or perhaps giving a telematics program a try. 

Age Full coverage
Age 16 $4,043
Age 17 $3,796
Age 18 $3,519
Age 19 $3,265
Age 20 $2,806

Car Insurance In Arizona: Rates By Driving Record

Your Arizona car insurance premiums will probably go up if you have a driving infraction like a speeding ticket, an accident for which you were at fault, or a DUI conviction on your record. Because of these instances, insurance providers may consider you a high-risk driver, which indicates that you are more likely to commit accidents and submit claims in the future.

But, as prices are determined differently by each vehicle insurance provider, shopping around can help you discover a cheaper policy if your rate has lately gone up because of your driving record. You may be able to determine whether the cost of your insurance falls within the standard range by knowing the average cost increase linked to certain driving events. 

Driving incident Full coverage premium
Clean driving record $1,747
Speeding ticket $2,213
Accident $2,506
DUI $3,373

Saving On Car Insurance In Arizona 2023

There might be ways to save a little bit more money even though the average cost of vehicle insurance in Arizona is probably equal to the national average. You may be able to lower the cost of your car insurance by using some of the advice listed below: 

Consider taking a defensive driving course. Several car insurance providers give discounts to drivers who complete the recognized criteria in driving school. Despite the fact that you will normally need to pay for the course upfront might be eligible for a discount for several years, which might result in considerable savings. 

Use a telematics program car insurance providers provide their own usage-based telematics programs to monitor and recognizable driving behaviors. This may be a beneficial chance if you already drive safely or desire to do so. 

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Recognize your deductible: If your policy includes comprehensive and collision coverage, you would be responsible for paying your deductible out of pocket in the event of an eligible claim, with the insurance provider paying the balance. Although having a higher deductible can save you money, it’s crucial to make sure that you can always pay it. 

Check for any available discounts. If you are a young driver who is enrolled in school, a member of a particular group, or employed in a particular industry, you may be eligible for savings. To find out if any discounts are available to you, ask your insurance company in Arizona for a complete list. 

Car Insurance In Arizona 2023 FAQs

Can I know the Average Cost Of Minimum Coverage In Arizona in 2023?

According to PM News’s review of pricing information, the average price for the bare minimum of coverage in Arizona is $579 annually, o roughly $48 monthly. In order to lawfully drive in Arizona, drivers must have a certain minimum level of liability insurance. You must carry bodily injury liability insurance in this state with a minimum limit of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.  Arizona mandates at least $15,000 in coverage for property damage liability. Nonetheless, for greater financial security, the majority of insurance industry professionals advise getting more than the minimum amount of coverage. You should most likely purchase comprehensive coverage if your car is considered to be on Lease or Finance. 

What Is The Price for Car Insurance In Arizona Per Month 2023?

In Arizona, drivers with full coverage car insurance pay, on average, $145 per month for protection. The average monthly cost in Arizona for minimal coverage is $48. Your driving history, age, claims history, coverage preferences, make and model of the automobile, and coverage options are just a few of the factors that will affect how much you will pay for car insurance each month in Arizona. 

Which is The Best Car Insurance Company In Arizona in 2023?

The top car insurance providers in Arizona, according to a study by PM News of dozens of insurers, are Geico, State Farm, and American Family. But, not every carrier will be a suitable fit for every driver, so if you want to choose the best car insurance provider for you, it’s necessary to take your needs, risk profile, and budget into account. 

Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona (March 2023) 
Car Insurance In Arizona 2023

Which Is The Cheapest Car Insurance Company In Arizona 2023?

In Arizona, Geico, Travelers, and USAA offer the least expensive minimum coverage, while Mercury, Travelers, and Geico offer the most affordable comprehensive coverage, according to our study. The best method to determine which insurer is most affordable for you is normally to shop and get many quotes as your unique driving history, policy preferences, geography, and more will all have a significant impact on your car insurance prices.

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